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Does Nissan Kicks Have a Sunroof? (Quick Answers)

A hot day is pleasant when the sun shines in? For Nissan kicks fans, you might be disappointed to learn something about Nissan kicks sunroofs. Despite Nissan’s efforts to reduce air pollution levels in their cars, open windows and doors allow for more pollution to enter the car. 

If you are looking for kicks with a sunroof, here is some information about them.

Nissan kicks sunroof

Nissan kicks do not come with a sunroof. In 2009, Nissan stated that it reserves the right to install sunroofs on certain models if there is sufficient demand.  However, you can modify the Nissan kick and install a sunroof. The installation of a sunroof on a Nissan Kick requires patience and time.

Nissan has noted that there are a few reasons behind why it decided to do away with sunroofs in 2009. The first reason is cost. Taking into account all of the costs associated with selling and disposing of it, as well as assembling it. 

Glass roofs seem to be an expensive option (around $1 per square foot).

In addition, they feel satisfied by not having consumers who might seek out such items if they were offered (though the price tag will probably discourage them anyway). Moreover, anecdotal evidence shows that Americans tend to have a certain style for their cars. 

Listed below are a few Nissan Kick models and their sunroof options

Nissan Kicks ModelSunroof functionality availability
2019 Nissan KicksNo
2020 Nissan KicksNo
2021 Nissan KicksNo
2022 Nissan KicksNo

5 reasons why Nissan kicks don’t have sunroof

Cars with a sunroof have been very popular for a long time. In recent days, car companies are trending to remove sunroofs from their cars. Here are some reasons why Nissan kicks don’t have a sunroof.

Reducing the costs:

Nissan kicks are an expensive car, so designers wanted to make Nissan kicks more affordable. It must be possible for anyone who wants windows in their cars to pay extra money for it.

Making Nissan’s new concept kick:

Nissan Kicks was once a very popular car with teenagers, but now with the changes, it has made it one of the best sellers on the US market. The company does not manufacture this kind of corner window because it already is more durable.

Reducing the weight of the vehicle:

In the case where they have any other option to reduce the weight, having a sunroof means reducing the cost too much. The Nissan kicks are also heavy in the center, which is not easy with Nissan cars, so designers removed them. 

Because the rest of them do not want ironing at all over the entire body forward safety like some new chargers fail for lack of airflow windows. It is harder to make a safe car with its model because many accidents have happened. 

Wind and air flow are important in collisions when designers ignore them.

Not enough customer demand for sunroof:

A lack of enough customer demand is one reason for the lack of sunroofs. In recent years, many customers have been replacing the old-style sunroofs with new varieties and better corner windows. 

Even though it works better in sound and wind pressure than the car body, Nissan fans were forced to give up their dreams of using windows. 

Corner windows are more expensive:

Nissan cars still do not have a better glass roof for this reason. These kinds of corner windows are expensive to make and also require extra effort from the designers who want to include them in their cars.

Which Nissan kicks have a sunroof?

Nissan Kicks does not come with a sunroof on any model. However, some Nissan kicks have other features that may make them more desirable than a sunroof car.

However, some Nissan models have a sunroof on the roof. Among the Nissan lineup, we have the Nissan Maxima, Nissan Altima, and Nissan Juke. Nissan Maxima has a glass sunroof which includes a panoramic roof. 

The fact that it has a glass roof makes it one of the few cars on the market with one.

Can you get a sunroof installed in a Nissan kicks?

The sunroof is a popular choice among those who want to enjoy the outdoors while driving in inclement weather. Even though it is possible to get a sunroof installed in a Nissan Kick, the process may be more complicated than you think.

Depending on the dealer, it may be necessary to remove the entire roof panel and replace it with an insert that includes the glass window. In this case, your purchase of a new car may be further delayed and more expensive than it otherwise would be. 

Additionally, certain restrictions apply to some models that prevent this modification from being made.

The dealership may be able to do this modification, however, if you are interested in buying a used car. There are some instances where the dealership will install an aftermarket glass panel on your car and charge you whatever the cost may be. 

Additionally, they would need to install a special rear window since some models need to be equipped with extra parts for them to roll up when opened.

How much does it cost to get a sunroof installed at Nissan Kicks?

In general, a basic sunroof kit will cost you around $200. It’s also important to note that some companies may offer additional services that may increase the price further, such as tinting or rain-repellent coating. 

For an overall cost, you’re looking at at least $700 to $1000 for the installation of a sunroof at Nissan Kicks.

It is important to factor the cost of a technician into your budget when it comes to labor. They may charge anywhere between $50 and $75 an hour, depending on the job. 

Therefore, if you are looking to install the sunroof in a Nissan Kick, and it takes around four hours to do so, then you can expect to pay about $400 for the labor.

How to install a sunroof on Nissan kicks?

To install a sunroof on your Nissan Kick, you will need a few things. First, you will need the proper tools and hardware. Hardware can include screws, brackets, and other items. After you have acquired these supplies, find someone who knows how to install them correctly. 

Here is how you can install them yourself.

Remove the screws:

The first thing you need to do is to remove the front fascia of your Nissan Kick. The two screws that are holding it in place will need to be removed and then, using a pry bar, you can break away the tabs that are holding it together. 

After this has been done, you will be able to pull down the fascia until it comes out from behind you.

Access to your sunroof mechanism:

After the fascia has been removed, the sunroof mechanism should be accessible once the fascia has been removed. It can be a bit tricky to find this part since it is located behind the front grille. 

You will need to remove two more screws to get to it, then use a flathead screwdriver or a chop saw to break through the plastic cover to get to it. After you have done this, open the sunroof mechanism and set it aside for now.

Bracket installation:

Installation of brackets to the sunroof mechanism, it is time to install your brackets. The bracket must be unscrewed from the wall, and then you need to push it upward until it snaps into place. After you have installed the bracket, tighten the screw until it is secure.

Sunroof installation:

Once the brackets and bracket assembly are installed, you can install the sunroof. You will need to remove the screws that hold the sunroof in place and then pop it out of its mount. Once the sunroof is free, use a pry bar or screwdriver to loosen the pivot bolt. 

Then, rotate the sunroof to the open position.

Installing your new sunroof:

After everything has been installed and aligned correctly, it is time to install the new sunroof. For this to happen, you will have to reattach the pivot bolt and then pop the sunroof into its mount. Ensure that the screw is tightened down so that it is secure once the hook is in place.

Final Thoughts

Briefly, the majority of Nissan kicks do not have a sunroof and may arrive straight from the factory without one pre-installed perforated panel. The Nissan kick’s roof can be modified to accommodate a sunroof. The process is quite complex, but should only take four to five hours.