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Does Ford Edge Have 3rd Row Seating? (Quick Answers)

Ford Edge is a renowned SUV manufacturer that belongs to the Ford Motor Company. It gives you the best quality and most powerful vehicle that can allow you to tow your car without damaging the engine.

Still, you should consider other factors before making your final buying decision.

Today, we will go through the seating position and other related factors of Ford Edge to make a sound decision. The manufacturer has added some new features and maintains a standard seating position for its ford edge, and let’s get through them.

Ford edge have 3rd row seating

The Ford edge has no 3rd row seating to make it lightweight and ensure enough inside space. These vehicles come with five seating capacities at best to provide the best comfort and ensure the highest powerful engine that can allow you to drive confidently 7 comfortably.

You can easily differentiate your Ford Edge from thousands of SUVs since they all have 3rd-row seating capacity.

Having 3rd row in any SUV is a common experience, but Ford gives something to enjoy with style and comfort. So, if you buy the Ford Edge SUVs, you can identify your vehicle.

One of the main reasons is not having a 3rd-row seating in your vehicle, which is a popular and widely used characteristic.

If you buy any other SUVs, you will find 3rd row seating. However, Ford will not give you the usual experience; instead, they will offer you the best 2 seating positions.

The Ford Edge SUVs tend to have less weight with the most powerful engine. Another reason for not having the 3rd row in their vehicles is the inside space. If you enter your Ford Edge, you will find enough space to relax and safely place your carrying bags and other things.

You don’t need to worry about the engine power to think that having a 3rd row indicates a powerful engine, and 3nd row seating position SUVs don’t have that power.

The Ford Edge comes up with a 3500-pound towing capacity powerful engine. Typically, these engines come with either 2.0L or 2.7L EcoBoost.

This powerful engine can also give you a towing service in emergencies up to 3500 pounds. So, there is nothing to think of as the lack of a powerful engine other than another 3rd-row seating capacity. In some cases, the Ford Edge will give you a more powerful engine than its rivals.

In short, comfortable & interior space is the two primary reasons why the Ford Edge doesn’t give you 3rd-row seating capacity and why they come with 2nd-row seating. You will find some other bases in the following sections.

You should also consider the interior space as an additional reason not for not to have the 3rd seating row in Ford Edge.

Let’s now focus on all the Ford Edge SUVs models to see if they offer you the 3rd row seating. These crossovers will not come with 3rd row seating to maintain their brand identity.

Still, you can eliminate your confusion by going through this chart list, where you will find if all of them come with 2nd-row or 3rd-row seating.

Ford Edge Model3rd row seat function availability
2015 Ford EdgeNo
2017 Ford EdgeNo
2018 Ford EdgeNo
2020 Ford EdgeNo
2021 Ford EdgeNo
2022 Ford EdgeNo

Is the Ford Edge a 7 seater?

The Ford Edge is not a 7 seater; instead, this crossover comes with 5 seating positions, or you can say 2 row system. You will have two seats in the front row and three in the second row, and these two rows will give you five seating positions with enough legroom and surrounding space.

If you compare the Ford Edge 5 seater with a 7 seater other crossovers, you will find some differences and positive sides of your Ford Edge.

Comfort & interior space will be notable in any bare eyes. You will get enough room for relaxing your legs and entire body with comfortable seats since they also come with a comfortable fabric.

If this brand introduces 7-seater SUVs, they will fail to give you enough inside space and become a brand identity crisis. People go for these crossovers only to have the extra comfort and enjoy a new brand.

How many rows does Ford Edge have?

The Ford Edge has 2 rows with 5 seating positions to allow their consumer enough space. Typically, most SUVs come with a 3rd-row seating capacity that can easily occupy up to 7 people, but the Ford Edge doesn’t allow you to sit with 7 people.

Instead, this brand comes with a 2 row seating position and extra inside space.

If Ford Edge comes with a 3rd seating position, they will fail to serve their customers better service than others in terms of comfortable seating.

They offer you a powerful engine that can even tow other vehicles. Still, they will give you a 2-row seating crossover to enjoy the extra space.

Moreover, the Ford Edge crossovers will give you some extra facilities and a great brand identity that will easily stand out among others. If you want to enjoy premium quality service or crossovers, you should go for a Ford Edge and experience the luxury with utmost comfort.

Why does Ford Edge not have 3rd row seating?

Apart from the above reasons, you may count these three as why the Ford Edge doesn’t have the 3rd-row seating.


The Ford Edge is a crossover SUV that offers seating for five people thanks to its two rows of seating. The Ford Edge can be lighter and more fuel efficient since it does not have a third row of seating.

Nonetheless, it still has a larger passenger capacity and more interior room than most people will ever utilize.

The Ford Edge does not have a third row of seats, but it has a towing capacity of 3,500 pounds when properly equipped, several powerful and fuel-efficient engines.


There is a general trend toward increased pricing for SUV models with a third row of seating compared to other SUVs. The price for more seating may be higher than you were anticipating.

If sitting in the third row was not high on your priority list, you may have saved the money you would have spent on it and used it toward something else. Ford doesn’t want to risk losing its loyal customers because of their higher prices than rivals.


The most significant disadvantage of the absence of the third row of seating in the Ford Edge is the substantial reduction in available cargo space.

Even though many models have third-row seats that can be adjusted or folded down, the additional equipment may reduce the amount of room available for luggage.

You might be able to get back some of the lost space by storing what you need in a way that can be folded up or taken apart, but that might be hard to manage. That is why Ford Edge generally opts out of 3rd-row seating.

What type of seating system does Ford Edge use?

The Ford Edge has a 2 row seating system with 5 seats, and the front seat has a manual adjustable standard feature.

It is entirely different from other crossovers or SUV vehicles since they have a 3-row seating system different from Ford Edge. You can quickly identify a Ford Edge Crossover by considering the seating system.

Mainly, the seating system is different because it has some extra space inside the vehicle and makes it less weight to drive comfortably.

You cannot compare the engine capacity to find any visual difference between the two crossovers, but you will identify them through their physical appearance and design.

The seating capacity or system of the Ford Edge has made a new customer base looking for this type of crossover for their small family.

If you don’t have 7 people in your family, you don’t need to have a 7-seater crossover. Instead, you can choose the stylish and comfortable 5-seater Ford Edge.

Final Thoughts

Because of comfort, design, and other brand factors, the Ford Edge doesn’t have the 3rd row seating system. These crossovers come with a 2 row seating system that can occupy 5 people at a time, and the front seater comes with adjustable features. Therefore, it’s a different crossover.