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Why Does My Nissan Say Key ID Incorrect? (Answered)

The most common problem with many new Nissan car models is that while detecting the smart key before starting the car, it shows key ID is incorrect. Especially, if you are a Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Note, Nissan Juke, or Nissan Micra model user. However, if you aren’t aware of the reasons, naturally it would make you think about why your Nissan car is saying key ID incorrect.

So, let’s get into the explanations ahead to know the exact reasons.

Why Does My Nissan Say Key ID Incorrect?

In most cases, a expired or low key battery is the main reason behind a Nissan car saying key ID is incorrect. Except for this reason, a damaged key fob (water or invisible damage) and an unprogrammed key fob can be the other two major reasons behind a Nissan car saying that the key ID is incorrect.

All of the major three reasons that can cause a Nissan to show the key ID is incorrect have been described here in detail for you to get a detailed insight into this problem.

Low Battery:

Low batteries are the first and most obvious reason that causes a Nissan car to say key ID is incorrect.

If you haven’t changed the batteries in the key fob in a while then the key fob might be trying to operate on low or expired batteries. In this case, when the key will be entered into the Nissan car, the car automatically will send off a signal searching for the key fob, however, the key fob will not have enough power to respond to the signal. As a result, even if the key fob isn’t damaged or unprogrammed, the car can still show that the key ID is not correct.

Unprogrammed Key Fob:

An unprogrammed key fob is the next main reason behind Nissan saying that the key ID is not correct. It mainly happens when the key fob is a brand new one and it has not been programmed still. As a result, the unprogrammed key fob doesn’t work on the Nissan and the car is unable to recognize the key ID, so it just says the key ID is wrong.

Damaged Key Fob:

The key fob has delicate internal parts that are most likely to get damaged if the key is dropped many times on the ground. If any of those delicate internal parts are broken, without fixing it or replacing the entire internal board, the key fob won’t function properly. Thus, Nissan will show incorrect key ID.

Also, if the key fob has come to contact with water, the internal parts can get damaged, and in this case the key fob won’t work and will cause key ID incorrect sign.

How To Fix Key ID Incorrect For Nissan?

Below, the tips for fixing incorrect key ID for Nissan are explained precisely for you to follow religiously to fix the key ID incorrect issue.

Replace expired Batteries:

Replacing old expired batteries with new ones is the only solution that can fix the incorrect key ID issue for Nissan.

3V coin batteries are used for a Nissan key fob, so pay attention while choosing the batteries for the key fob. Also, don’t buy and use cheap quality 3V coin batteries for the key fob as those lose power quickly causing the key fob not to function properly while getting detected by the car.

Repair Key Fob:

When a damaged key fob is being the main reason, repairing the internal damaged part is a solution to fix the key ID incorrect issue for Nissan.

However, maximum times the internal parts of the key fob break into very tiny pieces that are nearly impossible to fix, in that case, replacing the entire internal board will fix the problem

Program The Nissan Key:

To fix the key ID incorrect issue caused by an unprogrammed new key fob, you must program the key fob. You can either do the programming by yourself or can take help from the dealer to stay on the safe side to fix the problem for your Nissan.

How To Program A Nissan Key Fob?

Programming a Nissan key fob simpler for you a step-by-step guide has been added below, read it and learn to program both a Nissan intelligent key fob and traditional key fob all by yourself.

Intelligent Key

Step 1:

To start a Nissan key fob programming, get inside the car with the intelligent key and then lock the car door.

Step 2:

Without starting the car, insert the Nissan intelligent key in the ignition first, then almost immediately remove the key from the ignition. You must repeat this procedure approximately 6-10 times. When the car will accept the key fob, hazard lights will flicker two times signaling that the car and key are in programming mode.

Step 3:

Then insert the key back into the ignition and activate the car electronics only by turning the key on. However, do not start the car.

Step 4:

After that within a few seconds press a button (any button is okay) on the Nissan intelligent key fob so that the connection activates.

Step 5:

Now to test the Nissan intelligent hey fob, get out of the car and stand quite far away from the car, then press key button. If you hear the horn beeping once or the car lights flashing, it means the Nissan intelligent key fob has been programmed.

Traditional Key

Step 1:

Get inside your car and lock all the doors.

Step 2:

Insert the key into the ignition and turn it to “ACC”, then pull it from ignition. Repeat the procedure 6 times rapidly and watch for emergency lights to flicker twice.

Step 3:

Now insert the key fob back into the ignition and turn the tradition key to “ACC” again. Click and release a fob button (any button is okay). Hazard lights will flicker upon acknowledging the new key fob. After that unlock your driver’s side door and click any button on next remote if you want to program other key fobs.

Step 4:

When the resetting is complete, the ignition key should be turned to “OFF” and the key should be pulled out.

How Do I Reset My Nissan Key Fob?

You have to reset your Nissan key fob in the same way described for programming a new key fob above, there is a no different method to do so.

For resetting both the Nissan intelligent key fob and traditional key fob, follow the step-by-step instructions added above.

How Do You Start A Nissan With A powerless Key Fob?

If you really need to start the Nissan car with a powerless key fob, there is still a way for starting the car. The key fob has a chip inside it, if the start or stop button is pressed in that situation, a signal will be sent to the Nissan car which will permit you for starting the car engine.

And in situations where you have a powerless key fob and the car is locked from the inside, use the emergency key which is inside the key fob underneath a gliding panel to get into your Nissan.

How To Change The Battery On A Nissan Key Fob?

Changing the battery on a Nissan key fob is really easy. First, you got to take out the hidden key from the key fob. Then take out the key housing and remove the batteries as well, however, do remember the position of the batteries inside the housing.

You can use a screwdriver to remove the batteries. Now, insert new batteries and make sure that the negative side of the batteries is facing you like before staying in the exact same position. Lastly, put the rear slab back and put emergency key too.

Why Is My Nissan Key Fob Not Working After A Battery Change?

Sometimes even after a battery change, your Nissan key fob may not function, and the most possible reason behind it is that the system inside the key fob has gotten reset on its own after you have changed the batteries. This means you have to reprogram the key fob to make your Nissan key fob programmed to work properly.

Also, if the key’s critical internal parts are damaged, the key fob will stop working even if you have changed the batteries. Only changing the whole key fob will make it work again.

How Much Does A New Nissan Key Fob Cost?

A new Nissan key fob will cost about $125 to $400 on average. But the final cost totally depends on your dwelling area and the Nissan car model you are using.

Final Thoughts

Usually, Nissan cars say key ID is incorrect when the key fob is having low or expired batteries inside it. Also, if the key fob is new and unprogrammed or the key fob is internally damaged somehow, Nissan cars will say the key ID is incorrect.