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Does Toyota Highlander Have Remote Start? (Quick Answers)

Remote start is actually beneficial while you are particularly in a hurry. You can also make use of it to comfort yourself before sitting in your car.

Well, it is kind of cool and stylish nowadays as you can control your car from even far but within the range. It indeed comes with more features.

Following the below tips and information regarding toyota highlander and if they have a remote start or not would give you an idea on installing a new one.

Toyota highlander remote start

Most toyota highlanders come with a factory remote start. Moreover, you can also have options to install the remote start. Some Toyota offers limited remote start and you might need to install a new one with better quality and features. Still, factory remote control offers more.

Remote start is not exactly a new feature. It is an old one still being improved every now and then.

Today, remote control even comes with various features. You can start your engine before even entering your vehicle with the remote start. There are also other options on the remote control.

You can also turn on the AC of the car before even entering. As a result, it will make the car cool from the inside. You do not have to wait for long either. Moreover, you can also warm up the car from the inside, especially which helps when there is frost.

Most importantly, you can start the car even from far without even waiting. It helps in times of emergency or when you are in a hurry.

It also provides safety as you can start the engine from afar. Most of the Toyota Highlander models come with a remote start feature.

Well, the 2014 Toyota Highlander does not have a remote start feature whereas else other models contain the feature.

But you can set up a remote start feature in the toyota highlander 2014. Well, it does not even cost much. Though it is better to have a factory remote start still it is not bad to install one.

Moreover, from 2017 Toyota Highlander uses a standard remote starter. From then to now, the feature has always been improving.

Yet, the 2015 Toyota Highlander might not have a remote start which is enough to provide benefits. You might want to install one instead.

Toyota Highlander ModelRemote start function availability
2014 Toyota HighlanderNo
2015 Toyota HighlanderYes
2016 Toyota HighlanderYes
2017 Toyota HighlanderYes
2018 Toyota HighlanderYes
2019 Toyota HighlanderYes
2020 Toyota HighlanderYes
2021 Toyota HighlanderYes
2022 Toyota HighlanderYes

Does the 2017 Toyota Highlander XLE have remote start?

Yes, the 2017 Toyota Highlander XLE has a remote start. You can use the remote start to turning on the engine even from far away. Well, you can also turn off the engine with the remote start.

You can simply press the button on the remote start to turning on the engine. To turn on the engine, you should press the lock button 3 times.

Well, on the 3rd time, you should hold the button for a few seconds. You will immediately see the car starting the engine.

Moreover, there is also an unlock button that works for turning off the engine. Only pressing it one time would help.

You can start the engine without any hurry and even start to drive without waiting for the engine to start. Apparently, the remote start does not come with any other feature.

How do I know if my Highlander has remote start?

The recent versions of Toyota Highlander actually have remote start. Most importantly, you do not even need to install a new one. They also cover up a good range to work in.

Moreover, not all cars come with a remote start. You can still figure out if your highlander has a remote start or not by following the below.


The key fob of the car actually has a button for the remote start. You can know by looking at the key fob if your car has a remote start or not. Most of the cars having remote start would have a certain symbol on the key fob.

The symbol is like a circular arrow. The symbol may vary with the brands of the car as well. You should still try other methods to see if it works.

Try the key fob:

If your key fob has a lock and unlocks button, try them out. Trying them would give you a clear idea of if your car has a remote start.

You can try pressing the unlock button 3 times and hold the button for a few seconds on the 3rd time. See if the flush lights turn on or not. If it does, the engine will start eventually.

Which toyota highlander has remote start?

Almost all the toyota highlander has a remote start and for the one which does not have any, you can install a remote start.

Remote start helps to start the engine just by pressing a button. You do not even need to be on the seat and start the car with the key.

Well, it comes with benefits as you can do your work quite fast and drive comfortably. Since 2017, Toyota highlanders are always keeping remote start with better features. Even they can work within a good range.

Though the earlier Toyota highlander did not provide a good area coverage. Time changed and the remote also has been modified. Only the improved versions are provided to guarantee ease.

How to remote start toyota highlander?

Most of the highlander comes with a remote start. You can also set up additional remote start in the car. It is not even expensive and convenient to use. You can easily start your car just by pushing on the remote start.

As there are two buttons, you might get confused about which to use. If you still can not work with a remote start, follow the rest to try it out.

Press the button:

The remote start of the Toyota Highlander has mostly 2 buttons. One is an unlocked one and the other is a locked one.

To start the car’s engine, you need to press the unlock button. Press the button continuously 3 times. On the 3rd press hold the button for a few sec.

The car would take almost about 5 sec to start. You would find the lights flashing steadily now. Thus, you can start the car engine using the remote start.

Do not panic if the car does not start immediately. Well, it is natural to take a few seconds. Moreover, if you press the lock button at the same time, the car engine will stop. Make sure not to press both buttons.

Does toyota highlander have auto start?

Most Toyota has remote start rather than auto-start. Some may consider remote start and auto-start to be the same.

Well, remote start is also a kind of auto start through which anyone can start the car engines without even putting keys or seating on the seat.

Meanwhile, auto start refers to a button that is placed inside the car that helps to start the engine automatically by a push. Moreover, it also provides a feature for stopping the car. When the car is in steady-state, slow auto start would stop the car.

Recently developed Toyota nights have the feature of auto start. Meanwhile, the previous version only had the built-in remote start. On the other hand, some toyota did not even have any built-in remote start facility as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Toyota Highlander comes with a remote start if not you can install it too. Well, new features are still being added and modifications are made. Though the earlier highlander toyota does not have a remote start that is approachable, the new remote start is always in observation.