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Does Nissan Kicks Have AWD or 4WD? (Answered)

Nissan Kicks SUV is a very popular automobile of this kind. The compact vehicle is an answer to all road conditions with heavy torque and a comfortable interior.

The car having a very powerful performance may lead to questions about its engine type. If you are trying to know if Nissan Kicks have AWD like most of the SUVs or 4WD like most of the heavy vehicles, your question is genuinely legit.

Let’s explore the question to find what the engine type Nissan Kicks have.

Does Nissan Kicks have AWD or 4WD?

Nissan Kicks does not have AWD. All models of Nissan Kicks have 4WD. All three models of the vehicle (S, SV, and SR) of all generations (2019 -2022) have the same 1.6 liter four cylinder engine. The SUV is a four wheel drive and gets 122 horsepower from its engine producing 144 pound feet of torque.

In terms of the popularity of personal vehicles, Nissan must be one of the most popular ones. Every neighborhood in the US and other parts of the world must have at least one Nissan car in their garage. 

The manufacturer has a long reputation for producing vehicles that meet the criteria of almost all demographics. 

One key factor of Nissan vehicles is that they are strong, and durable, and use powerful engines for small cars and SUVs. Nonetheless, its stylish finish and cozy interiors are all you need in a car. 

On top of that, its versatile use of modern technologies and innovation has led it to be a market leader among global car manufacturers.

All Wheel Drive or AWD is a popular system in car design that allows all four wheels to have traction independently. This means their spin and traction are unrelated to other ones. This type of engine can be seen on cars and SUVs more commonly.

4WD or four wheel drives are more powerful and can be seen on heavy trucks and trailers. This system divides engine output evenly on four wheels. Making it more durable in difficult scenarios like off roads and snow.

Nissan Kicks is an SUV with modern technologies and innovation. All three models of this vehicle are competent to be a go to automobile for households. With its heavy engine, it is a perfect choice for both long drives and off roading.

Nissan Kicks have a 4WD engine system in all models that have been released so far. The SUVs, thus generate power unparallel to most of the SUVs available in the market and makes it matched for most of the roads.

In addition, Nissan Kicks’ 4WD engine is capable of generating 122 horsepower and 144 pound feet of torque to keep its front wheels rolling in a CVT driving manner.

Also, Nissan Kicks model is an automobile of affordable choice. Being in such range, its power, performance and comfort makes it the perfect choice for most of the new car owners. So, Nissan Kicks 4WD engine is one true reason to make its name famous.

Nissan Kicks ModelHave 4 Wheel Drive
2019 Nissan KicksYes
2020 Nissan KicksYes
2021 Nissan KicksYes
2022 Nissan KicksYes

Is any Nissan Kicks all-wheel drive?

Nissan Kicks are unique because of its capacity as an automobile for producing top notch service in terms of power and stability. The car is particularly popular among the users because of its high-power engine and very comfortable interior within an affordable price range. 

On top of that, spare parts and service centers are available in all parts of the country.

What makes Nissan Kicks more lucrative, is its 4WD engine system producing heavy torque and traction in most scenarios. The car is also suitable for both on roads and off roads, even ideal for long drives.

All models of Nissan Kicks and all generations of them have been using 4WD engines. This means no Nissan Kicks model has an All-Wheel-Drive or AWD system engine. But due to its even and powerful 4WD engine, the SUV is prepared to run on any given surface condition.

4 reasons why Nissan Kicks doesn’t have AWD drive

Kicks being one of the most common choices in terms of high performance SUVs. The compact SUV is very popular to be powerful yet coming affordable in price. Having a few alternatives, the car has become a people’s favorite.

Nissan Kick is a vehicle with 4WD drive. Although you can turn it on and off, the vehicle never in history had an AWD drive in any of its models. Unlike most of the manufacturers Nissan designed the kicks without an AWD and here is why –

High performance:

The 4WD drive is famous for delivering high performance among the vehicles. Its system to divide the engine output equally and distribute them evenly results in less system loss and more performance. 

Thus, not having an AWD has enabled Nissan Kicks to be a high performing SUV.

One answer to all road types:

Having a high performing SUV means it is compatible with most of the road types and conditions. From sloppy hills to slippery snows, a 4WD saves the day for all types of tracks. 

This is another reason Nissan chose 4WD over AWD to make it more relatable for customers.

Low cost and maintenance:

The simple set up and mechanism makes it very cheap to manufacture and its spare parts being very much available make it very affordable for maintenance. 

Compared to 4WD, an AWD would increase both types of costs higher for consumers.

Keeping Lightweight:

Due to no requirement for front wheel mechanism, the SUV remains very lightweight due to its centralized engine placement. Altogether the Nissan Kicks keeps track of every feature and functionality to make it an ideal household choice.

Its lightweight manner allows it to be more competent than other heavy vehicles, and its powerful engine makes it outstanding as a performer in the road and car market.

Will Nissan Kicks ever have AWD?

AWD systems are more common for light cars and SUVs. Its capacity of independently moving wheels gives it a unique feature to use maximum traction in any difficult situation. But the AWD is not suitable for heavy trucks and vehicles.

Nissan Kicks, a powerful SUV on the market is popular due to its heavy power and capacity. Historically all versions of Nissan Kicks had 4WD, another engine system that spins all wheels evenly by distributing power in equal portions. 

This is the reason why Nissan Kicks stands out from most of the competitors.

Given that the unique selling point has made Nissan Kicks to be an outstanding performer on the road, it is difficult to imagine its engine to be replaced by a more common one. Also, no such news about Nissan Kicks to be having AWD in recent future is known till now.

Final Thoughts

Nissan Kicks have a 4WD system for engines. The SUV is run on an even distribution of load produced by its engine, giving it a strong and even traction in all surfaces and conditions. Due to the capacity of 4WD, it is unlikely to see AWD in Nissan Kicks anytime soon, as no previous models had one.