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Does Nissan Frontier Have Remote Start? (Explained)

Remote start is the modern technology of starting the engine of your car without getting into the vehicle. The range of remote starts vary and many car manufacturing companies pre install a remote starter system in their cars so that you do not have to do it. 

Today, we are going to discuss and find out whether the Nissan frontier has a remote start or not. 

Nissan Frontier remote start

The newer models of Nissan frontier cars support the remote starter technology. In fact, the recent models of Nissan Frontier came out with pre-installed remote starter technology. However, one can install a remote starter in their Nissan Frontier if it does not already have one.

Remote start technology is an important feature of modern day cars. The frontier version of the Nissan is one of their newest collections. So it is no surprise that the Nissan Frontiers of the last one decade come with factory remote start. 

The ones that do not come with a factory remote start support the installed remote start technology. Remote starter gives you the chance to warm up your Nissan Frontier in cold conditions. 

Remote starter of the Nissan Frontier gives you the ability to control the other functions of the car as well like the heating and cooling system. 

The present day Nissan Frontier cars come with pre-installed remote starter technology and will keep coming with it if something better does not come along in place of remote starter. 

Nissan Frontier ModelRemote Start functionality availability
2018 Nissan FrontierYes
2019 Nissan FrontierYes
2020 Nissan FrontierYes
2021 Nissan FrontierYes
2022 Nissan FrontierYes

Do all Nissan Frontiers have remote start?

The Nissan Frontier has a long history behind it. Nissan Frontier first started its journey in 1999. At that point of time, remote start technology in the vehicle world was not introduced. So the earlier versions of Nissan frontier do not have any kind of remote start technology. 

But the Nissan frontiers that came after the year 2004 support the remote start technology. In fact, the recent Nissan frontiers come along with pre-installed remote start on their key fobs. 

So it is clearly evident that the older Nissan frontier models were not able to support remote start technology. 

But the current and newer models of Nissan frontiers support the remote start technology and many of them even come with pre installed remote start. Remote start has become a regular feature of modern technology in vehicles. 

The remote start system also gives you the control over other functions of your car along with engine start. 

Nissan has kept in mind about the wants and needs of their customers and have started manufacturing Nissan Frontiers with remote start technology. 

But if you have an old model Nissan Frontier that does not come with a pre-installed remote starter but can support one, then you will have to install the remote start technology in your car by yourself or a mechanic. 

How do I know if my Nissan Frontier has a factory remote start?

It can be very difficult to know if your Nissan Frontier has a factory remote start or not if you have no prior experience regarding the matter. However, there are some steps and methods you can follow to find out. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Check the key fob:

One of the easiest ways to find out if your Nissan Frontier has a factory remote start or not is by checking the key fob thoroughly. There will be a remote start button situated somewhere on the key fob. 

The Nissan Frontier’s key fob has a circular sign on it to indicate the remote start button. If you manage to find a circular shape sign on your key fob, then it means that your Nissan Frontier has a factory remote start. 

Check the manual:

If you do not manage to find the Nissan Frontier remote start on the key fob, then it is time for you to check the owner manual. 

You will have to check the startup page of the manual to find out if there is a section about the remote start feature in the manual. If there is one, then you will need to navigate to the mentioned page and know the details of the factory remote start. 

Contact the dealership:

If you can not find the remote start feature yourself, then you can contact the dealership showroom of your car to discuss the problem. They will let you know if there is a possible remote start technology and how to avail it. 

How do you remote start a Nissan Frontier?

Remote starting a Nissan Frontier may come across as a difficult task if you have not done it previously. But you can do it easily by following the correct steps. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them.

Find the remote start button:

First of all, you will need to find the remote start button on your Nissan Frontier. If you can not find the remote start button, then there is no remote start system installed in your Nissan Frontier. 

You will need to install the remote start system technology and then try to achieve the goal. 

The starting system:

Remote starting system is not the same for all cars. On some vehicles, you will have to go through the trouble of pressing multiple buttons to remote start your car. You can take the help of the user manual to find out how the remote starter of Nissan Frontier is done. 

But before remote starting the Nissan Frontier, you will need to make sure about the implementation of some pre conditions. First of all, the doors of your Nissan Frontier can not be left open. 

Additionally, the hood and the windows of the Nissan Frontier need to be closed too. 

After ensuring the above preconditions, you will have to press the key fob’s lock button. Then you will have to observe a gap of 5 seconds at least. After that, you will be required to hold down the key fob’s start engine button. 

The engine of your Nissan Frontier should start immediately. 

This will conclude the remote starting procedure. If the buttons of your key fob do not work properly, then you will need to contact the dealership of your car to solve the problem. 

How to install Nissan Frontier remote start?

Installing a Nissan Frontier can be a hard job to do if you do not have enough knowledge about the remote starter technology. However, there are some steps and methods you can follow which will make the task easier for you. Let’s discuss in detail about some of them. 

Find the suitable remote starter:

First of all, you will need to find the suitable remote starter system for your Nissan Frontier. You will have to compare between multiple remote starter systems and buy the one that is most suitable for the functions of your Nissan Frontier. 

Go through the manuals:

Secondly, you will need to go through the manuals of your remote starter and your Nissan Frontier to make sure that you have gathered enough knowledge about the wiring system of your Nissan Frontier and the installation process of the remote starter system. 

Because without going through both the manuals, you will not be able to accomplish the task.

Collect the tools and materials:

You will need to collect the tools and materials needed for the installation process. The list of tools might include wire stripper and cutter, electrical tape, screwdriver, wrench, and multimeter. If you have managed to gather all these tools, then you are good to go. 

Start the installment process:

You will need to attach the remote starter system by following the instruction manual that came with the remote starter. You will need to work under the area of the starting wheel to connect the remote starter. 

The wires of the remote starter system need to be connected to the accurate wires of the Nissan Frontier. Otherwise, the entire procedure will be a failure. 

Test the remote starter:

After installing the system, you will need to check the functioning capability by pressing the remote starter button on the key fob.

Which Nissans have remote start?

Not all Nissan vehicles have a remote start. Let’s take a look at the models of Nissan that have the feature of remote start. 

  • Nissan Altima Vehicle
  • Nissan Kicks Vehicle
  • Nissan 37OZ Vehicle
  • Nissan Rogue Vehicle
  • Nissan Murano Vehicle
  • Nissan Titan Vehicle
  • Nissan GTR Vehicle
  • Nissan Versa Vehicle
  • Nissan Pathfinder Vehicle
  • Nissan Maxima Vehicle
  • Nissan Rogue Sport Vehicle
  • Nissan Sentra Vehicle

Final Thoughts

Most of the Nissan Frontier cars have the feature of remote starter. The ones that do not have a factory remote starter can support an installed remote starting system. It is easy to install the remote starter system by following the instruction manual accurately.