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Does Toyota Rav4 Have Leather Seats? (Quick Answers)

Buying a car is a big investment that needs to be done wisely so that you don’t have to regret it later.

There is no doubt design and features of a car are important to be discussed before you buy your dream car. But you should look for comfort as well as a bit of luxury too in a car before you spend a lot. 

For example, leather seats in a car are a thing many people want in their car. Not only it upgrades the look of your car also ensures you’re comfortable all the way. 

Toyota rav4 is a car that fulfills all these common demands of the buyers. With the spectacular design, super performance, and welcoming interior this model of the popular Toyota brand has it all.

But what about its seats? Does this car have leather seats? Let’s check that out!

Does toyota rav4 have leather seats?

Toyota rave4 cars have synthetic leather seats. It’s called softex by the manufacturer company and gives a similar look and comfort as leather. Moreover, this material is cheaper than leather, temperature friendly, and stain-proof. Toyota rav4 doesn’t have the pure leather seats in any of the cars.

Toyota is a renowned vehicle manufacturer and currently ruling the market. They have many types of vehicles of different budgets and features in their collection.

However, no matter what the price range is this brand never compromises the comfort of the users. Toyota rav4 is a true example of that. 

Toyota rav4 is a model that was first launched in 1994. Since that time to date, this world-famous brand has upgraded the look as well the performance of this rav4 vehicle.

Now a brand new rav4 vehicle from Toyota offers a bold exterior, smooth performance, and very comfortable interior facilities.

Since Toyota always tries to balance luxury and comfort with customers’ budgets, they have designed toyota rav4 vehicles’ seats with a comfortable material called softex. 

In general, to enjoy a nice warm ride in the car people look for leather seats, which are expensive and can increase the rate of the vehicle. Moreover, using real leather in car seats can be hard to maintain. 

Toyota rav4 doesn’t have leather seats but it has another soft material for its users that leaves no space for complaints.

This material softex used in Toyota rav4 vehicles’ seats is actually synthetic leather. It offers the same softness as genuine leather but it’s man-made and thus cheaper. The company also offers color variants.

However, not all the rav4 vehicles come with softex leather. let’s know if these models mentioned here have leather seats or not:

Toyota Rav4 xle:

Toyota rav4 xle doesn’t have a leather cover on its seats. Both the front and back seating arrangements are made using fabric-made seat covers. But the material used is very comfortable, durable, and luxurious.

However, rav4 xle premium models have synthetic leather-made seats. 

Toyota Rav4 Hybrid:

Toyota rav4 hybrid has a cloth in its front seats. This model doesn’t include any genuine leather cover for its rear or back seats. But the back seats are covered with premium synthetic leather. 

Toyota rav4 hybrid’s back seats have their signature softex material which can be called a substitute for pure leather. It’s soft, rich looking, and lasts for up to 10 years.

Toyota Rav4 le:

Toyota rav4 le doesn’t have leather seat. It comes with a fabric-covered seat.

The manufacturer company has used premium quality clothes in this model to make the ride cozy for the users. The fabric-covered seats are soft, and durable also does justice to the price of this vehicle. 

Toyota Rav4 ModelHave leather seats
2018 Toyota Rav4No
2020 Toyota Rav4No
2021 Toyota Rav4No
2022 Toyota Rav4No

Does RAV4 use real leather?

No, RAV4 doesn’t use real leather. Actually, the material used in some of these models’ vehicles is synthetic leather, a man-made material close to leather. No Toyota rav4 has genuine leather-made seats. 

Toyota rav4 is a great launch by this popular automobile company Toyota. They have embellished this series of cars with the best possible feature while keeping the customers’ comfort in mind.

Though it’s a mid-budget affordable option in the market, the manufacturer has left no stone unturned to make it look luxurious and feel restful.

But if you think they use genuine leather in the seats, you might not like the disclosure. Because no car in this series comes with leather seats. However, this brand has used faux leather along with fabric.

This material is called softex which is a type of synthetic leather that is used as a substitute for leather in a few cars of this series.  

Which rav4 has leather seats?

First of all, no rav4 has genuine leather. Toyota hasn’t used pure leather for any of this series of vehicles. What some of its cars have is a material close to leather. 

Rav4 series’ few vehicles don’t have those classic fabric seat covers. They are made of synthetic leather which almost looks like leather and gives similar comfort. Let’s know which rav4 has synthetic leather seats:

XLE Premium:

XLE premium is a loved vehicle from the Toyota rav4 series. It has many special features to offer its users as well as it ensures a comfortable ride for them. 

That’s why All Xle from all years has synthetic leather, called softex in its seats.


Adventure is the car for those people who loves the thrill and long journey. Keeping the long driving hours in mind, Toyota has made the seats partially covered in softex, which is also known as their signature synthetic leather. 

XSE Hybrid:

XSE hybrid is another fan-favorite transport by Toyota rav4. It has seats covered in softex, which is similar to leather. The seats that are why are very comfortable and relaxing in this specific vehicle. 

Limited and Limited Hybrid:

Limited but not in the sense of comfort. The limited and Limited hybrid model of Toyota rav4 has both the front and back seats covered in synthetic or faux leather. 

TRD off-road:

This specific model has cozy interior seating arrangements covered in black false leather. Thus it makes a nice, lush, and comfy ambiance for the users.  

How much does it cost to put leather seats in RAV4?

The approximate cost of putting leather seats in toyota rav4 is 2000$-5000$. However, depending on the design and vehicle model it can raise to $7000.

If you like to see pour car seats wrapped in leather and love the comfort it gives, you might also know that leather is not an affordable material, especially when it comes to using in transport.

But if you truly want to enjoy the ride leather-coved seats but don’t have them in your Toyota rav4, you can add them up. To do that you have to spend at least 2000$. This is the minimum cost even if you want the seats leather-trimmed. 

For fully covered leather seats the cost can be 5000$ to $7000, which is quite expensive. 

How do you install leather seat covers in rav4?

Installing leather seat covers in a rav4 transport can be an easy game, only if you know the right way to do it. Here are a few steps that can help to complete this task successfully. 

  • Clean the seats. No matter what is the fabric and material, make sure it’s properly clean. Then remove the headrest from the upper part.
  • Slide down the new leather seat covers when you can locate their front and back.
  • Firmly pull the cover downwards to make sure it’s set. Secure the seat cover using the fastening system. 
  • In the same process install covers on the headrests, and armrests. Finally, put the headrest in place and check whether you can do all the essentials with the leather seat cover installed. 

Final Thoughts

Toyota rav4 doesn’t use pure leather for any of the cars of the series. But some of this series’ vehicle has faux leather-trimmed seats or fully synthetic leather-covered seats. This leather-like material is called softex. It’s durable and easy to maintain than leather also serves a premium look.