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Does the Toyota RAV4 Have a CVT Transmission? (Answered)

Need great speed with a smooth performance in your Toyota? Yes, that’s a dream come true; an actual moment for every car lover. No one can resist the urge of this. But Toyota can give you this superiority only with the CVT Transmission.

Does the Toyota RAV4 have a CVT transmission?

Indeed, the Toyota RAV4 has a CVT transmission. They work efficiently to help the car maintain a smoother speedy experience. Without any fear of an accident, they are pretty well-programmed compared to other AMTs. By the multiple-gear ratio, it is easy for the driver to control it.

CVT or Continuous Variable Transmission is an innovative way to speed your cars. Rather than controlling it with gears, they are maneuvered using two pulleys. And this made all the difference.

One of the pulleys is linked with the other transmissions. This indeed does have hectic work to do. And the other one has connections with the engine. And then again, these two pulleys are co-joined with the steel belts.

But how does this design manage to control the speed of the Toyota RAV4? Surprisingly, their movement turn by turn reduces the power of the wheels and alternates it. This is the magic behind their work.

The two pulley moves in turn by turn. When one grows to a bigger size, the other starts to shrink and squeeze itself. Therefore, the drastic change in speed from low to high cannot affect the Toyota RAV4 cars.

Apart from the CVT transmission, you might be familiar with the AMTs too. This is another type of manual transmitting system that also tries to provide the same strength to Toyota cars.

However, AMTs are not the best option when compared to CVTs. No doubt, CVTs are the most fuel-efficient and offer higher programmable features. Without any fretting, you get the trump card for handling small-sized cars with ease.

Another appealing factor of CVT that beat the AMTs is their availability of a range of gears. Exciting! On the other hand, AMT has only two gears to work with. Why someone not chooses CVT on their Toyota RAV4?

By far, CVTs manufactured by Toyota have gained the most popularity by being reviewed as the best of all time. Due to their durability, reliability, and longevity, these CVTs have no alternatives.

Coupled with these, Honda and Nissan have massive production of top-class CVTs. Users can use them, too, without any worry or tension. They are the benchmark of superb performance in every Toyota RAV4 car.

Toyota Rav4 ModelCVT transmission function availability
2013 Toyota Rav4No
2015 Toyota Rav4No
2016 Toyota Rav4Yes
2017 Toyota Rav4Yes
2019 Toyota Rav4Yes
2020 Toyota Rav4Yes
2021 Toyota Rav4Yes
2022 Toyota Rav4Yes

Do all Toyota RAV4 have CVT transmission?

Most users, even today, think that all the versions of the Toyota RAV4 have a CVT transmission. This confusion is normal, as most of them really do have the transmission. But sometimes, the reality is not favorable.

So, don’t fool yourself. Not all Toyota RAV4 have the CVT transmission system. The ones from 2013 and 2015 lack these systems. Apart from that, it would be best if you faced any troubles with other brands.

As mentioned above, the Toyota RAV4 of these years has only 2.4L of four cylindrical engines along with the highest speedy ATMs. Without any CVTs, these cars used to be maintained on the roughest tracks.

Again, there were some issues with the transmission system from the year 2001 to 2003. Not to mention, 2019 has also suffered significant problems with having the CVT system. Though people rarely use this, avoiding this is a better way.

When did RAV4 get CVT?

The RAV4 has gained the CVT in the long run. However, to know in detail about and when they first advanced into the real world, we need to time travel a bit.

As you have seen from the overview chart, the Toyota RAV4 has no CVT before the year 2016. Thus, it is a valid assumption that CVTs, although developed, have not been widely used in these cars.

Moreover, not all the RAV4s have got the touch of CVT since the year 2016. For instance, the gas-powered ones have only the automated manual transmission system, whereas the hybrid ones are exclusively running with the CVTs.

Despite getting hundreds of privileges, many users choose ATMs leaving CVTs. Obviously, there are specific plus points of this too. So, if you are someone who is a fan of ATMs, the Toyota RAV4 2015 should be your match.

As other brands and most of the new upcoming brands have CVTs, it is hard to find the ones that don’t have them. But there are some types too – like Highway, Corolla, Tacoma, and Tundra – who still lack the CVT even this year.

Why does Toyota Rav4 have a CVT transmission?

After seeing the benefits, many users are already leaning toward this innovative CVT transmission. However, learning the reasons can help you to decide do you really need this multi-gear function.

A brief overview of the reasons is presented below. Going through them would help you to get quick facts about them.

Speed control:

The speed control is one of the primary benefits for users. From low to high speed, complete control is given to the users. As a result, less risk of accidents.

Higher Speed:

As the CVT transmission system assures the users of a less hazardous journey, the drivers get the unwritten license to speed up to the greatest extent (of course, not breaking the speed law). As well as swift control helps to gain this speed.


Thanks to the CVT system. They make your regular Toyota RAV4 a programmable device. The user-friendly controls, along with the 100% guaranteed controlling feature, make the CVT a tempting option for the car freaks out there.

Fuel efficiency:

It is no new news that CVT increases fuel efficiency by 50%. With the use of pulleys for the CVT system, balanced power is produced by the system. And with this, users get relieved from the extra power usage.

Enhanced performance:

The overall performance is enhanced with increased fuel efficiency, more programmable devices, and effective maneuvering speed. Therefore, you know how useful an investment it is.

Refined driving:

The CVT also ensures a refined driving experience. No bumps, no slams, no ifs, no buts. Only enjoyment and plenty of fun.

Which RAV4 has CVT transmission?

Myriads of RAV4 cars have the CVT transmission. You already get insightful data about them. Nonetheless, for a more precise idea, it is mandatory to get the list of the Toyota RVA4 that have successfully used the CVT transmission.

2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid version:

The hybrid version of 2016 has the CVT system, though the gas one didn’t touch the innovation yet at that time. Unlike the traditional gearbox of six-speed ATMs, the hybrid one has an enhanced innovative gear system.

2017 Toyota RAV4:

The Toyota RAV4 version 2017 has the most wanted continuous variable transmitter. Along with this, they also have two motor engines having 19.4 horsepower to run on a track like an airplane in the sky.

2019 Toyota RVA4:

Not only do these RVA4s have the CVT, but also, they have electrical ones. Especially this feature is prevalent in the hybrid function.

2020 Toyota RVA4:

No wonder this unit does not disappoint us either. It has mated with the CVT controls, exclusive horsepower, and extra traction for the body.

2021 Toyota RVA4:

With some of the common mind-boggling features, the Toyota RVA4 has the power of a four-engine cylinder, motor, and continuous variable transmitter. All this matched perfectly for the best results.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, most Toyota RAV4 have a CVT transmission system. And why not? The smoothness it offers is worth mentioning. Besides, the Toyota RVA4 of 2015 and prior lacks these exceptional features. Therefore, it’s your cue to avoid these units if you don’t want to end up with ATMs.