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Chevy Spark Error Code 82: Meaning and Solution

Chevy Spark is one of the most popular cars that is made by Chevy. It was first unveiled in 2009. It entered the United States market in early 2012. It is accepted as a trusted model by millions of people worldwide.

You may face an error code in your Chevy Spark. Besides, you might ask what this code means and what the solution for this issue is. Let us help you find the answer you are looking for and help you resolve this issue in the simplest way possible.

What does code 82 mean on my car? What does 82 code mean in a Chevy Spark?

The error code 82 in a Chevy Spark means that your engine requires an oil change. Formally, in Chevy spark models of 2013 & 2014, error code 82 corresponds with the oil change maintenance code. This will show after you drive a certain number of miles to refill or change the existing motor oil.

All vehicles require the proper amount of engine oil to run the engine properly. The Chevy Spark also requires the same. Every vehicle has to go through a maintenance run after driving for certain miles or hours.

If the engine is facing any issues due to the engine oil, Chevy Spark will show the error code 82. 

This means that there is a problem with the engine oil. It can be a problem indeed. For example- the engine oil is low in the engine compartment, which is causing problems in running the engine properly.

Another issue that may cause the issue is the engine oil has gone bad. This is another common issue in vehicles. This causes the engine to misfire or leads to various other incidents as well.

The error code may also show due to maintenance safety features. If the car detects that the car has been driven for 7500 miles, then the car’s maintenance feature will warn the driver by showing the error code 82.

This is a common safety feature in both the 2013 & 2014 models of the Chevy Spark. This issue can be resolved by visiting the nearest service center and getting your car checked up. 

Going there, the maintenance crew of the service center will do various necessary inspections to resolve the issue.

The mechanic will check the engine oil level. If the level is low, they will fill the engine with the necessary engine oil. They will also change the oil filter as well. After doing all of these, they will reset the error code.

What are the signs of code 82 on chevy spark?

There are various signs of code 82 on Chevy Spark. If you want to know some noteworthy signs behind this issue, here are some of them that we think are important to know:

Your vehicle’s engine will make a lot of noise:

If Chevy Spark’s engine is making a lot of noise, this means that there might be a code 82 issue with your vehicle. When there is a code 82 issue, this means that the vehicle is sorrowing from a lack of engine oil maintenance. 

If the engine does not have the necessary level of engine oil, it will cause the engine to make a lot of noise.

Burning smell in the cabin:

During a code 82 on your Chevy Spark, you may smell something burning in the car’s cabin. Basically, if there is a code 82 in your Chevy Spark, it can be possible that your engine is burning the engine fuel as the level is inconsistent. 

The burning smell can also exist if there is no engine oil in the engine. Thus, the engine pistons may cause themselves to burn.

Your Chevy Spark is making excess fuel exhaust:

A lot of excess fuel exhaust can happen if your Chevy Spark is showing an error code 82. As there is a problem with the level of engine oil or oil filter, the engine will try to gain the necessary speed by using more fuel and trying to run the engine harder. 

This will cause excess fuel exhaust.

Abnormal vibration while your vehicle is idling:

Due to error code 82 in your Chevy Spark, your car may make abnormal vibrations especially while idling. You should not idle your car too much if you are facing this issue as it can cause a lot of harm to your vehicle’s engine.

At what percentage of oil code 82 chevy spark?

At 25 percent of oil code 82 Chevy Spark. Basically, all vehicles require a particular amount of engine oil to run properly. Vehicles like Chevy Spark require 1 quart of engine oil to run properly.

But whenever the engine oil level reaches the 1/4 quarter level, the engine will show code 82 on a Chevy Spark. This means that when the level of engine oil reaches 25 percent, your Chevy Spark will show an engine oil maintenance code which corresponds to error code 82.

It is crucial to refill the engine with the right engine oil whenever this issue occurs. You should also check the oil filters as well and change them if necessary. If you keep driving with this issue, this may cause the engine to get damaged which may cause irreparable issues.

What causes code 82 on chevy spark?

There are multiple causes behind code 82 on Chevy Spark. Among all of them, low engine oil is one of them. If your engine is running on 1/4 quarter of engine oil, this error code will show to refill the engine by performing necessary maintenance.

This may also cause due to the maintenance scheduler set on the vehicle. The Chevy Spark has a maintenance scheduler that detects the car’s total miles of driving. Whenever it detects that the car has been driven for 7500 miles, it will show code 82.

To reset this, you will have to perform the necessary maintenances required according to your cause. After that, you can reset the error code according to the owner’s manual of the vehicle.

How to remove code 82 chevy spark? How to reset code 82 on chevy spark?

If you are facing the error code 82 on a Chevy Spark, you may want to remove or reset this code. Here are the steps that you will have to do to remove or reset this code on Chevy Spark:

Check the engine oil level and fill it to 100%:

Open the engine hood and find the engine oil dipstick. Check the level of engine oil using that. If the level is low, refill your engine with the required engine oil. The recommended engine oil is SAE 5W-20 synthetic motor oil. 

After you fill it, place the dipstick back in its place and seat it properly.

Check the oil filter and change if required:

Check the oil filter of your car. It needs to be changed, change it. Secure it back properly so that no issues occur.

Find the oil life on the display menu of the driver’s seat:

After doing all the above, get into the driver’s seat and find the oil life on the display menu. When you find it, you will see a reset button near it.

Keep pressing the reset button until the oil life is 100%:

Press the reset button to reset the error code. Keep pressing the reset button until the oil life is 100%.

Final Thoughts

Error code 82 on a Chevy Spark relates to the engine oil change maintenance code according to the manufacturer. This is a common error code on models of 2013 and 2014. This can be resolved by doing engine oil-related maintenance and afterward resetting the error code by the reset button.