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Does Audi Have Ambient Lighting? (Quick Answers)

Ambient lighting is a feature present in cars that gained popularity in the second decade of the 2000s. 

It is a soft setting of light that delicately illuminates selected areas in a car, especially around the center console, dashboard, cup-holders, door handles, around the doors, and different readings in a car. 

The features–except the older models–are controlled through the center consoles of a car and set as per the mood, and taste. Moreover, there are different colors, patterns, intensities, and combinations. 

For the availability of various options, one can choose the ambient lights as per their preference. You would be surprised to know that drivers benefit psychologically from ambient lighting because it provides them a sense of comfort, elegance, and a wider area. 

At night, it gives a sense of direction and security.

Although many modern vehicles have this particular option, the 2016 Chevrolet Camaro set the standard for the setting by providing 24 various interior lighting effects. 

When several of their 2017 models came with ambient lighting packages or built-in features, many other renowned car companies started using ambient lighting as well. 

Now, let us find out whether or not audi’s have ambient lighting and also get to know some interesting built-in features of audi. 

Audi ambient lighting

Some Audi does come with ambient lighting. This allows the users to set the light mood according to their taste while driving. But not all of them come with built-in setup. In that case, you can install it on your own to get the maximum comfort along with the lighting effect. 

Ambient lighting is one of the most integral parts of Audi which sets the mood of the users according to their taste. But it does not come in all Audi models. While the majority of the models come with the functionality, only a few do not have this. 

But you can still get your car and get the ambient light installed if you want it in your car. That way, you can enjoy the ambient lighting setup whenever you want. Now, let’s find out which Audi models retains the ambient lighting setup and which ones don’t have it.

Audi ModelAmbient light function availability
Audi q1No
Audi q2Yes
Audi q3Yes
Audi q4Yes
Audi q5Yes
Audi q6No (undecided)
Audi q7Yes
Audi a1Yes
Audi a2Yes
Audi a3Yes
Audi a4Yes
Audi a5Yes
Audi a6Yes
Audi a7Yes
Audi s5Yes

Do all audi have ambient lighting built in? 

No. Not all Audi come with built-in ambient lighting. Some of the cars have no features that might support ambient lighting, for example, the Audi Q1, Q6, and S3. 

But other cars may come with built-in ambient lighting features, along with features among the styles and types of ambient lighting. Some of the models come with packages that offer ambient or LED interior lighting, for example, the ambient lighting package for the Audi Q2. 

Does 2017 Audi have ambient lighting?

There were several models that had been changed in 2017. Among them, the ones that occupy the top of our list are the 2017 Audi A6, A4, Q5, and Q7 Premiums. All of the mentioned models have ambient interior lighting or similar features built in

They’re accessed through the MMI (multi-media interface) installed in the Audi center consoles. The MMIs either come built-in or have to be installed by the buyer. This interface makes controlling different features of the car convenient.

What is ambient lighting in audi cars?

Ambient lighting is soft lighting that isn’t harsh to the eyes and is normally set around a car’s door handles, cup holders, center consoles, and any place that people can use as guides

Moreover, ambient lighting is normally used to get inside or outside the car in the dark without flooding the surroundings with harsh light and navigating around in the car. 

Having ambient lighting in a car helps drivers and passengers with the controls, alleviates the beauty of a car, and improves the comfort and mood of people inside the car. The lighting also helps with setting the aesthetic approach of a big-budget car and calms the driver.

Which audi has ambient lighting? 

Interior ambient lighting is included on almost all Audi models. The Audi Q2, Q3, S5, and A7 are a few of them. However, because one may customize the inside to their preferences and moods, Audi Q2 is thought to be the most elegant of its versions.

Audi Q2:

If you specify an Audi Q2 crossover with the optional “Ambient Lighting Package Plus,” which lets us control the ambient lighting through the center console, the interior lighting showpiece will be included. 

Despite not coming with a built-in ambient lighting system, and the car being small, the feature that makes Audi Q2 so sought out is the powertrain.

Audi Q8: 

This sporty, and large SUV model is the most elegant of all Audi models in the market and the ambient lighting feature gives the car an elegant and moody aura and gives an amazing night-time experience. 

The model comes from the models of Audi’s sports cars and is powerful, and elegant. 

Audi e-tron: 

Audi e-tron, like Audi Q8, has built-in ambient lighting programs that have preset color combinations but also let us control the color combinations, and the areas where we want ambient lights inside our car, according to our mood and tastes through the MMI. 

The Audi e-tron models are fully-electric and equipped with intelligent technology and advanced charging facilities. They’re more efficient and adaptable for short and long journeys.

What is the audi ambient lighting package price?

A set of features called the Audi ambient lighting package enables users to create custom interior designs in accordance with their moods. They are able to choose the lighting’s color, brightness, and even the locations that they want lit. 

Additionally, one can choose from around 30 distinct colors and a variety of intensity levels using the Audi MMI to build their own color scheme. The ambient lighting package for the 2019 Audi Q3 costs about $385.00 and is available in 32 colors.

How do I turn on ambient lighting on Audi?

Audi does have the built-in ambient lighting feature. Moreover, it is comparatively easy to turn on ambient lighting that comes built-in. 

The steps below guide how to turn the ambient lighting of an Audi e-tron on. The steps are as follows:

Turning on the ignition:

To use the Audi MMI (multi-media interface), which is typically mounted in the center console, the first thing that must be done after getting into the car is to turn the ignition on.

Looking for the Menu option:

To find out the lighting features, we need to go to the ‘menu.’ For that, the ‘home’ button is chosen–it’s the button where a house is drawn.  

Secondly, the option that says ‘vehicle’ is pressed which will bring us to a couple of choices.

Locating the Light and Visibility option:

After entering the option that says ‘vehicle,’ we choose the option that says ‘light and visibility,’ and press on that. 

This is where all the lighting settings are and the e-tron has mainly three, the exterior lighting, the interior lighting, and the rain sensor. In the Interior Setting, we’ll find all the ambient lighting settings.

Interior Lighting:

After choosing the option that says ‘interior lighting,’ some presets are noticed. We can now, either choose those preset lighting combinations or make our own.

Final Thoughts 

When they first hit the market, not all Audi vehicles included ambient lighting. Some need the purchase of an ambient lighting package, while many newer models come standard with built-in ambient lighting and capabilities that enable us to create our own lighting arrangements.