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Can You Clear Coat Over Rustoleum? (Explained)

Clear Coat can protect any sort of enamel paint from abrasions, UV rays and from the weather. Clear Coat can increase the durability of your enamel paint for a long time.

On the other hand, Rustoleum enamel paint is mainly used for its ability to dry in a small amount of time. Also, after applying the Rustoleum paint, it won’t peel off easily. Therefore, many people prefer Rustoleum enamel paint over any other enamel paint.

However, people also want to use Clear Coat over Rustoleum but they get in confusion whether the end result will be fruitful or not. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss whether you can apply Clear Coat over Rustoleum.

Can you Clear Coat over Rustoleum?

Clear Coat can surely be applied over Rustoleum enamel paint. Many people think that the Clear Coat won’t stick to the Rustoleum paint. The concept is wrong, Clear coat perfectly sticks over Rustoleum enamel paint. It is also suggested by the experts to use Rustoleum clear coats for better results.

Clear Coat is usually made from the chemicals that are used to make lacquer coats. Therefore, the Clear coat has a similar sticking ability just like the lacquer coat. Therefore, you don’t have to get worried about the sticking ability of the lacquer coat. In addition, the Clear Coat will bond very well with the Rustoleum enamel paint.

However, there are some drawbacks of applying a lacquer coat over Rustoleum enamel paint. The first drawback is if you apply Clear Coat over a freshly enamel painted surface then the thinning particles of the Clear Coat will damage the enamel paint which will result in peeling.

Secondly, sometimes the paint will turn yellowish due to the application of water-based Clear Coats. Also, due to the variation in the quality, Rustoleum enamel paint may not go along with Clear Coat.

Rustoleum enamel spray paint:

You can certainly apply Clear Coat over Rustoleum enamel spray paint. The Clear Coat will stick perfectly on the enamel spray paint. As the Rustoleum enamel spray paint is thick, therefore, it will bond well with the Clear Coat.

Rustoleum hammered paint:

Well in the case of Rustoleum hammered paint it doesn’t require any Clear Coat. Because the hammered paint itself works like the Clear Coat.

Rustoleum metallic spray paint:

You certainly can apply Clear Coat over Rustoleum metallic spray paint. The Rustoleum metallic spray paint perfectly bonds with a lacquer Clear Coat.

Rustoleum oil-based paint:

In the case of Rustoleum oil-based paint, it is recommended by the experts to put the lacquer Clear Coat. Rustoleum oil-based paint has a perfect enamel blend that will bond well with the Clear Coat.

Rustoleum topside paint:

You can use Clear Coat over Rustoleum topside paint, however, in order to get a fair result you can spray Rustoleum topside paint Clear Coat.

Rustoleum 2x:

Just like the other enamel paint, you can certainly put Clear Coat over Rustoleum 2x. The Clear Coat will bond well with Rustoleum 2x as well as it will perfectly stick over the enamel paint.

Does Rustoleum need a clear top coat?

Rustoleum enamel paint is applied to the wooden furniture for a glossy finish. Usually, Rustoleum is alone enough for the furniture if you are looking for durability. Because the Rustoleum is basically oil-based paint and you won’t need to apply any extra coat over. However, if you are looking for that extra durability then you can certainly use a clear topcoat over Rustoleum.

The lacquer top coat protects the wood from any sort of external damage as well as it also offers that extra glossy finish to the wood. Therefore, many people prefer the lacquer topcoat over Rustoleum.

In addition, you can also apply the Rustoleum clear coat in order to get better results. Because Rustoleum clear coat is a mix of both enamel and lacquer that means it is two in one paint. Finally, it can be said that if you want extra durability then you can certainly apply a top coat over Rustoleum.

What clear coat can I use over Rustoleum?

Well, there is a variety of clear coats available in the market that you can use over Rustoleum. But most of the clear coats are made with low-quality chemicals. Most importantly, most clear coats aren’t food safe.

In addition, most clear coats have a thinning agent that damages the enamel paint. Also, in most cases, the clear coat doesn’t bond well with the enamel blend of Rustoleum. In addition, the low-quality lacquer clear coat doesn’t stick over enamel which eventually results in peeling.

Therefore, whatever clear coat you use over Rustoleum make sure it has better quality. Below we have discussed some of the clear coats which you can certainly use over Rustoleum:

2k clear coat:

No, you cannot use a 2k clear coat over Rustoleum. As Rustoleum is lacquer type based paint and 2k clear coat is made from urethane, therefore, you cannot use the coat over Rustoleum. You have to go for a lacquer-based clear coat if you want to use it over Rustoleum.

Urethane clear coat:

Well, just like 2k clear coat, urethane clear coat is also made of urethane. Therefore, you cannot use a urethane clear coat over Rustoleum. As Rustoleum is a lacquer-based paint, you have to have a lacquer-based clear coat if you want to apply a coat over Rustoleum.

Automotive clear coat:

You can certainly use an automotive clear coat over Rustoleum. However, for being an oil-based paint, you will need to let the Rustoleum dry first. Then you will need an automotive clear coat for optimal results.

Duplicolor clear coat:

Yes, you can certainly apply a duplicolor clear coat over Rustoleum enamel paint. But at first, you have to let the enamel colour dry first and then for better results, you can apply the clear coat a week later.

What happens when you clear coat Rustoleum?

A clear coat actually increases the durability of the Rustoleum. It doesn’t only increase the durability of the enamel paint but it increases the glossy look of the enamel over the wood. However, there are other things that happen when you clear coat over Rustoleum and we have described them down below:

Bonds easily:

When you apply a clear coat over Rustoleum it bonds easily. As the lacquer-based clear coat has the same chemical composition as the enamel paint, therefore, it perfectly sticks over the enamel paint.

Enamel over enamel:

You can use sorts of clear coats over Rustoleum enamel paint. However, for getting optimal results it will be better if you use enamel clear coats over enamel paint. Because the chemicals in enamel clear coats will perfectly suit the enamel paint.

Increases durability:

Applying a clear coat over enamel paint increases the durability of the enamel paint. It also increases the glossy look of the paint. Therefore, many people go for the clear coat because of the glossy and durability it provides over enamel paint.

Protects the enamel:

The clear coat protects the enamel paint from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. It also protects the enamel from any sort of weather damage. Also, the clear coat saves the enamel paint from turning yellowish. In addition, if you apply a clear coat over enamel paint it will keep the glossy look for an extended period of time.

How to clear coat Rustoleum gloss enamel without blistering?

Well, there are some simple steps you can follow in order to avoid blistering when you clear coat over Rustoleum enamel. The steps are described below:

Avoid coating on wet surfaces:

The most common reason for occurring blisters is when you enamel paint over a wet surface. As the wet surface starts to evaporate water from the surface, the blister will form over the painted surface. And eventually, more blisters will be seen over the clear coat too. Therefore, always let the surface dry before you apply enamel paint and then apply the clear coat.

Avoid painting in direct sunlight:

Blister usually forms when you start coating in direct sunlight. As the upper layer starts to dry quickly before the inner layer. As a result, the blister will start to occur because of this complication. Therefore, avoid coating in direct sunlight or hot areas and make sure there is trespassing of enough air around the painted area.

Coat in thin layers:

Make sure that you have coated thin layers not thick layers. Because the solvents in the coat will find it very difficult to escape through the thick coats which will result in blistering.

Final Thoughts

You can apply a clear coat over Rustoleum but make sure the clear coat is enamel based as Rustoleum is an enamel based paint. However, for getting better results you can also use Rustoleum clear coat as it comes with both clear coat and enamel paint.