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Does Boiling Hot Water Damage Car Paint? (Answered)

Water is one of the most important elements needed for our survival. From drinking to washing, we use water for various reasons. When water is boiled, it can be used for different jobs. Today, we are going to discuss whether boiling hot water damage car paint.

Does boiling hot water damage car paint?

Boiling hot water can sometimes damage car paint. The protective layer of car paint gets affected when an excessive amount of boiling hot water is poured on the exterior body of the car. Applying too much force while pouring the boiling hot water can also damage the car paint. 

Boiling hot water has the potential to damage your car paint. People sometimes use boiling hot water to get dents out of their cars. But pouring too much boiling hot water on the exterior body of the car can ruin the car paint.

Boiling hot water affects the protective layer of the car paint as a wax layer and breaks it down. When the wax layer is messed up by boiling hot water, the car paint is left unprotected.

Boiling hot water is great at removing dents when it is applied correctly. But pouring excessive hot boiling hot water can hurt your car paint badly. 

Boiling hot water is effective as a chemical reactor and this effectiveness can also be the reason behind messing up your car paint. You should be careful while using boiling hot water as it can damage your car paint and increase the maintenance cost of your car.

What does boiling hot water do to your car paint?

Let’s talk about some of the consequences of applying boiling hot water on car paint.

Removes dirt:

Hot water is able to remove dirt more effectively than cold water. This is why car owners prefer washing their cars with warmer water. You can pour boiling hot water on your car to wash out all kinds of dirt and grease. 

The chemical reactions created by boiling hot water are better than cold water which wipes away the oil and dirt.

Removes dent:

Boiling hot water is sometimes used to get dents out of the car. The reactive power of boiling hot water helps the car get back into shape by removing dents. Especially, boiling hot water is effective against minor dents.

Breakswax layer:

Boiling hot water can sometimes damage your car paint. If boiling hot water is poured on the car paint using a tremendous amount of pressure, it can break the wax layer of your car paint and ultimately damage the paint job.

Pouring boiled water on car paint is a tricky job and it should be done with utmost precaution.

Leaves scratches:

Boiling hot water can leave scratches on your car if it is applied carelessly. Sometimes people use boiling hot water to remove dirt materials from the car body. But applying too much boiling hot water leaves scratches on the car paint rather than removing dirt.

Can I pour boiling hot water on my car?

Boiling hot water can be poured on your car. But it can not be poured on all parts of your car. For example, the windshield of your car is not strong enough to withstand the powerful chemical reaction caused by boiling jot water. 

The windshield can get broken if you pour hot water on it.

You will have to use boiling hot water purposefully on your car. You can not randomly pour boiling hot water on your car and expect it to remain in optimum condition. Pouring boiling hot water on your car without any purpose can cause serious damage to your car paint.

Can boiling water remove dents from cars?

We know that boiling hot water is able to remove dents from cars. But let’s now talk about the kinds of dents it can or can not remove from your car’s body.

Minor dents:

Minor dents on your car can be easily removed by pouring boiling hot water over those dents. Removing minor dents using boiling hot water is an easy and inexpensive process. You just have to pour a pan full of water slowly on the minor dents of your car. 

After pouring the boiling hot water, you can just pop or pump the minor dents out.

Big dents:

Boiling hot water is not so effective against the big dents in your car. You can pop or pump the big dents out using hot water. But your car will look out of shape and will also have multiple scratches. 

Pouring boiling hot water alone can not remove massive dents from your car. You can take the help of other methods instead of pouring hot water if you notice big dents on your car.

How to remove dent from car using hot water?

Removing dents from a car using hot water involves several steps. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Boil the water:

First of all, you will need to fill your cooking pan with an adequate amount of water. Then, you will have to boil the water at two hundred and ten degrees Fahrenheit (F) till it starts boiling.

Cool it off:

After the water has been boiled, let it cool off for a moment. Pouring excessive hot water on your car dent can damage the car paint. You do not want to redo your paint job while trying to fix a dent.

Pour the hot water:

You will have to pour the hot water slowly onto the car dent from the pan. You should not use excessive force while pouring the water onto the dent.

Pop the dent out:

After all the water has been poured out, you can pop the dent out from the inside of the car using your hands only.

Pump the dent out:

If the dent is very deep and large and it does not pop out when you push it with your hand, then you can use a plunger to pump it out.

How to remove dent from car without boiling water?

There are several ways other than pouring boiling hot water that you can apply to remove dents from your car. Let’s discuss in detail some of them.

Applying a plunger:

Cars can sometimes have extra small dents on their body. These small dents can be popped out easily using nothing more than a plunger. This is a very easy and proven method.

Using hot glue:

You can also use hot glue to get dents out of your car. But removing dents from the car using hot glue depends on the pulling force your body is able to generate. You will also need dowels for this method to be successful. 

You will need to glue the dowels onto the dent and pull them as hard as you can.

Using a hairdryer:

It might sound surprising to you. But you can take the help of a hairdryer to remove dents from your car. You will need to apply a hairdryer to the dent to heat it. After you have successfully heated up the dent, you will have to apply compressed air to pop the dent out.

Applying dry ice:

You can even apply dry ice to get dents out of your car. It is a fairly easy process as you will only need to rub dry ice on the dents and wait for it to pop out.

Should you wash your car with hot water?

You can wash your car with hot water. It is proven that hot water is more capable of removing dirt and grease from your car than cold water. But the temperature of hot water can not be too high because it can potentially damage the paint job of your car.

You will also take into account the pressure created by the car washer while washing the car with hot water. If you wash your car with hot water using too much force can damage the external parts of your car. 

Washing your car with warm water rather than boiling hot water is a good choice.

How does hot water damage car paint?

Too hot water is not good for the exterior body of your car. The paint job on your car contains several layers. One of them is known as the wax layer which protects the car paint. 

When you use excessively hot water on your car, the wax layer breaks down leaving your car paint unprotected and damaged.

The car paint becomes weak and starts fading away when the wax layers break down due to hot water. It can even leave scratches on the paint job of your car.

Final Thoughts

Boiling hot water can often be responsible for damaging car paint. It breaks down the wax layer which gives protection to car paint. Warm water instead of boiling hot water should be used for washing a car. Boiling hot water should only be used for removing dents out of a car.