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Does Audi Q3 Have Remote Start? (Quick Answers)

Audi is one of the most renowned car manufacturers in the world. Until 2018 they were in the 4th position by reliability ratings. They had an average reliability score of more than 70%. However, these days they have gone down 3 positions to 7th

Nowadays their reliability score is about 60% and still, that is quite good when you consider that they have been around a long time. The luxury these cars provide is also unlike any other vehicle out there too.

However, we understand and know that all features do not come with any company’s product. Audi is no different, they do not have perfect products. Therefore, let us go below and find out what things they do have and which they do not.

Audi Q3 remote start

Audi vehicles do not always have full remote start capabilities. This is especially true for the earlier models. Back then that feature did not go along with the law and it was illegal to have this feature preinstalled. However, the newer models these days can be seen equipped with one.

Audi cars do not come equipped with a factory remote start system. This is illegal when it comes to the environmental laws of Europe as their laws are stricter in these cases. However, these days Audi is able to equip their vehicles with this function.

The designers at Audi call this new key fob their “Audi Advanced Key”. These come with many interesting and unique features. Furthermore, they call the “Remote Start System” a basic feature for these models. 

They have other much better unique features that present convenience to the table.

However, this feature was always asked by the owners why it was not included before. Thus, we hope this helped you find your answer and understand that it was not a fault of our manufacturing but rather a law issue. 

Old Audi users can also opt for this new feature if they want too as well.

Check out this table below to know which versions of the Audi Q3 did have the remote start system preinstalled. This table will show you how much of a change this new feature is.

Audi Q3Does it have remote start
2022 Audi Q3Has Remote Start
2021 Audi Q3Does Not Have Remote Start
2020 Audi Q3Does Not Have Remote Start
2019 Audi Q3Does Not Have Remote Start
2018 Audi Q3Does Not Have Remote Start
2017 Audi Q3Does Not Have Remote Start
2016 Audi Q3Does Not Have Remote Start

How do I know if my Audi Q3 has remote start?

Audi Q3 is a subcompact luxury crossover SUV, this vehicle has a transverse mounted front engine. It is a unique vehicle consisting of some of the newest tech features that will put a smile on a car enthusiast guy. 

The Audi Q3 also has great fuel economy as well as a ride that will make us feel as if the car is pampering us. A state-of-the-art car like this might feel like it has all the features, for example, a remote starter system. 

The car has more advanced systems that allow us to add additional security 

However, to find out for sure that it does have this, we need to look at our key fob. The remote start button will look like a curved arrow. If our car currently has a key fob that has this button then we can safely say that our car is equipped with a remote start.

There are simpler features like just turning the vehicle off and on but the advanced features are the star for these newer models of Audi Q3.

Can you add remote start on an Audi Q3?

Yes, we can add remote start on an Audi Q3. The older models of this vehicle do not have the new features the newer models of the vehicle have. It is as plain as day for the newer models and a remote start is considered a basic feature for those variations.

However, the old versions do not include these features that are considered basic for the newer models. Audi as a company always excels in planting the most luxury a car can have when it comes to new tech. 

The newer versions do not even need for us to open the doors by ourselves as they will open on their own when we approach with the key. This is a rather new evolution of the keyless system.

Therefore, when it comes to the older models of Audi Q3 we have to go for an aftermarket remote start kit. The process is rather very simple like Plug and Play. We can install it in our local car shops or we can go to a retail Audi car shop and they will retrofit it to older versions as well.

How to remote start an Audi Q3 2022?

The process to remote start an Audi Q3 2022 is simple, just follow the steps below.

Take the key fob in range:

We have to take the key fob and get in range.

Press the lock/unlock button 3 times in a row:

Once in range, we will press the lock/unlock button 3 times in a row. After pressing it 3 times in a row the vehicle will show some light effects showing that it has accepted the commands.

The car will automatically start:

Finally, the car will automatically start and be in neutral mode for the next 15 minutes. If we do not engage with the car in these 15 mins, it will shut the engine off automatically.

We can also turn off the car remotely:

We can also turn off the car remotely if we want by pressing the lock/unlock button 3 times in a row.

How much does it cost to get remote start installed in your Audi?

Due to the environmental laws of Europe, Germany and other certain regions, it is illegal for the car manufacturer to preinstall a remote start system in their vehicle. They have stricter rules when it comes to environmental laws.

However, the new models as of 2021 and so on are getting the Remote Start system preinstalled in their vehicles. This procedure can be done for other Audi cars as well that users already own. 

All they need to do is go to a local Audi car shop and they will retrofit the system in the older models as well. 

The procedure would require us to have somewhere between $150 to $500. This cost can scale from model to model and also is true for the aftermarket versions as well.

Does Audi have an app for a remote start?

After Audi started including the new key fob system that includes the remote start option along with other amazing features. These features will help with convenience as well as security.

They will install this feature in older models that consumers use too. They can be charged as per their models. The cool thing is that the car also comes equipped with the feature of an app that allows control over the remote start system too.

The procedure might need around 3 days for them to complete but it will be worth it for the old users and die-hard fans of Audi likewise. Just by tapping a button 3 times, your vehicle will be ready to go in drive mode and just waiting for you to get in and start driving.

Final thoughts

Technically the answer is that the Audi Q3 does not have a remote start. This is because this vehicle’s older versions do not come equipped with this “basic” feature. However, this feature is found in the newest models. But for the older ones we have to manually install.