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Does Oil Filter Size Matter? (All You Need to Know)

An oil filter is an inevitable part of a vehicle or any automated machine. It keeps the dirt and debris and passes the pure oil to the gasoline. So, you must check your oil filter’s health regularly and remove the dirt from the top of the filter.

Your gasoline gets the pure oil since all the oil debris is stuck to the oil filter. No dust or dirt can go through gasoline and damage its surfaces. Thus, the gasoline or fuel tank lasts for years.

Does oil filter size matter?

Oil filter size does matter. You should not use an oversized or undersized oil filter. Although you will benefit from using a large oil filter, the right size should be your priority. The small-size oil filter will fail to pass enough oil to the tank. So, the oil filter size matters a lot.

You cannot use the smaller oil filter; it will not fit your fuel tank. On the other hand, the bigger oil filter might also create fitting issues. But it’s advised to use the slightly bigger oil filter to filter the oil soon. To get the required oil filter, you need to measure your fuel tank size.

Sometimes, the oil filter remains the most crucial fact of gasoline. You should never try to drive your car with a faulty oil filter. It may cause the engine check light to come on. So, using the perfect sized and healthy oil filter is a must for gasoline. 


The height of the oil filter size does matter. You should use the right height size according to your gasoline size. It won’t be a big deal if you use a bigger size height or smaller size height. Both will fit the gasoline and allow the fuel to pass through it.

A little bigger oil height will keep more debris and can pass more oil than a small height. Also, the small height will be a compact size to your gasoline and keep fit for a long time. So, it’s up to you to select the perfect height of the oil filter accordingly.


The length of the oil filter also matters. You will find a big, small, and perfectly sized length of the oil filter.

People suggest using the bigger or perfect length of the oil filter. But the oversized length of the oil filter may create warranty issues or quality issues.

The 3-⅓ or 3-¼ inch filter size is ideal for all the gasoline or fuel tanks. You should choose the oil filter length & height according to these measurements.

Are oil filters the same size? Do oil filters come in different sizes?

The oil filters are not the same size. They have different sizes to fit the different fuel tanks. Here, the tank size may vary from one vehicle to another. So, you cannot use the same size oil filter; the oil filters are not the same size.

The oil filters come in different sizes to solve this problem. You can choose your best-matched size which can fit your gasoline. However, the bigger size oil filters might be a good choice because they will allow the gasoline to take the fuel on time and at a good speed.

Why are oil filters different sizes?

Different sizes of oil filters are available depending on the type of engine because it is determined in accordance with the capacity of the engine. The general function of an oil filter is to filter the fuel and ensure the flow of pure gasoline inside the engine.

So the filter is attached to the part of the fuel tank where the oil is poured from the outside, which filters the dirty oil and sends pure gasoline inside. The engine’s fuel tank with higher efficiency is large, and the oil filter is designed to suit it.

Besides, the engine’s fuel tank with lower efficiency is relatively smaller, so the oil filter is designed for a smaller size. So we understand that oil filters of different sizes are made considering the overall aspect that matches that engine.

Can I use a smaller or bigger oil filter on my car?

You can use a smaller or bigger oil filter on your car, but it is better to use the size determined by your manufacturing company. While looking for a bigger oil filter, many will consider channel attributes like string size, channel distance across, and gasket breadth.

On the off chance that those coordinate on a more extended channel, they want to utilize the more extended channel.

On the other hand, if you set a small oil filter, it will take a long time to refine the oil from the outside, and at the same time, its functionality will be difficult to match with the fuel tank.

However, since the basic function of oil filters of all sizes is the same, almost all oil filters can be used, but it is advisable to use oil filters of specified sizes to get maximum service and keep the car safe.

Can you use a different size oil filter?

You can use different size oil filters, respecting your fuel tank sizes and the engine’s efficiency. Unless you are tuning an overall performance vehicle, the standard sized oil filter that got here with your vehicle is what you must move for whilst making oil filter changes.

Size honestly counts while you have become a brand new oil filter to your vehicle. A large oil filter can make the right filtration way to the massive fuel tank area. Also, a small oil filter works amazingly for present-day engines that run cleaner.

As a vehicle owner, you need to retake a step and decide which oil filter length is ideal for your engine. And earlier than purchasing an oil filter, realize that length isn’t the most effective issue you must consider.

What happens if you use the wrong size oil filter?

If you use the wrong size oil filter, it will damage the gasoline. We find three ways that the wrong size will affect the fuel tank.

Faulty Fittings:

If you use the wrong size oil filter, it will give you faulty fittings. Every gasoline has its required oil filter size.

You should use it accordingly; although the slight difference won’t make any difficulties, the wrong size oil filters won’t give you the perfect fittings.

Improper Filtration:

The wrong size oil filter may also give you improper filtration. Consequently, the fuel tank will get dirty with the oil. So, improper filtration is another fact if you use the wrong size oil filter.

Damage Gasoline:

The wrong size oil filter will damage the fuel tank by letting the dirt and debris go through it. When the gasoline gets too much dirt, its surface will be damaged dramatically.

Why are oil filters getting smaller?

Day by day, the size of the oil filter is getting smaller, because it can work with the larger size and is successful. Why do you need larger oil filter if it can be extra than sufficient to maintain up with the oil pump in conjunction with viscosity changes?

If you want to replace the first oil filter given to your engine, you will find that there are smaller-sized complementary filters on the market because these are becoming like your used mobile, which can do the same thing at the same time.

What size are most oil filters?

Small-sized oil filters are popular today for use in engine fuel tanks because they have the same capacity as the larger-sized filters of the previous day. Moreover, it is quite lightweight and sticks well with the gasket or surface of the tank.

That is why manufacturers design small oil filters for engine fuel tanks and make them easy to use for reputable customers. Therefore, instead of using large-size oil filters, it is becoming common to use small-size oil filters everywhere.

How to measure oil filter size?

Measuring oil filter size is an easy process. You can measure it with three steps. Let’s follow them and get your oil filter size.

Remove & Measure screw:

To measure the oil filter, you must remove it from the gasoline. Then, take a ruler and measure the diameter. You can also check the screw size; since it will help you choose the correct size.

Measure the Diameter:

Now, you need to measure the diameter of the oil filter. You need to measure the height and the length of the filter. You can also measure the entire width and get the whole idea about your oil filter.

Final thoughts

Although you can use different size oil filters on your fuel tank, the oil filter size does matter. The fittings and the oil passing speed will depend on the filter’s size. You cannot expect a good combination of speed and excellent fittings from a wrong size oil filter.