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Does Audi A3 Have a Spare Tire? (Read This First!)

Are you looking for a car with a spare tire? Look no further than Audi. Audi models are available with spare tires, making it easy to get around if something goes wrong.

However, if you were to purchase an Audi A3, would this car have a spare tire? Here’s what we discovered.

Audi A3 spare tire

The Audi A3 does not come with a spare tire, however, there is a cargo area that can hold up to 158 cubic feet. In addition to being larger than most compact SUVs, this vehicle can transport tools and furniture as well. You can either rent or purchase a spare tire for your Audi A3.

Since its cargo area is larger than most Spare tires, it is not necessary to have one since its cargo area can accommodate larger objects.

Furthermore, Audi claims that its Drive Select system allows you to shift into a lower gear when necessary. It is better to have a spare tire on hand in case of an emergency, which should reduce the need for one.

Its aerodynamic design, low center of gravity, and large wheels make it easier to control than something with a spare tire.

In addition, this engine eliminates the danger of getting stuck on the side of a mountain due to the lack of airbags in your vehicle while traveling from one point to another.

Audi ModelSpare tire function availability
2016 Audi a3No
2018 Audi a3Yes
Audi a3 e TronNo

Does a 2015 Audi A3 have a spare tire?

The 2015 Audi A3 does not come with a spare tire as part of the package. The majority of the models in this year’s lineup do come with some form of wheel repair kit, however. Both regular and all-wheel-drive models are included in this category.

You will either need to rent a spare tire from a car rental agency or purchase a spare tire separately if you need one for a 2015 Audi A3.

It is worth noting, however, that Audi does include a spare tire kit in its 2015 lineup. For example, the automatic transmission is available on all trim levels equipped with an automatic transmission, including the S3, S4, and RS trim levels.

If your car is equipped with Quick Shift technology, you will not be charged an extra fee for this service.

5 Reasons why Audi a3 doesn’t come with a spare tire

Even though the 2015 Audi A3 does not come with a spare tire, this is because the cargo area is capable of accommodating larger items than most spare tires.

The following are some of the most common reasons why Audi decided not to have a spare tire in their car.

Reducing the cost:

When it comes to reducing the cost, not having a spare tire on an Audi A3 makes sense since it reduces the number of parts that need to be produced and shipped.

As fewer parts are used, there is also less chance for the product to go wrong during manufacturing or while in transit.

Dedicated space:

Part of the cargo area’s two seats will likely have to be removed since there is no dedicated spare tire space in the cargo area. This would reduce interior space.

The importance of this is especially apparent when you consider that Audi’s interior space is already relatively spacious compared to other models on the market.


Additionally, Audi might not include a spare tire because it believes most drivers can find a suitable place to park if their wheel needs replacing. Since the cargo area of most cars can accommodate larger objects, most people do not require a spare tire.

Increasing the mileage:

Audi can encourage potential drivers to make full use of the full range of performance options available in their vehicles.

For example, it is necessary to use the four-wheel-drive system as well as higher gears when traveling on rough terrain or when traveling off-road.

Problem with installation and removal:

Furthermore, if you have limited dexterity, having a spare would increase the chances of something going wrong during installation or removal.

It is often the case that the difficulties involved with installing and removing a spare tire are greater than the inconvenience of not having one. Audi is likely to save itself both time and money as a result of avoiding the additional expense and complications.

Where is the spare tire on Audi A3?

Technically, the spare tire is located under the load floor of the Audi A3. Unfortunately, this isn’t always possible or desirable due to a lack of space or other reasons.

If you are wondering where it is, it is either in the wheel well (behind the wheel) or behind the engine compartment (near or below the engine).

There is, however, the possibility of installing a spare tire on a TT RS. The factory recommends using summer tires and wheels with a high load index rating of 205/60R16LT, instead of standard steel rims for better handling.

The Audi A3 does not come with a spare tire. In most cases, drivers will be able to find a suitable parking spot if they need to replace their wheels. Audi likely saves time and money by avoiding the added complication and expenses.

What is the Audi a3 spare tire size?

Audi A3 has a 17 X 8 in. sized wheel or rim. A3 models come in two different wheelbase lengths: 110 and 140 inches. But it has three types of tire sizes. The sizes are listed below.

  • P225/45HR17
  • P225/40HR18
  • P245/40HR18

P refers to the width of the tire, for the first measurement, which is 225mm. The number after P is the ratio between tire height and weight, for the first measurement of 45mm. Finally, R stands for rim diameter, which is 17mm.

How do you change a tire on an Audi A3?

There are many different ways to change a tire on an Audi A3, depending on the type of wheel and tire that you have.

If you have a standard-sized spare or a performance wheel (including alloy wheels), then you will need to use the jack and lug wrench that is included with your car.

For all other types of tires, such as Cooper or Sports Plus carcasses, you will need to purchase an appropriate lug nut tool.

The tools you need:

  • Jack
  • Lug wrench
  • Spare tire (if applicable)
  • Tire iron or a tire sealant
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Jack stands (if available)

Jack the car up:

on the jack and use the lug wrench that are included. Wear safety gloves and eye protection while performing this procedure, which can be quite labor-intensive.

Remove the previous tire:

You will need to remove the existing tire by using your lug wrench. Use caution not to damage the metal wheel beneath the tire! It is advisable to place a piece of cardboard underneath the offending tire to protect any nearby objects.

Put on the new tire:

The tire iron or sealant should be attached to the correct tool and placed over the lug nut. Ensure that it is tightly seated on top of the nut by pressing firmly and rotating it until it is tightly seated. Rotate it one more time to ensure it is securely attached.

By applying pressure with your hand, you may be able to achieve sufficient leverage. With the provided lug wrench, tighten the bolts by turning them counterclockwise until the tire is firmly seated on the wheel.

Lower the car:

Make sure that you have lowered the car onto all four wheels, making sure that you have used a jack stand to maintain the car’s position, if you need to. Replace any cardboard or other packaging that might have come away with the installation of the car.

Final Thoughts

By default, the Audi a3 does not come equipped with a spare tire, but it can be installed in several ways. In terms of the tools necessary for installation, most drivers will require only an appropriate lug nut tool. Jack stands are also generally unnecessary but may be useful in tight situations.