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How Much Octane Booster to Add to Your Car? (Answered)

Octane is gasoline, is like blood for octane-driven vehicles. A higher octane rate indicates higher efficiency. Mainly in some countries, octane is the gasoline that has higher octane rating than regular petrol. Octane booster helps the gasoline rating to go up. Let’s see if it is true or not.

How much octane booster to add to your car?

The octane booster can raise the octane level to 93. Pour the entire bottle of the booster in the tank and then fill it with your desired fuel. A high compression engine is good to go with the octane booster. Before putting an octane booster in the tank, make sure the engine is suitable for it.

In some regions, premium quality fuels are called octane. Octane rating ensures the fuel quality and how cleanly it will work inside the engine. There are so many fuel additives. The octane booster is used to boost fuel efficiency to a higher level. 

Such as, if you add an octane booster, the rating will rise from 87 to 91 or 93. Higher octane rating can generate an ample amount of power for modern engines. Basically, the engine itself remains the same. 

Still, the fuel becomes better that doesn’t damage the engine but decreases fuel burning rate.

Add to 87 to make 93:

Octane booster will not increase the horsepower of the engine. As horsepower is predetermined and it is specific for a specific engine. Increasing the octane rating will cause the fuel to run through the engine without detonation. 

Nowadays, there is a fuel that doesn’t require the octane booster. But for 87 unleaded fuel, octane boosters work like magic. Using three ounces of octane booster per gallon is suggested to increase the octane level from 87 to 93.

Add to 87 to make 91:

Moreover, you can make the octane level up to 91 as well. It will decrease the engine’s pre-ignition, also known as pinging or knocking problem from the engine. 87 is a regular fuel, whereas 91 to 94 ratings are premium-grade fuel. 

So, it is possible to upgrade the oil from 87 to 91 by using the octane booster. The same procedure has been followed to increase the octane rating.

How much octane booster to add per gallon? Can I put 2 bottles of Octane Booster?

Using three ounces of octane booster per gallon is suggested by the experts.

Octane booster helps the octane rating level rise. This means any ordinary fuel such as 87 ratings lower grade fuel can upgrade to 91 to 93 rating premium-grade fuel. Octane Booster is made of different things, including ethanol, methyl propyl, and other compounds.

These are some formulas to produce a great boost to the remaining fuel and perform as premium fuel. Basically, the octane booster increases the fuel lifetime and helps the engine to reduce pre-ignition sound.

Some vehicles, mainly racing vehicles, may use the octane booster properly. That is, only high compression engines work well with the octane booster. 

If the octane booster is used instead of regular fuel, it will not cause any harm to the vehicle but will not produce any extra boost as well. Moreover, there are no limitations to using fuel boosters in vehicles. 

One bottle of 5.25 ounces octane booster can boost fifteen gallons of fuel. And fifteen ounces bottle of octane booster treats 25 gallons of fuel. You can put two or more bottles of octane booster in your vehicle

But only a vehicle with a high compression engine will act properly. The regular engine will not benefit from putting the octane booster.

How to use an octane booster?

Walkthrough this section to know how to use an octane booster –

See If the Engine Is Capable for Octane Booster:

Not all vehicles are made for taking octane boosters. Some vehicles are okay with regular fuel. Applying an octane booster will not generate any benefit to the engine and the owner. A high compression engine will work well in an octane booster. 

Check the engine to see if it is good enough for the octane booster before adding additives.

Choose the Perfect Octane Booster:

In the market, you will get different types of octane boosters. So, buy the one which is better for your engine. Before purchasing the octane booster, read the driver’s manual thoroughly. There are high-priced and low-priced octane boosters. 

See what number of ratings you want the regular fuel to rise. There are options from 89 to 93. Whatever is the best for your vehicle is what you need.

Pour the Bottle of Octane Booster in the Tank:

It is easy to use an octane booster. You can directly pour a full bottle of octane booster inside the fuel tank. Or you can add gasoline with the octane booster and mix it well, before pouring it into the oil tank.

Add gas from the fuel station:

The most efficient way of adding octane booster and fuel is to pour the octane booster then fuel from the gas station. If the first step is followed, then it is easy for you. Or else you might need another bottle to mix both the booster and fuel separately.

When should I use an octane booster? Can you add an octane booster to a full tank?

There are many fuel additives to help the vehicle run smoothly. These fuel additives can get inside the core section of the engine, where it is hard for regular cleaning or regular check-up is impossible. These additives help as medicine to the engine to work well.

On the other hand, the octane booster helps the fuel become more efficient while burning itself down. Though only a high compression engine can enjoy the full capacity of these fuel boosters. Octane booster can be used anytime you want, but it is recommended in racing utility vehicles. 

Rather than this, you can use an octane booster to increase low-grade fuels rating up to high grade one. Generally, high-grade engine fuel comes with high prices but mixing this low-grade fuel with an octane booster will increase the rating. 

And yes, you can add an octane booster to your tank full of fuel.

What happens if you use too much Octane Booster?

The following can happen if you use too much octane booster –

The Engine will not run properly:

All the vehicle engines are combustion engines. The lower the octane rating, the higher the combustion capability. Lower octane rating fuel will burn quicker than one with higher octane grade. 

So, if the engine cannot combust properly, the engine will not start. Or it may start, but it will not keep itself running with too much octane booster in it.

Certain Hiccups can occur:

While running the car with a half or quarter tank filled with regular oil and half-filled with an octane booster will cause the vehicle to stumble at certain intervals. Less amount of control will be there for the driver. 

That means the driving experience will not be smooth, like regular fuel. This additive is used to have a good experience while driving, as it will clean the combustion chamber and all the fuel lines. 

But too much booster will decrease the combustion, and driving will be problematic.

It may clog the Injectors:

The fuel injectors in a combustion engine are crucial for spraying fuel on the combustion chamber. It is not the fuel flow controller, but it surely will spray from its nozzle. But if the nozzle is clogged by anything, the engine will not get enough energy to run. 

Even it may arise some problem of initial ignition too. So, too much octane booster will not boost the engine performance.

Is it safe to use Octane Booster for every fill-up? Is an octane booster good for your car?

The question is not about how much octane booster to use, but the question is about what type of vehicles need to have an octane booster. Or what type of car may take octane booster by not voiding the warranty.

So, different vehicles have different functionalities. The octane booster may be needed for vehicles with a compression ratio of 10:1 and above. 12:1 compression is considered to be highly compressed. 

Before applying the octane booster to the vehicle, ensure that the engine’s compression ratio is above 10:1. Or else the octane booster will not work as it is thought.

It will cause no harm to the engine if you put an octane booster for every fill-up. Mixing the octane booster after every 100 miles is recommended. So, it is quite normal to mix octane booster with regular fuel. It is safe and good for the engine.

Final Thoughts

Octane booster is generally used in racing vehicles to have some soothing driving experiences. It can’t be used in any engine type; only a high compression engine can provide you with good results. Too much octane booster may cause some issues. Use as much as the user’s manual suggests.