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Does Chevy Have a V10 Engine? (Explained)

Chevy is a famous vehicle manufacturer. As they are a car manufacturer, they also make engines for their vehicles. These vehicles come with various kinds of engines based on their requirements.

You may ask whether Chevy has a V10 engine. Let us answer your question and provide you with some necessary information regarding it as well. 

Does Chevy have a V10 engine?

Chevy has a V10 engine. It was made as a prototype by General Motors engineers. This engine was made for Chevrolet Silverado. The built prototype version was labeled as LS V10 engine and it displaced 7.5 liters. This was developed way before the year 2000 but never made its way to the public. 

A V10 engine is an engine that consists of ten cylinders. These cylinders have pistons which help produce the speed required to operate and move a vehicle. The cylinders are arranged in a V setup manner around a single crankshaft. 

V10 engines are less common compared to V8 and V12 engines available in the market.

Both diesel and petrol versions of the V10 engine were available. Various companies made the engine. The first V10 engine was made in the United States in 1965. This was the first diesel V10 engine.

After that, the first petrol V10 engine was made in 1987 by Lamborghini, which was a prototype. But the first public appearance of the petrol V10 engine was in the Dodge Viper.

Chevy tried to build a V10 engine for its consumers in 1987. They wanted to use it in their Chevrolet Silverado. With the help of General Motor engineers, they successfully built a prototype of the engine. 

But it never came out for public use as this engine is basically an engine for racing and luxury vehicles. It was also less popular compared to the other versions of the V series engines that were available in the market.

Did chevy make a v10 in 1987?

Yes, chevy did make a v10 in 1987. The V10 engine is a ten-cylinder engine that was less common and popular than the v8 and v12 engines. This was built for sports cars and luxury vehicles. It was also made for vehicles which were used for heavy duty purposes.

In 1987, Chevy was making a vehicle for heavy duty purposes. This was named the Chevrolet Silverado. The makers of this car wanted to use a powerful and high capacity fuel engine. Therefore, they wanted to make a v10 engine for this vehicle.

Chevy took the help of engineers at General Motors. They developed a prototype of a V10 engine and named the prototype engine LS V10. There were multiple versions of the engine that were developed. But none of them were made for public use. 

Later on the Chevrolet Silverado 1987 was released with a V8 engine.

What is a Chevy V10 truck?

A Chevy V10 truck is a four wheel drive truck. In 1987, Chevrolet had four wheel drive trucks which were named as K series trucks. The speciality of these trucks was that they were made for heavy duty purposes. 

The engines of this series of vehicles are powerful and were designed to provide high power.

A chevy V10 truck is basically a truck of the V series. The V series naming came after 1987. Before that, these vehicles were named as K series. The primary reason for this change was using a V series engine. 

The Chevy Silverado was a Chevy V series truck. This was meant to be a Chevy V10 Truck. A V10 engine was developed and was used as a prototype. Although three or five units were built with this V10 engine by Chevrolet, they were never meant for public use as it was a prototype.

What are the chevy v10 engine specs?

The chevy v10 engine is a mystery of its own. It was said that this engine never came out of modeling stages and was only developed as a prototype. The company made a few units of a particular model. But none of the models ever came out for public use.

The specs of the chevy v10 engine are very interesting. Although the engine was never released for public use, there is some information regarding the engine specs. Here are the chevy v10 engine specs:

Engineered and developed by General Motors:

As Chevy wanted to make a v10 engine for their new 1987 Chevy Silverado, they wanted to make the engine with the help of an expert engine manufacturer. 

General Motors were famous at that time and they wanted to build an excellent V10 engine as well for another car model. Therefore, the chevy v10 engine was made by General Motors.

7.5 liter engine block:

The chevy v10 engine comes with a 7.5 liter engine block. This is a bigger capacity engine block compared to the v8 engine. This extra capacity helps to gain more power in the engine for higher outputs. 

This helps to gain more power in a shorter time compared to other engines available in the market.

Similar block design of some modern LS technology:

This engine has a similar block design to the modern LS engine technologies. This engine uses a 4 inch bore. This is similar to the modern LS2, LQ4, LQ9 and many other modern engine technologies.

What trucks have a V10 engine?

There are many trucks which come with a V10 engine. As V10 is a powerful engine and sometimes costs more to produce, many truck manufacturers opt to use the lower power V6 or V8 engines. But there are some vehicle manufacturers who use the V10 engine in their trucks. Here is the name of some popular trucks which have a V10 engine:

1998 Dodge Ram 3500:

This truck was a famous model that was available in 1998. This truck comes with a powerful Magnum V10 engine. Although this car had six wheels in total, the 300 horsepower V10 engine was adequate enough for driving the vehicle. 

But if you did not require this much power, you could have taken the less powered V6 and V8 engine models of the same truck.

2001 Dodge Ram 2500:

This truck was the child of the previous Dodge Ram models. Using a V10 engine, this car came with a ton of upgrades for its fans. This truck was mainly made for the people who wanted to buy a truck which had a lot of customization options. 

But there was a V8 engine option of the same model.

2009 Ford F-350 Super Duty:

This truck was one of the most famous luxury trucks back then and is still one of the most beloved trucks available in the market. This truck comes with a power V10 engine. Along with that, it has a dual rear wheel configuration. 

This provides the vehicle additional stability to pull heavy products at the back.

Who makes a V10 engine?

Almost no engine manufacturer currently makes a V10 engine. As technology is moving forward, newer engine technology is coming every day. 

The V10 technology has become old and vehicle manufacturers do not want to use this engine technology as the cost of producing this engine is very high.

Audi was the last vehicle manufacturer that made a V10 engine. This company made this engine for the Audi R8. This engine was upgraded to 5.2 liters which could power up to 419 kW. This was one of the last vehicles which used the V10 engine. 

Other than Audi, there were other manufacturers who made the V10 engine when it was popular. The manufacturers were BMW, Porsche, Lexus, Dodge and many more. All of these companies stopped manufacturing V10 engines due to various issues.

One of the key reasons why the production of V10 engines stopped was strict environmental regulations. V10 produced a lot of greenhouse gas. Therefore, the environmental restrictions imposed in various countries forced the production of V10 to be stopped. 

Moreover, a powerful engine like the V10 became less necessary as people started choosing lower power engines for lower fuel consumption.

Final Thoughts 

Chevy has a V10 engine. It was made by General Motors in 1987 and was developed for the Chevrolet Silverado. The V10 engine was chosen for this vehicle because it needed a powerful engine for its purpose. A prototype model was only developed for three or five units, which were not for public use.