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Does Honda Accord Have AWD or 4WD? (Explained)

If you live in a remote place or harsh weather is commonly present in your area, you must want a vehicle that can tackle all these problems. All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive are lifesavers in this aspect. 

An all-wheel drive or four-wheel drive vehicle will allow you to drive in harsh weather or rough terrain comfortably.

The Honda Accord is a growingly popular car model and you may have considered getting one if it has AWD or 4WD. It is quite difficult to get information about a car’s drivetrain. 

Fortunately for you, we have done all the research about the matter so that you can find all the information you need.

Does Honda Accord have AWD or 4WD?

The Honda Accord does neither have AWD or 4WD spec. All the versions of the Honda Accord that entered the automobile market over the years have a standard front-wheel drive system. However, the Honda Accord features traction control and vehicle stability assist for an easier driving experience.

While the Honda Accord does not have an AWD or 4WD system, it drives reasonably well when driven in snowy areas or on slick surfaces. 

Surely, it will not perform as well as all wheel drive or 4 wheel drive systems in harsh weather, but it does the job quite well when equipped with snow tires. The traction control and vehicle stability assistance help tremendously on this matter. 

There is much more to learn about a car’s drivetrain, it may be overwhelming. But we got it covered for you.

A front-wheel drive is a drivetrain system where the engine drives the front wheels only. It is a less complex drivetrain system. Most modern cars come with an FWD drivetrain system as it is cheap to build and at the same time fuel efficient. 

Although all wheel drive and 4 wheel drive sound similar, they are not the same. There are some fundamental differences between these two drivetrain systems. 

All wheel drive can distribute power to each wheel individually whereas 4 wheel drive distributes an equal amount of power to each wheel. Also, they both have different usability. All wheel drive systems provide increased grip and stability for all road conditions and weather.

On the other hand, 4 wheel drive systems can handle rough terrain much better but do not provide the best traction in snowy weather. So, if you want to drive off-road a lot then, a 4 wheel drive system is a better choice for you. 

However, if you want a vehicle that can drive pretty well in all weather, you may want to get an all wheel drive vehicle.

Unfortunately, if you wanted either an all wheel drive or a 4 wheel drive vehicle, the Honda Accord does not come with any of both. 

But, if you do not need any specific advantages these two drivetrain systems hold, the Honda Accord is an excellent choice for you as it even provides increased stability assistance and traction control.

Honda Accord ModelHave 4 Wheel Drive
2019 Honda AccordNo
2020 Honda AccordNo
2021 Honda AccordNo
2022 Honda AccordNo

Does any Honda Accord come in all-wheel drive? 

None of the Honda Accord models come with an all-wheel drive system. The Honda Accord is mostly known for its four-door sedan variant. It has been in production since 1976.

The Honda Accord is one of the best-selling cars in the USA since 1989 despite not having any all-wheel drive model.

Since its release, all the Honda Accord models exclusively featured the FWD drivetrain system. Despite being a front-wheel drive vehicle, the Honda Accord does not have some of the cons found in an FWD vehicle. 

Honda, with its great engineering prowess, has tackled some of the FWD drivetrain system packings.

Despite getting some criticism for not releasing any model with all-wheel drive, Honda continued to produce FWD Honda Accord models. The most recent release of the Honda Accord, the 2022 model, also comes with an FWD drivetrain system. 

So, Honda has yet to release an AWD Honda Accord.

4 reasons why Honda Accord doesn’t have awd/4-wheel drive

There are various reasons why the Honda Accord does not come with an AWD or 4WD. Some of the reasons you may have already guessed but there is a lot more to it than you think. We are going to break down the 4 reasons why the Honda Accord does not have AWD or 4WD.

Production expenses:

One of the most important reasons why the Honda Accord does not have all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive is expenses. The Honda Accord models have a front-wheel drive system and the front-wheel-drive is a lot cheaper than the other two options. 

All-wheel drives are way more expensive to produce than standard front-wheel drives. Same for 4-wheel drive, they are more expensive than front-wheel drive. Whereas, front-wheel drive is way less complex and overall production cost is way less.

Fuel economy:

Front-wheel drive vehicles have better fuel economy. Front-wheel drive systems consume less fuel than all-wheel drive or 4-wheel drive. Fuel prices are increasing day by day. 

Many car owners prefer fuel efficiency these days as the economy nowadays is not that great. Front-wheel drive pulls ahead in the fuel efficiency section. That is also a reason for the Honda Accord not having AWD or 4WD. 

Making the car lighter:

AWD and 4WD are heavier than FDW vehicles. The Honda Accord utilizes this to its advantage. The Honda Accord having a front-wheel drive system is lighter than its competitors in the current market. 

Also, the Honda Accord has more interior space in it as it has an FWD system. If they switch to AWD or 4WD suddenly, it will become heavier and will have less interior space.

To not lose current buyers:

Despite not having AWD or 4WD the Honda Accord is one of the most popular sedans out there. And that is because the Honda Accord has created a fanbase who loves to drive front-wheel drive. 

It would be catastrophic to lose the loyal fanbase who wait to get a new Honda Accord when it releases. Also, the Honda Accord is unique in its way as most of its competitors provide AWD whereas the Honda Accord provides front-wheel drive only.

Will Honda Accord ever have AWD? 

Honda Accord may never have AWD as Honda is not showing any sign to do so. Even its most recent release, the 2022 Honda Accord also does not have AWD. As Honda is catering to certain buyers who seem to enjoy driving FDW, they are maybe hesitant to remove FWD. 

There is also the price to consider. If Honda Accord gets an AWD drivetrain system, it will be more costly. One of the main reasons the Honda Accord is so popular is because it is cheaper than its competitors. They may not want to lose this advantage. 

So, Honda Accord might never get AWD.

Final Thoughts 

The Honda Accord only offers standard front-wheel drive. Not a single Honda Accord that got released has AWD or 4WD. The Honda Accord has additional traction control which provides increased grip in adverse weather and it also has stability assistance for greater stability.