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Does Nissan Murano Have 3rd Row Seating? (Read This First!)

Despite having engine problems, the Nissan Murano is a good choice for relaxed users. If you want the highest fuel economy with a comfortable padded seat, you may consider buying a Nissan Murano. It’s a good-looking car that has several versions.

You may still find some old modeled Nissan Murano with some coolant or engine shutdown problem, but the driver still loves to drive that car because of its quality and other facilities.

3rd row seating on Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano has no 3rd row because of its aesthetic design and bigger seat capacity. It’s mainly a five-seater car that might be a good choice for a mid-size family. What if you have a large family? In that case, you need to choose the Nissan Pathfinder since Murano doesn’t have it.

Although the Nissan Murano has enough space at the back of its 2nd row, you won’t get any third row over there. This car is mainly designed for its unique design and five-person seating capacity. If you can use that space to shift your cargo, otherwise, it will be in vain.

But the manufacturers keep that space to let you fold your seat entirely. You don’t have a 60/40 percent folding restriction. Instead, you will use that space for folding your 2nd row. But it’s not that useful since you already have enough space at its back.

Moreover, considering its look, you will notice the difference between a private car and a Nissan Murano car. It has a big out frame to give enough space for comfortable getting in & out of the car. Also, it will look like a luxury car you can afford on your budget.

That’s another reason why people still buy the Nissan Murano car with five seating positions. You might have 4-5 family members, so you don’t need to buy a 7-8 seater Nissan Pathfinder by compromising its look.

You have the option to choose Nissan Murano & enjoy this five-seater car.

Before making your decision, you should consider both the pros & cons of Nissan Murano & Pathfinder.

Try to compare these two cars well, then select the right one according to your needs. Buying an updated Nissan Murano car will be an excellent decision if you have 4-5 family members.

To make thing more clear, I add a list of different model Nissan Murano Cars and show you if they have 3rd row functionality availability. It will help you decide your best suited car.

Nissan Murano Model3rd row functionality availability
2009 Nissan MuranoNo
2010 Nissan MuranoNo
2011 Nissan MuranoNo
2012 Nissan MuranoNo
2013 Nissan MuranoNo
2014 Nissan MuranoNo
2016 Nissan MuranoNo
2017 Nissan MuranoNo
2018 Nissan MuranoNo
2020 Nissan MuranoNo

Does any Nissan Murano have 3rd row seating?

None of the Nissan Murano has 3rd row seating because all the Nissan Murano models come with 2nd row seating. If you need 3rd row seating for 7-8 people, you should consider buying either Pathfinder or Armada. These two are designed for luxurious 3rd row seatings.

If you look at the updated and old model Nissan Murano car, you won’t find any 3rd row seating. This car is mainly for small families who want to replace their private vehicles with a luxurious Nissan Murano. For that reason, Nissan manufacturers designed this car to have extra leg space and room.

You might notice the back side of this car and find more than enough space that can be used for the 3rd row seating. But it’s not entirely a valueless space since you can keep your belongings there safely. You don’t need to worry about the extra space.

3 reasons why Nissan Murano doesn’t have 3rd row seating

It’s difficult to answer why the Nissan Murano doesn’t have 3rd row seating since it has enough space to install another row seating. Still, I found three core reasons why the Nissan Murano doesn’t have 3rd row seating. They are:

Unique Design:

You will find that unique design is the first reason why Nissan Murano doesn’t have 3rd row seating.

Looking at the interior and exterior design, you can easily differentiate this model from other Nissan cars. It has enough space at the back that makes it different from others.

Also, the design requires extra fittings and space to install a comfortable and large seat. You can fold the seat thoroughly and enjoy your trip.

Leg & Back Space:

Another reason is leg & backspace. You will have more leg space in a Nissan Murano than any other car. It’s mainly for comfortable traveling and driving; different people have different needs according to their body structure and mentality.

Therefore, manufacturers keep extra leg space between the car’s 2nd and front seats. You can relax your legs and enjoy a sound sleep while traveling overnight.

Customer Demand:

Although the Nissan Murano has enough space for the 3rd row seating, it still doesn’t have that row because of customer demand. Some users prefer the five-seater Nissan Murano over a 7-8 seater Pathfinder. They don’t need the extra seat.

So, they choose the five-seater Nissan Murano over the other cars. They love that shape and extra space.

Is Nissan Murano a 7 seater?

Nissan Murano is not a 7-seater car; instead, it’s a five-seater vehicle with two seat row. The first row is for the driver and other people, and the second is for the family members. It has three seats in its second row. Therefore, it’s a 5-seater car, not a 7-seater car.

To get a 7-seater car, you must go for the Nissan Pathfinder. It has your desired 7-seating positions to let you enjoy the journey with your entire family. In contrast, if you have a small family, you should consider buying a 5-seater Nissan Murano.

You can check all the Murano models, but you won’t find a single model that comes with a 7-seater. You will find them as 5-seater cars. So, it’s better you change your decision to buy the Nissan Murano car and consider the Nissan Pathfinder.

What is the Nissan Murano seating capacity?

The Nissan Murano’s Seating Capacity is five. You will only find a five-seater capacity to let you enjoy your family time if you have five members. Sometimes, you can also love to drive with your beloved person, and the Nissan Murano will be your best peer.

Considering these factors, you should use the Nissan Murano for that purpose. On the other hand, if you have a large family and need a higher-seater car, you should consider buying a Nissan Pathfinder. It will give you the seven seating positions.

So, you must consider your family members and your budget to choose the best Nissan Murano or Pathfinder. It will be a good choice if you have a small family and need a five-seater Nissan car.

What Nissan SUV has 3 rows?

You will find 3 rows of seating below the NISSAN Suv. All models of Nissan SUVs don’t have a 3-rows seater because Nissan has several customer segmentations. Some prefer to use a five-seater car; others prefer to have a seven-seater vehicle.

That’s why manufacturers also produce different model cars having various seating capacities. You will also find it very helpful since you have the flexibility to choose the best-suited Nissan SUV model car. Some will come with a 3rd row seater, and others have a 2nd row seater.

Nissan Pathfinder SUV:

You will mostly find all the NISSAN Pathfinder SUVs with three rows. It has a seven-seater position that will allow you to sort out the seating problems.

Moreover, all models of the Nissan Pathfinder SUV come with a perfect third-row seater with very comfortable seven seats.

If you have any particular model of Pathfinder, you must check the old model Nissan Pathfinder since all the Pathfinder models don’t come with a 3rd row seater. It has a total of seven seats.

Nissan Armada SUV:

Another best model of Nissan SUV is the Armada. It is also designed for 3rd row seaters to ensure the 7-seater car capacity. You will find most of the Nissan Armada SUVs come with a 3rd row seater to give you the best capacity car.

Moreover, the Nissan Armada SUV has different models. Some models come with 5 seater capacity and 2nd row seating. On the other hand, some particular Nissan Armada SUVs have 3rd row seaters. So, it’s good to check the car model and then be sure about its capacity.

Final Thoughts

Since the Nissan Murano is for small families, it doesn’t have 3rd row seating. You won’t find a single model Murano that comes with 7-seating positions. Instead, all the latest and oldest models of Murano cars are built with 5-seater positions. Therefore, you will get a 2nd-row seater.