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Does Toyota Tacoma Have Remote Start? (Read This First!)

While buying a car, you’re not only getting your hands on luxury but also choosing comfort. So you must not leave a single chance to pick what suits your style as well as the trend. 

If you have a Toyota Tacoma in mind, we’d say it’s a great choice as well-equipped. But since every brand’s car features upgrade every year to cope with the fast-moving world, it’s obvious for you to ask whether this model of Toyota car offers remote start, the latest feature. 

Here we’ll discuss this feature on Toyota cars, how to detect it and the user guide to help you with the queries!

Toyota tacoma remote start

Toyota Tacoma has remote start. With this modern feature, one can start their Toyota Tacoma vehicle, and warm it up just by pressing the remote. Toyota Tacoma remote system works via Toyota Connect, a system that allows you to control your car and start the engine remotely when activated.

The Tacoma series from the Toyota automobile brand is remarkable for its durability, strength, and look as well. Though it’s more a pickup van than a fancy car you can always rely on it whether you’re on an adventure to the hills or need to move with a huge load. 

Toyota Tacoma has many facilities to offer to its users, from comfort to convenience. And following that some Tacoma models come with the latest remote start system. 

The remote start feature is an advanced technology that lets the owner control their vehicle without getting on it. In simple words, you can remotely start your vehicle through it. 

With the fast-moving world which is now more into smart inventions and comfort, Toyota Tacoma has come up with the remote start feature. 

Starting from the Toyota Tacoma 2002 to Tacoma 2018, these models can be operated with the remote feature if updated software is installed. From the 2020 model of Tacoma, this feature comes as built-in with the support of the Toyota Connect app. 

So the usage is easier in the latest models.

With this smart feature, you can not only start the car remotely but also pre-heat or set the inside temperature in advance. Thus you can save time, get your vehicle ready before time and avoid crowds and long queues to find the vehicle.

Toyota Tacoma ModelRemote start function availability
2002 Toyota tacomaNo
2003 Toyota tacomaNo
2006 Toyota tacomaNo
2007 Toyota tacomaNo
2008 Toyota tacomaNo
2009 Toyota tacomaNo
2010 Toyota tacomaYes
2011 Toyota tacomaYes
2012 Toyota TacomaYes
2013 Toyota tacomaYes
2014 Toyota tacomaYes
2015 Toyota tacomaYes
2016 Toyota tacomaYes
2017 Toyota tacomaYes
2018 Toyota tacomaYes
2019 Toyota tacomaYes
2020 Toyota tacomaYes
2021 Toyota tacomaYes
2022 Toyota tacomaYes

Does 3rd gen tacoma have remote start?

Yes, the third-generation Tacoma has a remote start. But not all of them can be used without an external hardware installment.

Third-generation Tacoma vehicles started their journey in 2016. Till 2022 model of Toyota Tacoma, it’s considered 3rd generation. 

3rd generation Tacoma which means 2016 Tacoma to 2022 Tacoma have remote start but there is some difference. The ones before the 2020 year’s model can be operated with remote start key fob. They do support the feature but don’t have them in the base build. 

So in these models, a hardware upgrade is needed to access the remote start system.

But in 2020 Tacoma was updated and so they come with the built-in remote start facility that can be accessed easily without any second-party.

How do I know if my Tacoma has remote start?

Remote start technology is one of the latest additions to the automobile sector. Among the automobile brands that have launched their vehicles equipped with remote start systems, Toyota has car lovers’ hearts. 

Their Tacoma series is polished with modern conveniences that include remote start as well. 

Since many Tacoma series from Toyota brand lack remote start feature, sometimes it gets hard to find out which one is equipped with remote start facility. But if you’re aware of a few signs you can figure it out on your own! 

Here’s how to know if your Tacoma has remote start:

Look for a sign in the key fob: 

If your car has the traditional remote start venture, you’ll get a sign in the key fob. Observe the key fob that comes with your Tacoma and look for a curved arrow or lock-unlock sign. This indicates remote start.

If you spot this, lock your car and try starting it on by pressing the remote start button for a few seconds, if the engine starts you got it!

Know your vehicle model: 

Toyota Tacoma is being launched with the remote start option in 2018. Though back then owners had to get a hardware upgrade to enjoy this service the feature was there. But after 2020 models, almost all Tacoma’s come with remote start. 

So you have to find out your car’s model or launched year to be sure of its remote start service instantly. 

What year Tacomas have remote start?

Tacoma is currently one of the finest pickup truck vehicles. Introduced by the famous automobile manufacturer brand Toyota, this series is a great combination of comfort, quality and safety. 

Keeping consumers’ convenience and comfort in mind, it’s always upgrading to keep balance with the modern world.

Maintaining that, Tacoma has come up with the latest remote start system that lets you control your car remotely. However, not all the years of Tacoma have this specific feature installed. From Tacoma 2015 to Tacoma 2017, it has a fob-remote start

That means to remote start they will need external hardware installation.  

But Tacoma 2020 came with an upgrade and has a remote start facility through Toyota connect, an app service. So basically 2020 Tacoma, 2021 Tacoma, and 2022 Tacoma have the latest remote start but 2018, 2019 Tacoma too can access this remote start facility.

How to remote start Toyota Tacoma?

If you own a Toyota Tacoma, we’d say you’ve got the whole control in hand.Toyota Tacoma’s this innovative system to handle the vehicle remotely is surely no less than a comfort wrapped in luxury. But to experience the amazing features of remote start, 

First, you have to learn how to remote start Toyota Tacoma.

Know the key fob: 

The first step is obviously to know and observe your key fob and its command buttons. Usually, two buttons have a lock and unlock sign on each. 

Make sure the vehicle is at a good spot: 

Before starting the engine look where the vehicle is. It needs to be a well-air-circulated area to start the Tacoma without causing any air poisoning.

Press the lock button: 

Press the lock button two times quickly and release. Again press the same button but hold it for three seconds instead of releasing.

Notice the light and noise: 

Finally, the vehicle will flash its signal light a couple of times and you’ll hear the engine starting if the previous steps are done correctly.

How to install remote start toyota tacoma?

Here’s how to install remote start in your Toyota Tacoma in simple steps:

Get your vehicle ready: 

The first step is to make sure the batteries are not connected. Also, remove the cover of the panel that will have the remote start installed for easy completion.

Mark the system and wires: 

Explore the car system and learn where you’ll need to make changes. Spot the place for remote start installment. Since installing this system will require you to remove and connect wires, it’s better to mark them beforehand. 

Connect the wires: 

Start connecting the wires where they belong. Locate the right inputs for the remote start systems’ wires.

Ensure specific firmware: 

The system won’t work if the vehicle has no access to the suitable firmware. Check the firmware so that you can tackle any bugs and hardware issues later. Finally, set it back.

Final Thoughts

Toyota Tacoma comes with a remote start feature. One can start the engine as well as set the vehicle’s temperature in advance by using the remote start feature in Tacoma. However, some models of Tacoma’s might need hardware updates to access this facility.