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Nissan Rogue Trunk Won’t Open – How to Fix?

You don’t have to worry if your Nissan rogue trunk won’t open – there’s a solution! The following are step-by-step instructions for fixing a Nissan rogue trunk that won’t open. Also, we’ll explain how rogue trunk problems are caused and what solutions are available. 

Hope this helps you open your trunk quickly.

Nissan rogue trunk won’t open

The most common causes of Nissan Rogue trunks not opening are loose wires, malfunctioning handles, and damaged hinges. Rogue trunks may also be caused by improperly adjusted or missing latches. The trunk lid panels of the Rogue may also be warped or damaged as a result of rogue trunk problems.

When you’ve tried to open your Nissan rogue trunk, this problem likely is to blame. It can be fixed with a few simple tools, but it’s an expensive fix. The most common reasons why your Nissan rogue trunk won’t open are listed below.

Forcefully severed trunk lock wiring harness: 

It will be impossible to open the Nissan Rogue trunk if the trunk lock wiring harness has been severed. This will require the replacement of the entire wiring harness. 

A certified technician can do this relatively easy fix – not something you should attempt yourself.

Misaligned or damaged trunk hinges: 

Some rogue trunk problems are caused by misaligned or damaged hinge assemblies. It is usually an inexpensive fix that can be done with a few simple tools. You might have to replace your Nissan rogue trunk if this isn’t an option.

The release latch is not correctly seated: 

When the release latch is not seated correctly, the trunk cannot be opened – this can often be fixed with a few simple tools. 

The broken catch: 

Your Nissan rogue trunk won’t open if the catch has broken – you’ll need to replace the entire catch assembly. A few simple tools may also be required for this fix.

Worn or damaged trunk hinges: 

Rogue trunk problems may also be caused by worn or damaged trunk hinges. Wear or damage to the trunk hinges can often lead to the Nissan Rogue trunk becoming stuck.

Is Nissan rogue trunk not opening a common problem?

It’s common for Nissan Rogue trunks not to open. There may be something preventing the Nissan rogue trunk from opening after you have done the proper procedures. The following Nissan Rogue models are at risk of having their trunks not open:

2008 Nissan Rogue:

Nissan rogue model year 2008 has a common trunk opening problem. The trunk can be affected by a variety of factors, such as misaligned or damaged hinge assemblies, broken catches, and worn or damaged hinges.

2009 Nissan Rogue:

The Nissan Rogue model year 2009 has a high rate of trunk open problems. 2009 Nissan rogue trunk latches have been redesigned to prevent trunk opening – however, some models have difficulty latching due to the redesign. 

The Nissan Rogue S and X are especially prone to this.

2013 Nissan Rogue:

Nissan rogue model year 2013 trunk open problem is not well known, but it does exist. In some cases, Nissan changed the security design of the trunk opener, making trunk opening more difficult. 

Nissan Rogue SV and SL trim levels are typically affected by this fixable problem.

2015 Nissan Rogue:

The Nissan rogue model year 2015 also has trunk open problems, but to a lesser extent. 

Nissan rogue model year 2015 trunk opener did not change – however, some vehicles may struggle to latch the trunk due to manufacturing tolerances or installation problems.

2016 Nissan Rogue:

Nissan rogue model year 2016 also has trunk open problems. Trunk open issues have been reported by up to 50% of rogue model year 2016 owners, similar to trunk open issues reported by rogue 2015 owners.

2017 Nissan Rogue:

Nissan Rogue model year 2017 does not have trunk open problems. Because the Rogue 2017 is a completely new model, Nissan did not make any changes to the trunk opening mechanism.

2020 Nissan Rogue:

Having a trunk open problem in a 2020 Nissan Rogue is not very common. Because the 2020 Rogue was redesigned to be more energy efficient, it may have fewer trunk opening issues. 

The 2020 Rogue is also equipped with Nissan’s latest trunk open system – which could simplify the opening process.

