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Does Nissan Frontier Have Timing Belt or Chain? (Explained)

Timing belt or chain is considered as one of the most crucial parts of the engine by automobile experts. The reason behind this is the role of the timing belt or chain during the internal combustion process. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether the Nissan Frontier has a timing belt or chain. 

Nissan frontier timing belt or chain

Nissan has so far installed a timing chain in all of their Nissan Frontier cars. The timing chain of Nissan Frontier ensures an uninterrupted combustion process. The functions of crankshaft, camshaft, pistons, and valves are dependent upon the timing chain.

Timing chain is a fundamental part of the engine. The engine fails to perform internal combustion without a properly functioning timing chain. So Nissan has always produced their Nissan Frontier cars with a factory timing chain. 

All the versions of Nissan Frontier till date have been equipped with a functioning timing chain. 

The timing chain of the Nissan Frontier cars is built in such a way that it is supposed to last for a lifetime. The timing chain contributes heavily in the internal combustion process by maintaining the movement of camshaft, crankshaft, valves, and pistons.

The engine can not maintain its optimum performance if the internal combustion process gets interrupted due to a malfunctioning timing chain. When this happens, the timing chain has to be replaced.

Nissan Frontier ModelTiming belt or chain functionality availability
2018 Nissan FrontierYes
2019 Nissan FrontierYes
2020 Nissan FrontierYes
2021 Nissan FrontierYes
2022 Nissan FrontierYes

Does all Nissan Frontier have a timing chain or belt?

Nissan started manufacturing Nissan Frontier in the late 1990s. Nissan Frontier has been known for possessing the timing chain from the very beginning. So all the models of Nissan Frontier till now have had a timing belt or chain in them. 

For example, the 2018 Nissan Frontier came out with two engine types. One of them was 2.5 L Four Cylinder 152 hp and the other one was 4 L V6 261 hp engine. Both of these engines had a timing chain in them. 

The 2019 Nissan Frontier model came out with the same engine specifications and had a pre-installed timing chain. 

But the 2020 Nissan Frontier, 2021 Nissan Frontier, and 2022 Nissan Frontier came out one engine type. That was a 3.8 L 310 hp V6 engine. Those Nissan Frontiers had a timing chain in their engine. 

So far, all the models of Nissan Frontier have been equipped with a timing chain and not a timing belt. 

How long does a Nissan Frontier timing chain last?

It is believed by Nissan that the timing chain of their frontier model cars are meant to last for a lifetime. They have faith in the quality of their timing chains and think that the timing chain of the Nissan Frontiers are going to last as long as the engine. 

The user manual that comes along with the Nissan Frontier does suggest that there is no need to replace the timing chain. However, the automobile experts would suggest you to replace the timing chain after you have driven the Nissan Frontier for three lakh kilometers. 

It is the general thumb rule when it comes to replacing the timing chain. 

The good thing about the timing chain of Nissan Frontiers will let you know about the replacement time by making loud noises. If you hear loud enough noises coming from the timing chain area, then you should probably change it instead of delaying. 

How often to replace a Nissan Frontier timing chain?

According to Nissan, there is no need to replace the timing chain at all. The timing chain of the Nissan Frontier cars are supposed to last for a lifetime. So they suggest that you refrain from changing the timing chain.

The timing chain is a lot more durable than the timing belt. The timing belt has to be changed very often. But the timing chain is designed to last for a lifetime. 

It is true in most of the cases as many Nissan Frontiers have been true to their manufacturer’s words and kept the timing chain healthy for the lifetime. 

But if you are not comfortable driving with an old timing, then you can opt to change it after every 3,00,000 kilometers. However, changing the timing chain just for the sake of it is not necessary. 

4 reasons why nissan frontier has timing belt or chain

There are a lot of reasons why Nissan adds a timing belt or chain to their Nissan Frontier models. Let’s discuss those reasons in detail.

Function of valves:

First of all, the timing belt or chain needs to work together with the engine valves to fasten the internal combustion process. The timing chain of Nissan Frontier helps the engine valves to open and close with its functions. 

The engine valves would have struggled to open and close accurately if there was no timing chain in the engine. That is why Nissan took the decision of adding a timing chain to the engine of Nissan Frontier cars. 

Function of camshaft:

The rotation and the movement of the camshaft is also influenced by a timing chain. The camshaft requires the assistance of the timing chain to complete its rotation timely. A timely rotation done by the camshaft contributes greatly to the internal combustion process. 

Nissan has put a timing chain in their Nissan Frontier cars so that the camshaft can get adequate help. 

Function of crankshaft:

Crankshaft is another important part of the engine and contributes a lot during the internal combustion process. But the function of the crankshaft is dependent upon the function of the timing chain. 

If the timing chain manages to function properly, then the crankshaft will be able to complete its rotation. Nissan Frontier has been equipped with a timing chain to assist the crankshaft during the internal combustion process. 

Function of the engine:

The primary function of the engine is to conduct internal combustion and work as the core of the car. But the engine will not be able to complete the combustion process if the other parts of the engine do not contribute during the process. 

So Nissan has added a timing chain in their Nissan Frontier cars so that the engine does not face difficulty during the combustion process. 

How much does it cost to get a timing chain replaced on Nissan Frontier?

Nissan makes the claim that their timing chains are strong enough to last for a lifetime. However, the timing chain can become faulty due to several reasons. When the timing chain goes bad, it has to be replaced immediately. 

Otherwise, the internal combustion process of the engine will be halted. 

Replacing the timing chain of the Nissan Frontier can become a costly matter if you take everything into consider. First of all, the parts alone can cost you close to five hundred USD. The labor cost will also get added to the overall cost. 

The mechanic might charge you another five hundred USD for his services. So the grand total for replacing the timing chain of a Nissan Frontier will be one thousand dollars at the very least. 

How to change timing chain on nissan frontier?

Changing the timing chain on the Nissan frontier might seem like a difficult task if you do not have enough experience regarding the matter. However, there are some steps and methods you can follow to accomplish the task. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Go through the manual:

First of all, you will need to go through the owner manual of your nissan frontier to know the exact location of the timing chain. Different models of cars have the timing chain at different places. 

Get rid of coolant and oil:

Next, you will need to make sure that the engine is turned off and ready to be worked on. You will have to get rid of the coolant and engine oil from the engine before you start the timing chain removal process.

Get rid of old timing chain:

In this step, you will be required to get rid of the timing chain cover by unbolting it. After that, you will be able to remove the timing chain of your Nissan frontier by using a wrench. You will have to properly lubricate the gear before you start the installation process.

Add the new timing chain:

Finally, you will have to add the new timing chain on the lubricated gear. It is very easy to do if you manage to follow the routing diagram and the marks on the gear. Additionally, you will be required to change the crankshaft seal as well. 

Final Thoughts

Timing chain of the Nissan Frontier is crucial for the internal combustion process. A fully functioning timing chain ensures the movement of camshaft, crankshaft, pistons, and valves during the combustion process. The timing chain can be replaced if it becomes bad or faulty.