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How Many Miles Can a Subaru Engine Last? (Answered)

Are you thinking of purchasing a Subaru engine for your vehicle? Are you wondering how many miles one can get from a Subaru engine? However, are you also wondering about the maximum level of millage of a Subaru engine?

How Many Miles Can A Subaru Engine Last?

Subaru engines are known for their long-lasting performance and therefore, can last somewhere between 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles. Accordingly, a Subaru engine will not only provide you the needed durability and performance boost rather it will also ensure the maximization of traction.

Different Subaru engines may last for different miles therefore, being knowledgeable about how many miles different Subaru engines cover will help you to mold your decision accordingly.

Subaru boxer engine: 

Although the Subaru boxer engine is expected to last for 300,000 miles, this expected range of millage can be affected by the failure of the piston rod and can also be affected by the Subaru boxer engine’s inability to uphold stress due to the engine’s small base. 

Subaru forester engine: 

Depending on your driving style and proper oil change, your Subaru forester engine can last for 200,000 to 250,000 miles.

Accordingly, this high level of millage is possible only due to the lowering of the car’s center of gravity and due to the stability that is obtained by the Subaru forester engine.

Subaru legacy engine:

A subaru legacy engine will last for somewhere between 200,000 to 300,000 miles however, there can be several deviations from this expected range. 

Accordingly, this deviation can occur due to the lack of maintenance, and due to the lack of the car’s fluid levels. 

Subaru crosstrek engine: 

When it comes to Subaru crosstrek engines, it can last for 200,000 to 250,000 miles especially if you do proper checks-up on the tire pressure and if you keep up with the maintenance schedules. 

Subaru impreza engine: 

A Subaru Impreza can only last up to 200,000 miles and the reason behind this is the faulty engineering of the engine. 

In addition, it is also due to excessive oil consumption, oil leakage, insufficient oil changes, abrupt shutting of cars, and so on. 

Can a Subaru last 300k miles? How many miles is too many for a Subaru? 

Subaru engines are made to be very practical, long-lasting, and are fitted to cover a wide range of miles therefore Subaru engine will most likely last almost 300,000 miles.

This high millage of Subaru will vastly depend on how well you follow the maintenance instructions, on the weather, and it also depends on your driving skills.

Therefore, if you abruptly start or stop your car, don’t let the coolant cool or warm up the engine properly, and do not let the car warm up on itself in cold weather then 300,000 miles will not be reached properly.

Additionally, the average miles are 200,000 for a Subaru engine however going over 300,000 miles is considered as too many miles for Subaru to endure.

What is the most miles on a Subaru?

The most miles on a Subaru engine is almost up to 300,000 miles. However, not all Subaru engines can be expected to give you this high level of mileage.

Moreover, a typical Subaru engine’s high mileage can be disrupted by the overconsumption of oil and by the issues related to the head gasket.

In addition, this high mileage of Subaru vehicles is only possible if you follow proper maintenance of your car otherwise you may have problems with failed steering pumps, leakage of oil, overheating of car, and so on.

Are high mileage Subarus reliable? 

High-millage Subarus are reliable and long lasting and can also give you up to 200,000 miles only if you properly follow the maintenance routine and take extensive care of your car.

Additionally, not all types of Subarus are reliable as Subaru engines such as Subaru Legacy, Subaru Forester, Subaru Impreza, and Subaru Outback are proven to be not so reliable.

This is due to the radiator failure, breaking of internal parts, insufficient engine idling, turbo failure, leaks, and so on.

Therefore, even if several Subaru engines are very much reliable and dependable, the few models such as Subaru Legacy’s or Subaru Outback’s poor performance have led to the overall unreliability issue with the Subaru brand itself.

Another very practical reason why Subaru engines are not really that reliable is due to the excessive cost that is required for any type of repair.

How to make the Subaru engine last longer? 

You do not want your Subaru engines to come to a halt especially when you’re driving therefore, you need to be aware of the ways by which you can make your Subaru engine last longer.

Avoid Abrupt Start and Stop:

Your Subaru engine requires smooth transition because if you abruptly start your car, the engine has to work overtime.

In addition, the smooth transition also means you have to turn on the accessories like windshield wipers, heater, headlights, and air conditioner after starting your car.

Therefore, this is because it helps to save more power for your Subaru engine otherwise the Subaru engine will have to work overtime to start up all these accessories for your car and that is why you shouldn’t abruptly start or stop your car.

In addition, you also need to make sure you do not accelerate and brake your Subaru engine promptly or abruptly otherwise it will lead to permanent damage to the engine.

Proper Fluid Level:

One of the things you need to do to make sure that Subaru engines last longer is related to checking the fluid levels of your car. 

Moreover, sufficient levels of fluid will ensure that your car’s engine is being protected by the cold and warm weather.

Therefore, you need to make sure you have power steering fluid, oil levels, coolant, brake fluid, and transmission fluid at their proper limit so your Subaru engine doesn’t run out of fluids which are necessary for proper performance. 

Quick Warm up:

Another way by which you can make sure your Subaru car’s engine will last for a long time is by letting your car warm up by itself in the cold weather.

Therefore, you do not have to put your car in an idle mode to warm up the car’s engines rather all you have to do is to wait for one minute after turning on your car’s engine, and then you will be able to drive your car which will be enough to warm your car’s engine slowly rather than abruptly.

Oil Change up:

You need to do frequent oil changes to your car so that you can make your Subaru engine last longer.

Accordingly, frequent changing of oil in your Subaru’s engine will result in appropriate lubrication which will lessen the heat of the engine.

In addition, these frequent oil changes will also result in removing any possible debris that may have the potential to make the engine slow therefore by doing these things properly, you will be able to lengthen the longevity of your Subaru engine’s lifespan.

Which Subaru engines to avoid? 

Although the Subaru engine may provide you with long-lasting performance nevertheless some Subaru engines may not get your money’s worth.

Therefore being knowledgeable about the type of Subaru engines that you need to avoid may help you reach your decisions properly.

Subaru EJ25:

One of the most common Subaru engines with which you may face some difficulties is called Subaru EJ25.

Accordingly, Subaru EJ25 is embedded with faulty engineering and faulty design of the engine and that is why this Subaru EJ25 engine will give birth to problems like shortage of oil, burning of oil, and so on.

In addition, your car may also face problems with the head gasket as Subaru EJ25’s head gasket is of a very low quality which is why it cannot withstand pressure.

Subaru Forester:

While purchasing a Subaru engine, you need to make sure to avoid the Subaru Forester engine as it will lead to the overconsumption of oil which will eventually lead to higher oil bills.

Accordingly, excessive oil intake will also lead to leakage of oil. Moreover, Subaru Forester engines may also have problems with the head gasket which may lead to many leaks and can also lead to blocking of the engine.

Subaru Legacy:

Subaru Legacy is another Subaru engine that you need to avoid as it creates problems with the piston itself and also causes leakage of oil.

In addition, Subaru Legacy engines are also to be avoided due to excessive oil usage and due to the overheating of the car’s engine which can lead to potential accidents

Final Thoughts

Although Subaru engines can last for almost 300000 miles, you still need to follow a proper maintenance schedule to get to this mileage. However, there are several Subaru engines that don’t provide the same level of mileage due to excessive oil consumption, oil leakage, piston failure, and so on.