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Will Brake Cleaner Stop Squeaky Brakes? (Quick Answers)

Brakes are one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Brakes give the driver control over the vehicle and save him and others from unfortunate accidents. But the brakes can become squeaky sometimes due to many reasons. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether brake cleaner stops squeaky brakes or not. 

Will brake cleaner stop squeaky brakes?

Brake cleaner can be used to stop the brakes from squeaking if there is a build up of grease, dust, and dirt in the brake system. Brake cleaner causes chemical reaction on the parts of the brake upon application and gets rid of the excessive dirt and dust.

The squeaky brakes can cause several problems for your car. First of all, the noise of squeaky brakes can break your concentration continuously while driving. Squeaky brakes also decrease the performance and speed of the car. 

Brake cleaner has the ability to stop the brakes from squeaking if it is happening due to the build up of dust, dirt, and grease inside the brake system. If the squeaking is caused by a damaged brake part, then using brake cleaner is not the answer. 

If the rotors and the brake pads of the car are damaged and are causing the squeaking noise, then the best ploy would be to replace or repair them. Because brake cleaner can not fix a damaged rotor or a brake pad. 

Can you spray brake cleaner on brake pads?

It is believed by automobile experts that brake cleaner can be sprayed on brake pads for functional purposes. Brake cleaner is made in a way to be used directly on the brake pads of your car. Brake cleaner is capable of removing dust and dirt from your brake pads. 

Keeping the brake pads in a good condition is necessary to getting optimum performance from your car. It is very easy to spray brake cleaner on brake pads if you manage to follow the right steps. 

First of all, the tires of your car need to be removed to reveal the brake pads. The distance between the brake pads and the brake cleaner at the time of the spray must be at least two inches or more. 

Brake cleaner is an essential part of the fluid kit when it comes to maintaining your car. Brake cleaner can make the driving experience smooth by keeping the brake pads in top condition. Brake pads are one of the most crucial parts of the braking system and need constant caring. 

3 reasons why brake cleaners help to stop brake squeaking

There are a lot of reasons why brake cleaners help to stop brake squeaking. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

The purpose of brake cleaners:

The primary purpose of a brake cleaner is to clean the dirt, dust, and debris of the entire brake system. The brakes can start squeaking when there is a build up of dirt, dust, and debris. 

So the purpose of brake cleaners makes it their job to clean the brake system properly and stop the problem of squeaky brakes. 

The components of brake cleaners:

There are two primarily two kinds of brake cleaners available in the market based on the core components they are made with. These are non chlorinated brake cleaners and chlorinated brake cleaners. 

The core component of non chlorinated brake cleaner is heptane. 

Heptane of non chlorinated brake cleaners is responsible for stopping squeakiness of your brakes. Non chlorinated brake cleaners also possess other components such as acetone and carbon dioxide. 

Acetone is another key ingredient as it is tasked with cleaning the watery impurity of the brake system. 

On the other hand, the core component of chlorinated brake cleaners is perchloroethylene which cleans the entire braking system and stops the brakes from squeaking effectively.  Chlorinated brake cleaners also have another component in the form of carbon dioxide. 

So brake cleaners are able to stop the brake from squeaking because of their core components. 

Chemical reactions:

Brake cleaners effectively stop the squeaking problem of brakes by creating chemical reactions on the several parts of the brake system. The brake system of a car needs to be cleaned once in a while to keep it in top shape and condition. 

Brake cleaners are good at cleaning the entire brake system by causing chemical reactions when they come in contact with the parts of the brake. It is believed by automobile experts that a brake cleaner is the best liquid when it comes to stopping the brake from squeaking.

How to get rid of squeaky brakes?

Getting rid of squeaky brakes might seem like a difficult task if you have no prior experience regarding the matter. However, there are some steps and methods you can take to accomplish the task. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them. 

Lift the car:

First of all, to get to the bottom of the problem, you will need to lift your car with the help of a jack and jack stand. You will need to follow the noise of the squeaky brakes to find out which wheel is affected by the squeaky brakes. 

Inspect the entire brake system:

Then, you will have to inspect the entire brake system after detaching the concerned wheel and tire. You will need to start by examining the condition of the rotors. Sometimes the rotors of the braking system can wear out and will need replacing to stop the squeaking. 

The brake pads need to be examined next to find out where the problem lies. If the brake pads also seem worn out like rotors, they will have to be replaced or repaired. 

Apply brake cleaners:

If all the parts of the brake system show no sign of damage, then it might be inspected for dirt and debris. The brake system will have to be cleaned with brake cleaners to get rid of the squeaky brakes. 

Before you apply brake cleaners on the brake pads and rotors, you will need to use safety glasses and safety gloves as a precaution. Because brake cleaners have components in them that can cause you health hazards. 

Some of the brake cleaners are also highly flammable which can cause great problems if you do not take enough preparation before spraying the brake cleaner on the brake system.

Brake cleaners will get rid of dirt, debris, and grease from the brake system and stop the squeaking. A cloth can come in handy in the aftermath of the spraying process to clean off the final dirt and dust. 

Use lubrication:

Sometimes using lubrication in the entire brake system can solve the problem of squeaky brakes. Lubrication keeps the brake system in top condition and stops the squeaking. 

Seek professional help:

If you find it too difficult to stop the squeaking yourself, then you can seek the help of a professional mechanic. A mechanic will be able to help in case some parts of the brake system need replacing or repairing. 

On the other hand, you can use the brake cleaner yourself using the protective gear and maintaining a distance of two feet between the brake parts and the brake cleaner. 

Where should you not spray brake cleaner for the squeaky brake?

There is no particular part on the brake system that could be labelled as being unsafe for the application of brake cleaner. Brake cleaner is able to clean all the parts of the brake system equally and effectively without causing any side effects. 

Brake cleaner can be used on the rotors, brake pads and all the other parts of the brake system. 

But you should not use brake cleaner without detaching the wheel and tire. Because brake cleaner is not designed to be used directly on the brake system through the wheel and tire. 

The parts of the brake system have to be detached and worked on afterwards without causing any negative reactions on the car. 

If the two feet distance is maintained while spraying the brake cleaner, there should not be any problem and the brakes will stop squeaking. 

What can I spray on my brakes to make them stop squeaking?

Car owners sometimes get confused about what types of products they can use on their brakes to make them stop squeaking. It can happen as there are many products in the market that claim to solve the squeaky brake problem. 

But there are some products that can actually get rid of the squeaky brakes. Let’s look at the list of spray you can use on squeaky brakes.

  • WD40 
  • Chlorinated brake cleaner
  • Non chlorinated brake cleaner

Final Thoughts

Brake cleaner has the components needed to stop squeaky brakes. But brake cleaner does not come in handy if any part of the brake system is damaged and needs repairing. Brake cleaner can be an effective cleaner of the brake system and stop the squeaky noise caused by build up of dust and dirt.