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Can You Clear Coat Plasti Dip? (Read This First!)

When plasti dip was introduced, car owners found it a blessing. They rush to the car shop or the garage to plasti dip their cars to look shinier and protect their car paint.

Since the plasti door is a durable rubber coat finish, people would like to make it brighter.

Some plasti dip-shining polishers and other methods are there to turn it into a super attractive one. Moreover, you can also apply a clear coat that can give you an out-of-the-box result.

Can you clear coat plasti dip?

You can clear the coat over plasti dip; it will be all fine to give an extra coating on your existing plasti dip to get a brightening look, protect the plasti dip for a long time, and protect the car paint. These are the three primary reasons why you can clear coat plasti dip.

You can apply the clear coat using any spray and turn the plasti dip into a shinier finish. It will be all okay and protect your car paint as well. Before applying the plasti dip or the clear coat, you have to be sure about the removal time.

You cannot remove the plasti dip easily after putting the clear coat above it. It will take labor and your sweat to peel off the plasti dip from the car.

Matte clear coat:

You can use the matte clear coat over plasti dip. It will be an excellent choice to prefer a matte finish over the radiant look.

The matte clear coat will give your car’s plasti dip a matte finish which will be durable and protective as well.

Moreover, the matte clear coat also helps you make the plasti dip more robust and stick to the paint without damaging the protective layer.

2k clear coat:

You can apply the 2k clear coat over the plasti dip of your car. It’s kind of a DIY system where you can use pretty much everything on the Plasti dip and make some trial and error method and stick to whatever suits you better.

The 2k clear coat will allow you to make the plasti dip into a durable and weather-resistant finish that can survive under both harsh and normal conditions. You can try it out and find the differences as well.

Enamel clear coat:

You can apply the clear enamel coat over the plasti dip to make it smooth and lively. The clear enamel coat will help you protect your plasti dip against rigorous use. It will give you a long-lasting effect and experience.

If you plan to apply a clear enamel coat, you must put it more since the average coating will not give you the expected result. Make your purchase accordingly.

Regular clear coat:

You can, of course, apply the regular clear coat over the plasti dip. Plasti-dip is an all-in-one rubbery coating system that will allow you to turn your coating into shinier and protect the car paint.

If you want to protect the plasti dip, you can apply another layer of clear coat over that plasti dip. It would be an excellent choice for you.

Will plasti dip stick to clear coat?

Plasti dip will stick to the clear coat; it’s a common characteristic of the rubber coat (Plasti coat is an excellent rubber coat finish). Moreover, the plasti coat and the clear coat will mix up, and you can’t detach them thoroughly.

In addition, both the plastic dip and clear coat are adhesive ingredients. They will stick to themselves firmly.

Once you apply the clear coat over the plasti dip, you cannot detach them without removing them. And, plastic is always ready to interact with other materials.

Does plasti dip need a clear coat?

Plasti dip doesn’t need a clear coat unless or until it fades away and becomes weak. Typically the plasti dip is bright enough and has all the ingredients to stick to the car paint and protect the underneath layer.

If you want to make it shiny and give it a better look, you can apply a clear coat over it.

On the other hand, if you want to use the plasti dip for a long time, you can use the clear coat. It will help to protect the plasti dip for at least three years. It is another reason why people use the clear coat over plasti dip.

What happens when you clear coat over plasti dip?

A clear coat over plasti dip is essential, and it is also helpful. The below things will happen when you use a clear coat over plasti dip.

Shining Finish:

When you use the clear coat over the plasti coat, it will become shinier and good looking. Though plasti dip is thin protection, you can still use the clear coat over it and give it an excellent finish.


Plasti dip typically lasts for years if you carefully clean it. If you want to increase its lifespan, you have to apply a clear coat over it.

It will create an extra layer over the plasti dip, which will protect it from damaging and external threats.

Therefore, the plasti dip will last for a couple of years, and you can roughly use your car without damaging the plasti dip. So, when you plan to use the plasti dip for a long time, you should use a clear coat over the plasti dip.

Protect the Paint:

Plasti dip protects the car paint. If it goes wrong and gets damaged, the car paint will be ruined. When the plasti dip is peeled off, it will also damage the paint. In that case, the clear coat will become handy.

The clear coat will not let the plasti dip to peel off the paint along with it. You can safely remove the plasti dip and the clear coat without damaging the car paint.

How to clear coat plasti dip?

To use the clear coat over plasti dip, you can follow some steps. They will help you get a better clear coat over the plasti dip and give you a better result.

Clean the surface:

Cleaning the surface is the first thing you must do before applying the clear coat over the plasti dip.

You need to clean the surface deep and ensure there is no dirt or debris left. You can use detergent and power wash to clean the entire plasti dip surface.

Shake the can:

You need to shake the clear coat before spraying over the plasti dip. You have to be careful here. You need to shake for about one minute to mix the liquid properly.

If you don’t shake the can, you will not get any proper finishing, or the liquid will be imbalanced. You will get some thin liquid starting, and the rest of the liquid will be thick. It will make an uneven coat.

Start from the corner:

You need to start spraying from the corner of the plasti dip. It will help you to spray evenly. If you start from the middle, it will become a challenge to cover the entire car paint.

When you start from the corner, it will save you from the mistake. You can double coat the corner and another side when necessary. You may take some break in between.

How do you protect Plasti Dip?

Protecting the plasti dip is easy. You don’t need to think about it seriously. Follow some tips to protect your plasti dip.

Use Polisher:

If you want to use the plasti coat over the years, you should buy some plasti dip polisher.

They will retain the smoothness and turn the pale finish into a bright one. The polisher will help you to protect the plasti dip from getting damaged.

Apply clear coat:

Clearcoat is the best way to protect the plasti dip from exterior damage and day-to-day uses. You can follow our tips and use the clear coat on the plasti dip.

It will become the best available option that you should follow. Plasti dip will get an extra layer over it. So, be sure to apply the clear coat over the plasti dip and turn the surface into a durable one.

Regular Cleaning:

You have to clean the plasti dip regularly to keep the dust away from the surface. If you let the dust be there and don’t clean them away, they will get to the plasti dip and damage the surface.

You can wipe the car surface twice a week and clean it. Or, you can power wash the car every week. It will be enough.

Final Thoughts

The clear coat is an excellent way to protect the plasti dip and make it durable, and you can clear coat plasti dip without damaging the surface. It will also help you to protect the car paint. If you follow our tips and steps, you will have an excellent clear coat within a few moments.