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About Steve Summers

Hi! I am Steve Summers, the engine behind


Steve Summers


Automotive Technician


Everything Cars & Automotive


Cars, Trucks, RVs

Cars Owned:

Chevrolet Silverado (2021)
Nissan Sentra (2009)

Favorite Cars:

Favorite Books:

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If you have anything to say, you can contact me via email or the contact page.


I have been a car enthusiast my entire life. I love driving vintage cars, and own a Chevrolet Silverado (2021) and a Nissan Sentra (2009).

I love everything about cars, from the engineering that goes into making them to the way they look and sound.

I have two kids, and they are both big fans of cars too! My passion for cars extends beyond just driving them – I am also an automotive & cars expert.


With, I tried to create one online destination for tips, tricks, and advice on all things automotive.

My goal is to share my knowledge with others so they can enjoy their cars as much as I do.

Whether you’re a novice enthusiast or a seasoned veteran, I hope you’ll enjoy the content I share on

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