2021 Nissan Rogue:

Nissan rogue model year 2021 has no trunk open problems. Rogue 2021 doesn’t have any changes to the trunk opening mechanism, so this issue shouldn’t occur.

How much does it cost to fix a Nissan rogue trunk that won’t open?

You can expect to pay between $100 and $120 for a Nissan rogue trunk that won’t open. There are no parts included in that price. A regular garage will charge you $100-120 to fix a trunk that won’t open if you don’t have any damaged parts. 

Furthermore, if your car has some damaged parts, it will cost more.

The cost of replacing a wiring harness, for example, will be between $50 and $80. In the case of a Nissan Rogue trunk that won’t open due to damage, the wiring harness will cost $50 – $80 to replace. 

A trunk replacement could cost you between $600 and $1,200 in the worst-case scenario. Therefore, the cost of fixing the Nissan rogue trunk open will be determined by the extent of the damage and other associated costs.

How to fix a Nissan rogue trunk that won’t open?

The rogue trunk is a common issue with Nissan Rogue vehicles, and it can be difficult to fix. Typically, the problem occurs when the handle that opens the trunk becomes stuck or pulls out of its slot. 

The latch that holds the door closed may become detached from its hinges as a result. Here are some tips on how to fix a Nissan Rogue trunk that won’t open:

Find what causes the issue:

The first step is to determine what is causing the trunk to open improperly. Is there a loose wire? Is the handle malfunctioning? Are the hinges damaged? Identifying the problem will help you fix it.

Fix the issue:

Fix the malfunction by replacing or fixing whatever needs to be fixed after you’ve identified the cause. Replace damaged wiring harnesses, adjust faulty handles or fixings, and/or reattach broken latches and hinges. 

Make sure to get a Nissan rogue trunk open fix that includes the replacement part cost if a part needs to be replaced.

Fix loose wires:

You will need to tighten loose wires if the problem is caused by loose wires. Tightening the connections may require a wrench or an Allen key. Ensure that no wires are lost during this process by doing it safely.

Reconfigure faulty handle:

If your trunk won’t open due to a malfunctioning handle, you’ll need to replace it. Follow the instructions provided with your replacement parts kit to assemble the new handle, then replace the old one. Tighten the screws that hold the handle to the trunk with an Allen key if necessary.

Reattach broken latches and hinges:

You’ll need to fix broken latches or hinges if your trunk won’t open. Performing these repairs may require some mechanical skill, so it is best to consult a Nissan rogue trunk open fix expert. Many times, replacing the faulty part will solve the problem and won’t cost much.

How do you manually open the trunk of a Nissan Rogue?

Keyless remotes are required to open the trunk of a Nissan Rogue. Simply insert the key fob into the ignition and hold down the unlock button until the blue light begins flashing continuously. Manually opening the trunk of a Nissan Rogue is as simple as following these steps:

Center console trunk release button:

The first thing you need to do is find the trunk release button on the center console. This switch can be found near the gear shift on Nissan Rogue models from 2007-2013. 

The trunk release button is located directly ahead of or below your driver’s seat on Nissan Rogue 2014 and newer models.

Push down on the trunk release button to open the trunk:

The trunk release button can also be found on the dashboard of the Nissan rogue. Once you have located it, you need to push it down with a firm finger to open up the trunk lid on your Nissan rogue.

Pull trunk open to its full extent:

Once you have opened the trunk, you will now be able to pull it open to its full extent once it has been opened. You don’t need to force it if it doesn’t want to move – just gently tug on it until it pops open if it doesn’t want to move.

Close trunk using the trunk release button:

To close the trunk again, once your items have been unloaded and the trunk has been opened, you will need to push down the trunk release button once more.

Final Thoughts

In brief, loose wires, malfunctioning handles, and damaged hinges cause the Nissan Rogue trunk not to open. Nissan Rogue 2008 to 2017 has this problem. Fix the wires or replace the handle to fix this problem. A new set of Nissan rogue trunk hinges may be able to fix damaged hinges.