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Can You Flat Tow a Jeep Patriot? (Quick Answers)

Flat towing is a common scenario on highway roads where one vehicle’s engine may damage, or the driver cannot drive it for any significant issues. On such occasions, we call for a towing service from the nearby rescue team, who will come with a vehicle for towing. 

Different types of towing are available. Flat towing is a popular option if your car or vehicle allows it. Some vehicles may be better for flat towing; others may ask for dolly towing. 

Can you flat tow a jeep patriot?

You can only fat tow a jeep patriot if your vehicle comes with enough space, and your manufacturer allows you to do that. Your vehicle must have a manual transmission system and be placed in neutral before you start towing. Otherwise, flat towing will be dangerous for your vehicle.

Since there are different types of towing services available, you must know what towing is suitable for your jeep patriot. Mainly, there are three types of towing available; flatbed towing, dolly towing, and flat towing. 

Vehicles require different towing services according to their manufactured structure and other aspects.

If you want the fastest towing service, you must choose the flatbed towing since it will be carried by a large vehicle that can transfer your vehicle faster than other methods. 

Regarding safety, you should go for the flatbed towing since your car weight will be carried by a big vehicle capable of doing so safely.

 When it comes to a jeep patriot, you cannot flat tow always since it will vary to your vehicle model number. Manufacturers give different specifications and transmission systems for their different types of vehicles. 

Some come with an automatic transmission system, and others might come with a manual transmission system.

If you have any queries regarding your Jeep patriot, you should ask your manufacturer about its specification and other characteristics. They can tell you better whether they are suited for flat or dolly tow. You may still go through the below list to get the perfect ideas about your vehicle.

The central theme of getting flat tow service is your transmission system. If your vehicle has enough space and a manual transmission system, you can go for the flat tow service. Otherwise, you must stick to other towing services and skip the flat tow. 

Don’t worry; you can avail other towing options since there are different options available for different vehicles.

Remember, you should not use any towing service unless you know the vehicle requirements and transmission system. Some systems will allow you to get the tow service or the safest one accordingly. Let’s see if you can get the fat tow service for the particular jeep patriot.

Jeep Patriot ModelCan be flat towed
2008 Jeep PatriotNo
2012 Jeep PatriotYes
2013 Jeep PatriotYes
2014 Jeep PatriotNo
2016 Jeep PatriotYes
2017 Jeep PatriotNo

Can an automatic Jeep Patriot be flat towed?

An automatic Jeep Patriot cannot be flat towed because of the transmission system and manufacturer requirements. The Jeep patriot that comes with the automatic transmission system needs to be dolly towed for safe service. 

Going through the above list of different Jeep Patriot model numbers, you will find that the 2017 Jeep patriot cannot be flat towed.

For this type of Jeep Patriot, you need to go for the dolly tow system, where two wheels will be above the ground, and your vehicle will be towed safely. 

Dolly tow is mainly for the automatic Jeep patriot, where the first two wheels will be above the ground, and the front vehicle will tow it accordingly and safely.

Only the jeep patriot with a manual transmission system is allowed for the flat tow. Because of the automatic gear system, you cannot flat tow your automatic transmission Jeep Patriot perfectly. 

You must have a neutral manual transmission system set at neutral while starting flat towing.

Which Jeep Patriot can be flat towed?

Manual Jeep patriots can be flat towed since you can set the gear to neutral and ensure the safe tow. Mainly, the manual transmission will allow you to shift gears according to the vehicle’s speed, and you can control the vehicle of your own will. 

However, the automatic transmission Jeep Patriot will not allow you to do so.

When you tow your automatic Jeep Patriot, it will shift gear accordingly if the engine is on. In that situation, your vehicle will be seriously injured and need some modification or repair. 

You must avoid such a situation by ensuring that your Jeep patriot has a manual transmission system.

If you look at our chart, you see that 2012, 2013, and 2016 Jeep Patriots have a manual transmission system. It means that they can be flat towed accordingly, and it will be safe for them. 

Still, you should ask your manufacturer or seller about the flat tow service and transmission system.

“3” reasons why you can flat tow Jeep Patriot

What kinds of vehicles can be flat-towed depends on whether the manufacturer equipped the vehicle with particular safety features, such as a gearbox disconnect and steering lockout override. 

Among them, the manual transmission system comes with the best answer since you cannot flat tow an automatic Jeep Patriot.

Manual Transmission: 

A motorhome can pull a Jeep Patriot along behind it. Flat-towing is possible with any Jeep Patriot with a manual transmission, even if it has all four wheels firmly planted on the ground. 

When you tow the vehicle, you need to ensure that the transmission is in the reverse position and that the gear is in the neutral position.

Constant Towing Capacity: 

It also has an exceptional capacity for pulling trailers. The maximum towing capacity of the Jeep Patriot hasn’t changed all that significantly over the years, but that’s because the carrying capacity of the vehicle controls the towing capacity. 

All versions of the Jeep Patriot stayed within a range that was considered to be acceptable. 

When it comes to the Jeep Patriot model, the two-wheel drive versions are the ones that may be towed behind a motorhome and are, therefore, suitable and safe to do so.

Lift/ Deactivate Options: 

To clarify things, 4WD Jeep Patriot models are also suitable for towing behind the motorhome because there are options to lift the front wheels or deactivate the transfer case.

How to flat tow a Jeep Patriot?

There are three methods to safely flat tow a Jeep Patriot, just like they can be used for any other car. They are the most used safe method for fast towing Jeep Patriot and other vehicles. You may also consider them as the best guide to flat tow your Jeep Patriot.


Dolly towing involves first lifting the front wheels of a front-wheel drive (FWD) motorhome or RV off the ground and then towing with all four wheels on the ground while in the park, respectively, to disable the transmission and transfer case.

Select Tow Bar: 

Before you can engage in flat towing behind an RV, you will need to make sure that the RV you use can support the weight of the vehicle that will be pulled, in addition to selecting a tow bar that is adequate or necessary for the job.

Pull Trailer: 

In conclusion, you should drive while pulling a trailer faster than the maximum speed that the manufacturer suggests. In addition, you should avoid towing the automobiles over long distances because this increases the risk of causing damage to both. 

Towing your vehicle in this manner will not only be highly secure but will also meet all of your expectations.

Final Thoughts

You can only flat tow a Jeep Patriot if it has the manual transmission system to set the gear at a neutral point. Otherwise, the automatic Jeep Patriot cannot be flat towed as they can be dolly towed safely. It’s always better to ask your manufacturer about the safest tow for your Jeep patriot.