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Does Honda Passport Have 3rd Row Seating? (Explained)

Are you considering buying a Honda passport? Take a look at the third-row seating! This model makes the ideal car for larger families or groups with plenty of space for your family and friends.

Are you unsure if third-row seating is suitable for you? Get to know the Honda passport seating in more detail.

Honda passport have 3rd row seating.

The Honda passport does not have a third row of seating. The vehicle is an SUV with two rows of seating. Due to Honda’s commitment to passenger safety, this model does not offer additional seating for a third row. There are five seats in the Honda passport, each with two rows.

A Honda passport seat is comfortable and has plenty of space for everyone. The second-row centers also offer a lot of legroom, so they’re perfect for long road trips.

There is no seating in the third row. As a result, it does not have enough space for large families or groups.

Moreover, Honda passports do not offer much storage, which may be a problem for some people. A Honda passport comes with just enough space to put your essentials in the car, but you won’t be able to store much else in it other than your essentials.

Several reasons contribute to why the Honda passport isn’t equipped with the third row of seats.

To begin with, because this vehicle is an SUV, it does not have enough space to accommodate a third-row seat without compromising the safety of the passengers inside.

Furthermore, the second and third rows of seats are pretty close together, making it uncomfortable for larger families or groups of people to sit together. Again, adding a third row to this car would dramatically increase the price tag for the vehicle.

Consequently, if you need a third-row seat, the Honda passport may not be the right choice if you have limited space.

Honda Passport Model3rd row seat function availability
2019 Honda PassportNo
2022 Honda PassportNo

Is Honda Passport two or three rows?

The Honda Passport has two rows of seating, with no option for a third row. This vehicle can accommodate a wide range of passengers due to its versatility and convenience.

This importance is especially evident in large cities, where several people may need to be transported simultaneously. The second row is also spacious enough to accommodate cargo or luggage.

Honda Passport has two rows of seating and is a family-pleasing car that can accommodate large groups. The middle row of seats can be folded down to provide more cargo space, and it can reach the second row without exiting the car.

The Honda passport can accommodate three rows of seats, but the third row cannot be added. The third row of seats would increase not only the cost of the car but also compromise its safety features.

People looking for a spacious, comfortable, and versatile car that can accommodate several people at once will find the Honda passport ideal.

Does any Honda Passport have 7 seats?

None of the Honda passport have the 3rd row seating available. Even there is not option to custom the seating arrangements. Without the 3rd row seating the vehicle cannot offer the 7 seats option to the users.

Besides, when it come to the Honda passport the vehicle is a 5-seat vehicle. Which can accommodate 5 people with ease. The passengers will not have to adjust or compromise in terms of comfort in the seats.

Why does Honda Passport not have 3rd row seating?

The Honda passport does not have a third row of seats for a few reasons. For some families, the additional cost would make the car unaffordable.

Honda passport’s third-row seating is confined and would compromise its safety features. The Honda Passport does not have a third row of seats for the following reasons:

The extra cost of the car:

An additional row of seating in a Honda passport would increase the car’s price. For some families, purchasing a vehicle at an additional cost may not be feasible.

Tight space:

Honda passport’s third-row seats are in a very tight space and could compromise safety. When travelling with children or large pets, sitting them close together may not be ideal.

A 3rd-row seat also occupies valuable cargo space, limiting your options for storing more oversized items in your vehicle.

Impact on safety:

A Honda passport with 3rd row seating would also impact its safety features. During an emergency, large adults or children may be unable to exit quickly if the seating is in a tight space.

A third row would compromise the sleek design of the convertible:

Adding a third row to a Honda passport would significantly impact its sleek convertible design. The extra space could make the car look out of place when driving in low-profile environments.

Making it less fuel efficient:

Honda passport’s 3rd row seating would also negatively impact its fuel efficiency. The added weight and space could affect the car’s overall performance when calculating its MPG.

Most used as family Car:

The Honda passport is most commonly used as a family car with third-row seating. Unless you frequently transport large items or have multiple children, you may not need the extra space.

It takes up a lot of space in the trunk:

In a Honda passport, the 3rd row seats would take up a lot of trunk space, which would otherwise be used for other items. This could affect the amount of cargo capacity you have when travelling.

What Honda has 3rd row seating?

The third row of seats in select Honda models can be used to accommodate additional passengers. With a fold-down armrest and extra storage space, this seat is located in the rear cargo area. Honda has the following models with 3rd-row seating:

Honda CR-V Sport:

A Honda CR-V Sport with 3rd-row seating can accommodate up to 7 passengers. A fold-down armrest and extra storage space are available in the 3rd row of seating, located in the rear storage area.

Honda Civic Si:

Additionally, the Honda Civic Si has a third row of seating that can accommodate up to seven passengers. It has a fold-down armrest and additional storage space and can be accessed through the rear cargo area.

Honda Accord Sedan:

The Honda Accord Sedan has a third row of seating that can accommodate up to 7 passengers when all seats are occupied.

Honda Pilot:

The third row of seating on the Honda Pilot can accommodate up to seven passengers. The third row’s seat is located in the rear cargo area, which offers a fold-down armrest and extra storage.

Honda passport:

A Honda passport also has 3rd-row seating for up to 7 passengers. 3rd-row seats are in the rear cargo area and feature fold-down armrests and extra storage.

Honda Odyssey minivan:

The third row of seating can accommodate up to 7 passengers in the Honda Odyssey minivan. The third-row seats are accessible through the rear cargo area and feature fold-down armrests and extra storage.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Honda Passports don’t have 3rd row seating. It has two row seating with five seating capabilities. Honda passport is perfect for small families or groups that need seating. Some other Honda models like CR-V Sport, Civic Si, and Accord Sedan has 3rd row seating.