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Why Does My Nissan Rogue Says No Key Detected? (Answered)

Owning a car speeds up your life and if it is a Nissan rogue then you have both comfort and luxury at the same time. With Nissan rogue moving becomes easier as this series’ cars are designed with the latest facilities. 

Moreover, using this vehicle also buys you a lot of time as you get to save a lot of the day driving the high-speed Nissan rogue. 

However, machines aren’t flawless neither is your Nissan rogue. So it may happen that while you’re in a hurry and need the Nissan rogue the vehicle starts showing problems. One of the most common issues users face with Nissan rogue is the key not getting detected. 

We understand how irritating the situation can become when you can’t open your car using the right key. So we’ve found the reasons for the problems as well as the solutions!

Nissan rogue says no key detected

The most common reason why Nissan rogue says the key is not detected is probably your remote battery is over. This problem can also occur if the remote is damaged or has lost the programs. Besides, due to a defective key feature, and a low car battery a Nissan rogue can’t detect the key.

No matter how expensive and modern any gadget or machine is, it can break down anytime. The Nissan Rogue is no different. This modern vehicle is equipped with all nice facilities and features to give the user a comfortable ride. For example, the remote key operating facility. 

This feature has made the experience with Nissan rogue more swift and smooth. So when this remote unlock starts showing problems, you need to go to its roots to find the reason. 

Users often complain their Nissan rogue is not detecting the key and this is not unlocking with the remote feature. Well, to fix the hitch it’s important to find out the reason first. So let’s take a look at the possible reason why your Nissan rogue says no key was detected.

The remote battery has run out: 

Your Nissan rogue will not be able to detect the key if the remote is out of battery. It’s a possible reason why the car isn’t able to catch the signals your remote is throwing. 

Often people don’t think this way and spend bucks on repairing when it’s the remote battery that needs to be changed. 

The key remote is damaged: 

The remote is what allows you to give signals to the vehicle. But if the remote is damaged it cannot operate the vehicle. Vehicle remotes can get damaged if it falls hard or cracks. 

You can check the remote by using new batteries, if it still doesn’t work you may need to buy a new one. 

There are problems with the feature: 

If the remote programs are not set right to your vehicle it will not take the command and response. So wrong features or missing features are another reason if your Nissan rogue isn’t detecting the key. If you have doubts, reset the programs and try again.

The car battery is low: 

The battery of the car is consumed whenever the facilities are used. So it can be a reason behind the key detection issue. Check the battery level of your car if it’s too low, maybe the battery is causing the car to not detect the key.

The key fob is dirty: 

The key fob area of the Nissan Rogue is very sensitive. If the fob is greased with oil and dirt it won’t receive the signal sent by the remote and thus will not be able to detect the key. 

So if you’re facing trouble with the ‘No Key Detected’ sign, again and again, we’d request you to check whether the key fob area is clean or not. 

How do I start a Nissan Rogue with a not detecting key fob?

There are many reasons that can lead Nissan Rogue not to recognize a fob. Earlier, it was assumed that only battery issues are responsible for bad communication. But in reality, a fob might not work despite the battery being ok, it might be low or have other issues.

As changing the battery is no big deal, you can do it in your home at your convenience. But, what would you do if the fob fails to be detected even after the change of battery! You can call for assistance from the service center.

In emergency cases, when you need to use Nissan Rogue, you have alternative options in your hand. There’s a small button in the fob that can be pushed to release a hidden key. The physical key is good to be used in the vehicle.

What to do when a Nissan Rogue says no key detected?

No wonder The Nissan rogue will change your experience with Nissan cars with all the good offerings but we won’t say it’s perfect since it’s a machine at the end of the day. 

One of the common problems with Nissan rogue is a key detection problem where the car can’t detect the key and open it. Well if you are facing the same difficulty here’s what you can do: 

Replace the remote battery: 

If the remote battery has run out maybe that’s not letting your car unlock by the key. So you have to purchase new batteries and replace the old ones. This will solve your problem. 

Reset the remote features: 

Resetting the key fob and all its programs help in such incidents. So if the key fob is saying the key is not detected the programs might have removed it and needed it set again. So give the key fob a quick reset to unlock the vehicle with the remote. 

Repair or buy the key fob: 

A broken key fob doesn’t work properly. It can interrupt the commands as well as not respond to them. So if the key fob is slightly cracked or damaged you have to repair them. If it’s non-repairable, buy a new one to enjoy the unlocking feature. 

Clean the key fob: 

If the key fob is dirty and covered with oil, grease, or grime it may not take your command. Thus the vehicle will not detect the key.

Wipe the key fob using a little amount of rubbing alcohol, the feature will work again. 

Change the car battery: 

When the car battery is low, the vehicle automatically disables a lot of functions. So nothing fits the issue, then it’s your car’s low battery that needs to be fixed to solve the problem. 

How do I reset my Nissan Rogue key fob?

When your Nissan Rogue is facing trouble detecting the key and not letting you unlock the vehicle remotely, you can try resetting the key fob. Resetting the key fob often helps to solve such issues as it reprograms all the features and fixes the bugs.

Here is a guide that you can follow to reset your Nissan Rogue key fob:

Unlock the car manually: 

All Nissan Rogue comes with a hidden key in the key fob. Get in the car by unlocking the car with the key manually. 

Put the key in the ignition and take it out: 

Put your Nissan rogue key in the ignition and then take it out. Don’t start the car in between. 

Repeat the second step: 

Repeat the process at least six times continuously. This step can be longer sometimes you might need to do this 8-10 times. 

Look for light flash: 

Notice whether there is any light flash. If you see any emergency light flashing a couple of times, then know that your car has accepted the key.

Repeat the first step: 

Repeat the first step of putting the key in the ignition. Finally, turn it to the program “ACC” to reprogram it.

Check whether it works: 

After the key fob is reset, check its efficiency by unlocking the vehicle for a distance. If the car beeps and lights, the process is done successfully. 

Final Thoughts

If the remote battery is low or the remote is faulty your Nissan rogue might not detect the key and unlock it. Also, a very low car battery and defective key features are the possible reasons for this problem. However, by resetting and repairing this key detection problem can be solved.