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Chevy Spark Error Code 95: Meaning and Solution

Chevy Spark is a popular car around the whole world. It is widely popular in the United States. It got in the United States market in late 2013 and got popular in the market during 2014.

There are multiple safety features and measures in this car that make it different than others. Sometimes, you may find that your Chevy Spark is showing an error code 95. 

If you want to know what this means and how to solve this, let us help you get the information you are looking for.

What does code 95 mean on a Chevy Spark?

Error code 95 in a Chevy Spark corresponds to servicing airbags of your vehicle. This error code actually occurs when your car is facing an airbag malfunction. This was a common problem with the 2013 and 2019 models of it. You would have to visit the nearest servicing center to resolve the issue.

Chevy Spark had various safety mechanisms to encounter various issues without looking deep to diagnose them. The error code system was one of them. The Chevy Spark showed various error codes to correspond to various malfunctions of the vehicle.

The error code 95 corresponded to an airbag malfunction of the Chevy Spark. This issue was common and widespread in the 2013 and 2019 models of the vehicle. 

Moreover, the error code is shown when it detected that the airbag was malfunctioning and may have a problem while you use it.

Airbags are an essential safety feature of a car. It helps to prevent any kind of physical harm to the driver and the passengers by inflating during the time of an accident. 

However, if there is a problem with the airbag and the car has an error detection system, it can identify the issue and notify the driver through a warning system.

The Chevy Spark had a similar warning system. If it detects that your Chevy Spark had a malfunction in the airbag safety system, it will warn the driver to service them by providing an error code called error code 95.

This issue can be resolved by taking the vehicle to the service center for servicing.

But, if you keep driving with this issue in your Chevy Spark, this may endanger the life of the driver and passenger during the event of an accident. Therefore, it is crucial that you visit the nearest servicing center and resolve the issue in the shortest possible time.

What are the signs of code 95 on chevy spark?

A code 95 is a serious issue and has to be resolved as quickly as possible. You may want to the signs of code 95 on a Chevy Spark. Here are some common signs that we think may help you identify code 95:

Depleting the battery of the car:

If you somehow deplete the whole battery of your vehicle, it is possible that you may deplete the airbag battery as well. The airbag comes with its own battery which is connected to the car’s electrical system. 

But if you empty the whole battery of the car, you may end up emptying the airbag battery as well. This may cause the vehicle to show an error code 95.

Malfunctioning sensors:

If your car is a 2013 or 2019 model of the Chevy Spark, it is most probable that your car has a malfunctioning sensor in it. This may cause the airbags to malfunction and not to work when you are in an accident. 

If the car detects that it is facing sensor-related issues, it will show an error code 95. This is another important sign as well.

Clockspring of the airbag is damaged:

If Chevy Spark has a damaged clock spring in the airbag system, it may cause the airbags not to move in and out. This spring makes the airbag along with the steering wheel move. 

But if the spring does not move, you may find that it may be hard for you to move the steering wheel. Thus, you may find the error code 95 to show up on your dashboard.

Airbag experienced water damage:

If somehow your Chevy Spark has experienced any water damage, it is possible that your airbag is wet. If it is wet, you may find water sipping from the airbag ducts on the dashboard. Therefore, it may cause an error code 95 soon.

What causes code 95 on chevy spark?

There are multiple causes behind an error code 95 on Chevy Spark. If you are facing this issue, you may want to know the causes behind this. Although whatever the cause is, you have to perform a service of the Chevy Spark that is facing this issue.

This problem is caused by a faulty sensor in most cases. It is reported by many Chevy Spark users that they are facing this problem and it was found that it is mostly caused by a faulty sensor in the car. Due to this faulty sensor, the airbag may not work.

In some Chevy Sparks, it may cause due to depleted batteries. If the battery of the airbag is not working properly, it may cause the airbag not to inflate when required. If the car detects that the battery of the airbag is depleted or does not work, your car may show error code 95.

How do I fix Error 95? How to reset code 95 on chevy spark?

There are various ways to fix and reset error code 95 on Chevy Spark. Here are simple ways that we think are perfect for you to fix and reset it:

Find the Onboard Diagnostic Port and plug in the corresponding scanner tool:

All Chevy Spark comes with an onboard diagnostic port under the dashboard. Connect the scanner on the port that is corresponded to your manufacturer.

Turn the ignition on:

Start the ignition after you connect. But do not turn on the car. This means when you start the car, do not press on the pedals. Therefore, your car will be in ignition mode but will not start the engine. 

Wait for the scanner to start as well which will turn off after your start the ignition.

Press on the diagnostic option and manually clear fault memory on the scanner:

After the scanner starts, press on diagnostic. Select your car model. Go to the airbag system. Check the error codes that it is showing. You will have to fix all of the codes in order to permanently resolve the issue.

After you fix those issues, go back to the Airbag unit, scroll down to Clear / erase Fault codes and press enter. This will remove all errors stored in the fault memory and reset it.

How much does it cost to replace airbag on chevy spark?

The cost to repair the airbag on Chevy Spark will vary between 60$ – 180$. The cost of the repair is fully dependent on the diagnostics that you will perform. If the issue is just in the airbag, it may cost around 70$ – 90$.

Along with that, if you can get your hand on a scanner tool from someone, it may save you a lot of money. But if you have to buy it, it may cost you around 80$ – 100$. But if you have to change the whole passenger side seat, it will cost you more than the estimation.

Final Thoughts

The error code 95 on Chevy Spark is a common issue that indicates airbag servicing is required. If you want to solve this, you will have to solve all the error codes of the airbag and then clear the fault memory. But it is better if you open a recall for your unit.