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Why Does My Light Switch Shock Me? (Quick Answers)

The electric shock might be a dangerous accident if you don’t know how to deal with it. Since we use electricity in every sphere of our life, we should be careful in using it. You should know why you get the shock and how you should avoid it.

Stick with us to learn more about the fact!

Why does my light switch shock me?

Your light switch shocks you because of the metal inspection with the wires. It means that if the damaged active wires come to the touch of the metal, and you touch the light switch at that moment, you will get an electric shock. There might be some other reasons. Maybe the switch is faulty.

You can count more reasons why you get the shock from the light switch. We will talk about them, but the worst thing would be the static shock. If the wires can’t discharge the electricity and create an imbalance between them, it will give you a static shock.

Let’s get through some of the most crucial reasons you get the shock from your light switch.

Faulty Switch: 

The first reason your light switch shocks you would be the defective or broken switch. Generally, the light switch or any electrical switch lasts for years. Sometimes, they have a warranty for ten years. So, we take it for granted that the switch won’t be damaged.

As a result, we don’t care about the damaged switch or can’t realize that the switch is faulty. When we touch a faulty or damaged light switch, it will shock us. Maybe the switch and the wires are not attached securely due to the poor quality.

Imbalance Electricity: 

Sometimes, the electricity imbalance will cause the light switch to shock you. Sometimes, the electricity flows go up, and it can’t discharge in the right ways. So, when you touch the light switch, it discharges through the metal.

Consequently, you get an electric shock from the light switch. Therefore, it’s better to avoid such static shock by changing the damaged or faulty wires and switching.

Touching with Water: 

You will get an electric shock if you touch the light switch with a wet finger. Whether the light switch is faulty, you should never touch it with water in your hand or with a wet finger. Electricity flows through the water very quickly and will create a shock.

Exposed Wires: 

Sometimes, the exposed wires of the light switch also create an electric shock. If the light switch contains the damaged or exposed wires inside, and you touch the switch, it will give you a shock. You have to check the exposed wires and repair them soon.

Overload Outlets: 

Often, the outlets or the sockets become overloaded with extra electric flows. Before you touch the switch, it will already be overloaded with the extra electric force that will shock once you touch. 

Overload outlets can be caused by the exposed or short circuit. And it may cause a static shock. Although it won’t harm you that much, you should take precautions and avoid the shock.

Are electric shock from a light switch dangerous?

The electric shock from a light switch is not too dangerous. Since most of the switches create static shock, it won’t be painful or dangerous for your health. But you should be careful in dealing with the faulty switches.

If you unintentionally touch the light switch and get a sudden shock, it may create finger pain or arm pain. You should remove the finger at once without any delay and get relaxed. Maybe the static shock of the light switch won’t do any damage, but you need to be careful.

You should hire an electrician and check your light switch. If needed, you must replace the faulty or damaged switch with a new one. When you buy the new switch, be sure it covers the entire area and securely attaches the wires to avoid the electric shock. 

Can a shock from a light switch harm you?

A shock from a light switch can harm you if it is an electric shock. You will get two types of shocks from the light switch. One is a static shock, and the other is an electric shock. The first one doesn’t harm you or create any complex situation.

But the electric shock may be dangerous. If the light switch wires remain exposed and you touch them, it will create an electric shock. Due to the electric shock, you may feel muscle or hand pain. It will be challenging to move the hand or finger for a few moments.

So, you must check the light switch once a week or month and notice if there is any exposed wire. You can avoid any electric shock and remain safe from the consequences. But the static shock won’t harm you that much.

What does it mean when a light switch shocks you?

When a light switch shocks you, that means there is something wrong with the switch. Maybe the wires are exposed and damaged, or the switch metal screws get the static electric discharge. The metal part of the switch already gets the electricity. 

Once you touch it, it flows through the finger, and you feel the shock.

Another meaning could be the damaged switch. Sometimes the damaged switch will create an electric shock and will remind you of the fact. Maybe the outlook of the light switch is in good shape, but the inner part is damaged entirely; it will give you a shock.

So the meaning of the light switch shock will vary from switch to switch. You have to discover the reason and solve the problem shortly. You should never ignore the static shock and wait for the electric shock. It will be a fatal accident.

Why is there electric shock from the plastic light switch?

Being an insulator, you should never get an electric shock from the plastic light switch. If the switch is broken and the wires are exposed, it will only happen. In that condition, the wires will give you a direct electric shock if you touch them.

In a sense, it’s not possible to get the electric shock from the plastic light switch. But if you think for a while and deeply concentrate on the incident. The wires must be out from the switch, and you touch that area.

So, the main reason is the exposed wires. Getting the entire cables out of the plastic switch; a few portions of the wires would create a shock for you. So, if you ever get a shock from your plastic light switch, you should check the wires and repair them at once.

How to prevent static shock from the light switch?

Preventing static shock from the light switch is not a challenging task. You can avoid such shock by following some simple steps and tips. 

Buy Static Shock Eliminator: 

The safest way to prevent static shock from the light switch is by buying the static shock eliminator. It might be costly, but you will find some budget-friendly static shock eliminators from the hardware shop. 

You need to buy the machine and install it along with your light switch. You can also add other switches if they also give the static shock.

Use Moisturize Lotion: 

You can also prevent the static shock by using moisturizer lotion. It may seem weird to use the lotion and touch the light switch. It’s a safety measure, and you can do it when you work with the light switch.

Maybe when changing the light switch, you can use some moisturized lotion. It will easily prevent static shock. 

Avoid Synthetic Materials: 

After following the first two steps, you can also follow a piece of advice to avoid using or wearing any synthetic material. Synthetic wearing is ideal for the electric flow. So, if you touch the faulty light switch wearing the synthetic material, you will get a static shock.

Dry the Metal Surface: 

The metal surface of the light switch must be wiped through. You can use any dry clothes and wipe the metal surface to dry it thoroughly. It will remove the water and moisture from the surface. As a result, you can prevent the static shock quickly.

It should be your regular practice to wipe the metal surface or the screws on the light switch. It will help you to a great extent to prevent static shock.

Final Thoughts

Your light switch shocks you because of the static shock. When the light switch has exposed wires or an overflow of the electricity goes through the metal screws, it will shock you once you touch it. If you experience such an accident, you should change the damaged or faulty light switch.