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Does Synthetic Oil Last Longer? How Long Does It Last?

When it comes to choosing the right engine oil or motor oil, we search for long-lasting oil. Long-lasting oil has a great impact on vehicle performance. Moreover, you don’t need to change the oil frequently with a long-lasting oil.

You might have heard about the benefits of synthetic oil. So, you might be confused about whether synthetic oil lasts longer or not. Moreover, you should also know how long synthetic oil can last. Besides, knowing about the consequences and benefits of using synthetic oil is also essential.

Does synthetic oil last longer?

Synthetic oil lasts longer. Generally, synthetic oil has better properties than conventional oils. Even in high temperatures, synthetic oil resists breaking down. Moreover, synthetic oil combats sludge and deposit build-up. So, synthetic oil lasts longer than other oils.

However, synthetic oil has many excellent properties over conventional motor oils. These properties make synthetic oil long-lasting. So, let’s see the reasons why synthetic oil lasts a long time.

Withstand high temperature:

Generally, conventional oils can’t withstand high temperatures. You might know that engines go through very high temperatures. So, when the temperature rises high, conventional oils break down. This way, the properties of oils get damaged.

But synthetic oil can withstand high temperatures. This oil doesn’t break down in high temperatures. So the oil doesn’t get damaged. As a result, the oil lasts a long time.

Prevent deposit build-up:

You might know that build-ups make oils contaminated. So, the overall performance of the vehicle gets reduced. But one of the essential properties of synthetic oil is to prevent deposit build-ups.

When the synthetic oil remains clean and prevents deposit build-ups, the oil doesn’t lose its properties. So, you don’t need to change the oil often. That’s why synthetic oil is long-lasting.

Moreover, when the oil is clean, the engine will also remain clean. When the engine gets dirty, it affects the engine performance also. So, synthetic oil keeps the engine clean and long-lasting also.

Wear protection:

Synthetic oil also protects wear. When there is wear in different parts of the vehicle, it will affect the whole performance of the vehicle. So, when the oil remains clean, it will protect wear and the whole system. That’s why synthetic oil doesn’t need to be changed often. So, the oil remains long-lasting.

How long does synthetic oil last?

Synthetic oil generally lasts up to 6 months to 1 year. How long synthetic oil will last also depends on the brands of the oil. It will cover up to 10000 miles. Generally, synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oils. Because synthetic oil has better chemical and temperature stability.

However, synthetic oil might have different lasting times according to different conditions. For example, synthetic oil might have a shelf life and life between oil changes. If you want to know the actual lasting time of synthetic oil, you have to know about different conditions in detail. So, let’s see how long synthetic oil lasts.

Synthetic oil shelf life:

Shelf life is the time when a product remains usable before the expiry date. Generally, synthetic oil has a shelf life of up to 8 years. Even some synthetic oils can last more than eight years. Synthetic oil doesn’t get spoiled easily if you store it properly.

But once you open the container, the shelf life is interrupted. You can’t expect the shelf life of synthetic oil to be eight years. If you don’t open the container, you can store the synthetic oil for up to 7 to 8 years.

Synthetic oil has some great features. So, this oil has a greater shelf life than other conventional oils.

Synthetic oil last between oil changes:

When you change the oil often, you don’t count the shelf life of the oil. Then you have to think about how long the oil will last between changes. For example, synthetic oil lasts up to 6 months to one year between oil changes.

That means once you have opened the oil and poured it into the vehicle, it will last up to one year. Then you have to change the oil again. So, synthetic oil has a greater lasting time between oil changes than other oils.

Does synthetic blend oil or semi synthetic last longer?

Synthetic oils have different types. Among them, synthetic blend oil or semi-synthetic is one of the convenient ones. When synthetic oil is mixed with other conventional oils, we call it synthetic blend or semi-synthetic oil.

Full synthetic oil is the pure one. But synthetic blend has other oils in it. If you want to use pure synthetic oil, it will definitely last longer. But a semi-synthetic or synthetic blend is also pretty effective.

Synthetic blend oil also lasts longer than conventional oil. Because this oil also has the properties of synthetic oil. But if you compare the fully synthetic and semi-synthetic, full synthetic will always be better.

Does synthetic oil last longer than regular oil?

Yes, synthetic oil lasts longer than regular oil. Generally, regular oil or conventional oil has other minerals and mixed oil. So, regular is not 100 % pure. On the other hand, synthetic oil can be of different types.

For example, synthetic oil can be full synthetic or semi-synthetic. But synthetic oil will last longer. Because synthetic oil doesn’t break down in high temperatures. Moreover, it has a greater shelf life. Besides, synthetic oil remains clean and keeps the engine clean also.

The less contamination in oil, the more the oil will last. So, synthetic oil has less contamination. Moreover, it will help the overall system perform better. So, synthetic oil is better and long-lasting than regular oils.

Does synthetic oil make engine last longer?

Yes, synthetic oil makes the engine last longer. Generally, the performance and longevity of an engine depend on many things. But the quality of the engine oil plays an essential role. When you use oil blends or conventional oil in the engine, it will have different oil mixtures.

But when you use synthetic oil in the engine, it will keep the engine clean. Moreover, synthetic oil doesn’t break down at high temperatures. You might know that engine goes through high temperatures. So, when you use synthetic oil in the engine, it will not break down and keep the engine safe.

Moreover, synthetic oil is long-lasting itself. If you change the oil frequently, it will affect the engine also. But with synthetic oil, you need not change the oil often. Thus, synthetic oil helps the engine to last longer.

How often do you need to change your engine oil?

To keep your engine oil clean and effective, you need to change it after a specific time. How often you need to change your engine oil depends on the type and brand of the engine oil. But in general, you need to change your engine oil after 5000 to 7000 miles.

This average range should be followed. But the mileage can be changed according to the engine type. For example, you can go up to 10000 miles with synthetic oil. But if you want to be on the safe side, you should change the engine oil after 5000 miles.

Which motor oil lasts longest?

Synthetic motor oil will last the longest. Generally, synthetic oil is made with all the good features. If the oil is full of synthetic motor oil, it will be the best. Because full synthetic oil doesn’t contain other mixtures of oil.

Moreover, synthetic oil can withstand higher temperatures. Besides, synthetic oil will prevent build-ups. So, synthetic motor oil will last longer than regular oils.

How to make your engine oil last longer?

Now that you know some oils will last longer than others, you might want to know how you can make your engine oil last longer. So, let’s see how you can do it.

Starting trick:

When you start the engine of your vehicle, you might drive immediately. But this increases the friction between different parts. So, the engine oil has to perform more. So, if you start driving 30 to 60 seconds after starting the engine, the friction will be less. This way, the engine oil will be unaffected.

Use a high-quality oil:

If you use synthetic engine oil or semi-synthetic oil in your engine, the engine oil will last longer. Generally, high-quality oil doesn’t get spoiled soon. So, using high-quality oil will increase the longevity of the engine oil.

Overall performance:

Keep all the parts of the vehicle in good condition. If the overall performance of the vehicle is in good condition, the engine oil will also last longer.

Final Thoughts

Synthetic oil is one of the best oils for engines. Synthetic oil is one of the purest oil. Because synthetic oil is not mixed with conventional oils. Moreover, this oil can withstand high temperatures. Besides, synthetic oil doesn’t get spoiled soon. So, this oil lasts longer.