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Does Toyota Highlander Have 3rd Row Seating? (Quick Answers)

The Toyota Highlander is an excellent SUV with excellent seating position and other qualities. If you have a big family looking for the safest and most reliable SUV, you should go for the Toyota Highlander since it offers you a complete crossover package.

Highlander is a successful SUV manufacturer from Toyota that comes with all the comfort and enough space. If you check the old model crossover from Toyota, you will find some differences with the latest model SUV.

Toyota highlander have 3rd row seating

Toyota Highlander has 3rd row seating since it is ideal for 7 to 8 people. If you go through old model Toyota SUVs, you will find that they came with 5 seating capacity, but the latest one from 2014, they introduce 7 seater SUVs for the customer. These crossovers come with extra space.

Seating capacity or system is crucial in choosing the right crossover for a family since it depends on different factors.

For instance, you cannot select a Ford Edge crossover or SUV if you need a 7-seater vehicle because they will offer you a luxurious seating position with 5 seats. In contrast, Toyota Highlander introduces the 7 seating system in their SUVs.

Although most SUVs and other crossovers come with 7 seating systems, that is for a total of three-row systems. The first row is for two people, and the last two are for another 5.

It was supposed to be designed for 8 people, but the actual design comes with 7 people. Now, it has enough space for everyone to sit comfortably.

If you compare one of Toyota’s latest crossovers with an old model, you find visual differences between them.

One of the core differences would be the sitting position because the old model SUVs have 2nd-row seating positions and don’t have the 3rd row. However, the manufacturer changed the design and later introduced the 3rd row seating.

That’s the only reason you won’t find the 3rd row seating system with all the crossovers or SUVs from Toyota.

This brand adapts to the current situation and customer demand better than any other brand to cope with the problem and to get a perfect market position in the crossovers or automobile industry.

Whenever you have a chance to get through an old model Toyota Highlander, you should get in and find the differences.

You will experience a new model with many different designs and engine capacities. People were satisfied to choose the 5-seater crossovers since they met their needs perfectly. Time changes, and so do people’s needs.

We will show you the top four models of the Toyota Highlander SUVs to tell you if they come with 3rd row seating positions or if they have 2nd-row seating for 5 people.

It will help you choose a perfect crossover for your family. Although most of the latest crossovers come with a 7- or 3rd-row seating system, you should check it manually.

Toyota Highlander Model3rd row seat function availability
2010 Toyota HighlanderYes
2018 Toyota HighlanderYes
2021 Toyota HighlanderYes
2022 Toyota HighlanderYes

Do all Toyota Highlanders have a third row seat?

All the Toyota Highlanders have a third row seat to occupy extra three persons in the same crossovers.

Mainly the seven-seater system or introduction of the 3rd row was for allowing other people to sit together to have fun and enjoy their traveling, which helped to introduce a new design.

If you go through the old model SUVs of Toyota, you will find a 2nd-row seating system that allows five people to sit.

Since time changes and people’s demand also changes, now you will find a 3rd-row seating system to allow up to 7 people to travel together. From this sense, you can say that the Old model Toyota doesn’t have the 3rd row.

However, if you go through the latest model Toyota Highlander crossovers or SUVs, you will find a 3rd-row seating system, except for their base model.

All the sports and other model vehicles come with a 3rd-row seating system that sells more than other 2nd-row seating crossovers.

Does the Toyota Highlanders seat 7?

The Toyota Highlanders have 7 seats since they come with a 3rd-row seating system. It has two seats at the front, two in the middle, and three in the 3rd row. The manufacturer designed the vehicle to allow 7 people to sit comfortably, although the last three were compact.

You will find enough space in the first two rows since they are for 4 persons and have enough room to move or relax. But the third row has three seating systems that can’t offer space like the first two rows. Still, this design attracts many people to buy this SUV and enjoy their day.

You can only expect a 5-seater Highlander if you buy the old car or the base model crossover. Almost all the companies have some base variant automobile, or they allow their consumer to customize their vehicles as they like.

From this sense, you can also get a 5-seater Toyota from the same manufacturer.

Why does the Toyota Highlander have 3rd row seating?

The Toyota Highlanders have 3rd-row seating because of the below reasons.

Added Capacity:

The most evident reason the Toyota Highlander has 3rd row seating is the inclusion of a further benefit, which is additional seating.

The ability to accommodate up to seven or eight passengers can make a significant impact, and this is especially true for households with multiple children.


The growing popularity of booster seats and other types of child safety seats, which tend to occupy a significant amount of space, is principally responsible for the need for a third row of vehicle seats.

Carpoolers are another group that can benefit from having seats in the third row.

The commute to work can be made more bearable for multiple adults by traveling in a group and sharing the costs of gas and tolls. It is possible to achieve decent gas mileage in several vehicles with a third-row seat.


Many current third-row seating configurations come with the capability to adapt the seats to the passenger’s specific requirements. When not required, the third-row seat can frequently collapse to provide more cargo space.

In specific models, taking off a full seat in the third row is possible. When you have seats in the third row, it is possible to keep extended, thin items secure inside the cabin while leaving room for three to four people.

That’s why the Toyota Highlander has 3rd row seating.

Which highlanders have 3rd-row seating?

Most Highlanders have 3rd row seating since the manufacturer has changed the design and introduced 3rd row in most of their crossovers.

You rarely find any base variant Toyota SUV with a 2nd-row seating position. Specifically, 2010, 2018, 2021, and 2022 model Highlanders have 3rd row seating.

If you buy any model Highlander apart from these four, you should check their base variant and limited edition SUVs to ensure their seating position. Most of their base variants will come with 2nd-row seating, whereas the other variant will come with 3rd-row or 7 seating positions.

If you go through the old version of Highlanders, you may still find a 2nd-row seating position. If you want to enjoy the 3rd-row seating position, you should avoid the old model SUVs and use the latest model 3rd-row seating system.

In that sense, you can say that the highlanders have 3rd row seating.  

Final Thoughts

Although most of the Toyota Highlanders come with 3rd row seating positions, you may find some 2nd-row seating system that belongs to the oldest seating. Some base variant SUVs come with a 2nd-row seating position for 5 people. So, choose the latest model SUV from Toyota Highlanders.