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Does Simple Green Damage Car Paint? (Answered)

Simple Green is a powerful and effective all-purpose cleaner that can safely be used for cleaning floors, equipment, clothes, and even vehicles. 

However, since all cleaner is not car paint friendly while thinking of using Simple Green for the first time, naturally it would raise the question in your mind whether or not Simple Green damage car paint.

So, let’s quickly find out the answers related to this query of yours.

Does Simple Green Damage Car Paint?

The simple Green cleaner doesn’t damage car paint because the ingredients are noncorrosive. But if the Simple Green is left and dried off onto a car’s paint while cleaning, it can damage car paint by leaving an irremovable stain that only can be removed by scraping off the area with car paint. 

The Simple Green all-purpose cleaner is safe for car paint because the formula used for producing this wonderful and effective cleaner contains all car paint-friendly ingredients that will not ruin or react with car paint. 

And the ingredients are non-corrosive too which makes Simple Green a safer car cleaner that will not damage the paintwork of the car. Besides, the formula of Simple Green has original carnauba wax so that it can add an additional protective layer to the car’s paint.

Thereby, this gentle yet effective enough cleaner can be used on the delicate exterior of cars to cut through the grime, filth, dirt and give them a cleaned, polished appearance.

However, bear a fact strongly in mind that, this rounder Simple Green cleaner is considered safe for car paint as long as it’s not being used at its full strength. 

This means, Simple Green cleaner has to be diluted with clean water first, and then it should be used on a car’s surface to clean it so that paint doesn’t get damaged.

Most importantly, if the soapy foam of Simple Green is left and gets dried up on the car’s surface, it actually can ruin the car’s paint. 

As that dried-up soap will leave stubborn stains which aren’t removable unless that area is fully scraped off and it will obviously damage the paint too. 

Thus, remember all these factors while using Simple Green cleaner to clean a car and get the best advantage without ruining the car paint.

What Is Simple Green Made Of?

The Simple Green all-purpose cleaner is made by an environment-friendly procedure with many active and non-harsh ingredients to clean stains and dirt. Below the top 5 main active ingredients are described along with a complete list of the ingredients used for making the Simple Green.


Water is the first active ingredient that is included in the max portion of the cleaning liquid in a bottle of Simple Green.

Mixed Alcohol Ethoxylate:

Mixed Alcohol Ethoxylate functions as a biodegradable surfactant that helps to spread the Simple Green cleaner easily on the uncleaned surface. 

Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate:

As a detergent, Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate is added to the Simple Green cleaner so that it can help create foam to remove dirt from the uncleaned surfaces.

Sodium Citrate:

As a partial stabilizer, Sodium Citrate functions to preserve Simple Green’s shelf life.

Fragrance And Colorant:

To add scent and color to the Simple Green Cleaner, fragrance and colorant are added. 

The other ingredients are – citric acid, tetrasodium glutamate diacetate, sodium carbonate.

Can You Spray Simple Green On Car Exterior?

You surely can spray Simple Green on your car exterior, as the Simple Green is an all-purpose cleaner that contains all non-abrasive, safe, and car paint-friendly ingredients that will not damage the car paint if you spray Simple Green on the car exterior.

However, you absolutely need to dissolve the cleaner in water before spraying it on the car exterior. It’s because Simple Green cleaner does have some specific chemicals that might react and eat the car paint if you spray the cleaner directly to the car exterior without dissolving it.

Can Simple Green Remove Car Wax Or Car Paint?

Simple Green cleaner actually doesn’t remove car wax or car paint because the ingredients and formula used for making Simple Green are non-harsh and safe to use on painted car surfaces. 

Besides, Simple Green’s formula contains authentic carnauba wax that adds an extra protective layer to the car’s wax/paint instead of removing it.

Can You Use Simple Green On Tires, Chrome Rims, Or Aluminum Wheels?

Even though Simple Green is pretty much popular as a car interior and exterior cleaner, you may not know if you can use it on car tires, chrome rims, or aluminum wheels to clean them. So, read through the explanations added below to know about it.


Except for Simple Green all-purpose cleaner, there are Simple Green All Wheel & Tire Cleaner too which you can surely use on tires to clean the last speck of dust, grime accumulated from the roads, and residues without ruining anything.

Chrome Rims:

You can use Simple Green Pro HD Heavy-Duty Cleaner on chrome rims to clean them. It’s a non-corrosive pro-grade cleaner as well as a degreaser that will break down any grease and clean stain safely from chrome rims.

Aluminum Wheels:

Simple Green All Wheel & Tire Cleaner can safely be used on aluminum wheels to clean them. It will clean thoroughly by breaking down dirt, grime, tar residue without damaging the protective layer on aluminum wheels. 

Is Simple Green Good For Car Wash And Engine Cleaning?

Simple green indeed is a popular name among all types of car cleaners, however, many first-time users may not know whether it’s good enough for overall car washing and engine cleaning or not. Thus, to let you all know below exact information is listed.

Car Wash:

Simple green is considered as an all-rounder cleaner for washing a car overall due to having ingredients that are non-corrosive and car-friendly. 

Besides, this cleaner is so strong and effective that you can even remove the most stubborn dirt, road grime, tar residue, bug residue, and others at just one wash.

You not only can wash the car exterior such as the upholstered seats, dashboard, carpet, etc. but you also can wash the exterior surface. Simple green will effectively clean any bug splatter and bird droppings too from the car exterior without damaging the car paint.

Engine Cleaning:

Simple Green indeed can be used for cleaning the car engine as it’s an all-purpose cleaner as well as contains an engine-safe formula too that effectively breaks down all the strong grease, road grime, dirt, oil, and rest automotive fluids from the engine. 

Therefore, it makes the cleaner an ideal option for cleaning the car engine.

How To Wash A Car Exterior With Simple Green?

To make the car washing process with Simple Green easier for you, the step-by-step guide is added below, check it out and know the steps.

Wet The Car:

First, use a garden hose or buckets of water to wet the car’s exterior surface.

Mix The Simple Green:

Then take a large bucket of water and dilute Simple Green with it to bring the solution to its half strength.

Apply The Solution:

After that take a soft sponge, soft cloth, or a car wash brush and apply the diluted Simple Green solution all over the car exterior with it.

Wash The Solution:

Rinse and wash the car exterior very meticulously using clean water. Wash one part at one-time and make sure to rinse thoroughly before you move to the next part. Do not leave any dirty foamy water and don’t let it dry on the car exterior.

Dry The Car Exterior:

Lastly, use a microfiber cloth to dry the car exterior.

Can I Use Simple Green To Clean Bugs And Bird Droppings From My Car Paint?

You can use Simple Green cleaner, specifically to say the Simple Green All-Purpose Cleaner is absolutely one of the best cleaners that can clean any bug, bug residues, and bird droppings from your car’s paint without eating up the paint.

Are All-Purpose Cleaners Safe On Car Paint?

Simple Green All-Purpose cleaner makes one of the safest cleaners that can be surely used on car paint as it’s completely free from any abrasive chemicals. 

Rather, it makes a fantastic all-purpose cleaner to be used on the car interior such as upholstery, dashboard, and others as well as on the car exterior without damaging the car paint a bit.

But keep in mind that all-purpose cleaner is safe as long as you are dissolving the cleaner in water first and then using it on the car exterior. Direct usage can eat up/leave stains on car paint.

Final Thoughts

As long as the Simple Green cleaner has been diluted with water prior to using it on the car exterior, it will never damage car paint. However, if Simple Green is used directly or if the foamy water of diluted Simple Green is left to dry on the car exterior, it will damage the car paint.