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Does GMC Terrain Have 3rd Row Seating? (Explained)

When it comes to SUVs, the name of the United States brand_ GMC always runs through the neurons. They provide the perfect family car with a comfortable and spacious seating arrangement. GMC Terrain is one of the top SUV models of the brand which is sustaining its top position for a long time. Since you are here, you must be planning on purchasing a GMC Terrain car. That is why you are investigating the tiniest details since this is a big investment.

So, let’s find out whether GMC Terrain offers a 3rd row for seating.

GMC Terrain have 3rd row seating

The GMC Terrain does not have 3rd row seating. GMC Terrain is a small, compact model. Although they offer big legroom and comfortable seating for 5 people, they do not have seating arrangements for 7 people. The seats of GMC Terrain are fully foldable for the option of cargo space, but no 3rd row.

GMC Terrain is designed for families with a small number of members. It is compact and is on the smaller side for an SUV. Even though it comes with amazing features and comfort, only five or less than five people can enjoy them in one go. It is an amazing model for family regular use or road trip.

Even though the GMC Terrain models do not offer 3rd row seating, it can be a viable option for your family, camping, and long trips. Because this model introduced the most unique and prominent feature which is foldable front seats. So, you can have huge cargo space, in case you are carrying something long, like a pipe or wood logs.

Also, if you must accommodate more than 5 people, you have the option to fold all the seats and give the car a bus-like mode where people can seat or lay as per their wish. All you have to do is lay a mattress, cutting the driver’s seat’s side. This is not a usual way of riding a car but sure is fun. Right?

Instead of 3rd row seating arrangement, the models have arranged a bigger and larger headroom and legroom. Your family can enjoy long drives without sore pains in their necks and joints. If a 3rd row seating were included, the indoors would be congested and the drive would be pretty uncomfortable as well.

Also, the luxury of a heated seat on a cold day can’t be offered by anybody. But the Terrain models do not compromise from any edge to provide the passengers the best, most comfortable journey experience.

If you have a bigger family, you can opt for GMC Acadia, GMC Yukon, and GMC Yukon XL. These models offer seating for 6 to 8 people as they have a 3rd row seating arrangement.

GMC Terrain Model3rd row seat function availability
2010 GMC TerrainNo
2011 GMC TerrainNo
2012 GMC TerrainNo
2013 GMC TerrainNo
2015 GMC TerrainNo
2016 GMC TerrainNo
2018 GMC TerrainNo
2020 GMC TerrainNo
2021 GMC TerrainNo

Do any GMC Terrains have 3rd row seating?

None of the GMC Terrains offer 3rd row seating on their models. The aim of the GMC Terrain is to bring forth a smaller, compact SUV that can accommodate regular, smaller families and also does not take up large space in the garage for parking. For a chic and compact outlook and larger headroom and legroom, this model refrained from adding an additional row in the back for more passengers.

If you are adamant about a 3rd row and made up your mind about GMC Terrains, you can opt for the 2019 model of the series. Although it does not originally come with a 3rd row seating arrangement and is not included automatically in the regular purchase, you can have it in the SL and SLE-1 trim packages. But, in other models except the 2019 one, you do not have the option to upgrade for the 3rd row seating.

How many seats does GMC Terrain have?

GMC Terrain can accommodate five people at best. Even though SUVs usually have room for 6 to 8 people and sedans can five people, GMC Terrain is the SUV model that does not possess the capacity to afford more than five people. Even so, the GMC Terrain is a viable option as a family car.

You may wonder if the GMC Terrains can’t provide a 3rd row seating, why would you go for it instead of a sedan? Well, even though the capacity for these models and sedans is the same, the GMC Terrains outrank any sedan with its amazing features and benefits.

Terrains have the spacious legroom and headroom that a sedan can’t manage to provide. It is always congested and closeted in sedans but not in GMC terrains. Also, it doesn’t take extra space in the garage. The foldable seats are the best spark of their models.

Why does GMC terrain not have 3rd row seating?

An SUV without the 3rd row seating arrangement is not a typical scene in the automobile industry. Even though a 3rd row yields lots of supplementary benefits, the GMC Terrain refrains from including the feature in this series. Of course, keeping a host of underlying factors in mind for such a decision.

Let’s find out the reasons why there is no 3rd row seating in GMC Terrains_

Maximal space for passengers:

GMC Terrain prioritized quality over quantity. They ensured that the passengers, even though fewer, enjoys the ride to the fullest. In GMC terrains, a passenger will not feel suffocated or closeted. A spacious seating arrangement was ensured not only for the front seats but also for the back seats as well.

Storage facility:

In an SUV with 3rd row arrangement, even though the car can accommodate six to eight people, they hardly can fit in the luggage that comes with the family. Because of the additional row, the cargo space gets slender and next to nothing. GMC Terrains ensure that your large bags can also join the trip along with you and your family.

Compact structure and outlook:

A car that facilitates like an SUV but takes up the space of a sedan! Who can say no to that? Most modern garages can hardly accommodate a large SUV and most sedans can hardly provide the comfort and luxury of an SUV. To give the car a compact outlook, they crossed out the idea of 3rd row.

Congested legroom and headroom:

One of the most prominent features and the bestselling point of GMC Terrains is that there is spacious legroom and headroom for the passengers and drivers. And even if you are not satisfied with the broad rooms, you can just fold the seats fully and make a bed.


When the 3rd row gets in line, the cost number will rise higher. The main target of GMC terrains is affordability. So, adding the 3rd row will deter them from their aim and purpose. You can include a 3rd row in SL packages, but it will cost you extra.

What GMC vehicles have 3rd row seating?

The GMC Acadia is said to have a 3rd row seating. Including the 7 seat feature to seat 7 people in it. The feature does not include any other models of the GMC car line. The GMC Acadia is the one to have the 3rd row seating feature. 

Final Thoughts:

The GMC Terrain doesn’t provide 3rd row seating. The highest number of people it can accommodate is 5. Since GMC Terrain is a compact SUV, its motto is to provide ultimate comfort with large indoor and cargo space but no bigger outlook. In consideration of that, 3rd row seating was not included.