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Does Acura ILX Require Premium Gas? (Read This First!)

Who doesn’t love the sedans and SUVs made by Acura, right? They offer incredible driving experience along with utmost comfort. Acuras’ cars are luxurious cars that are engineered to excite the minds of everyone.

That being said, before purchasing your desired Acura car, you must be wondering if it needs premium gas or not. Let’s find out which Acura cars require premium gas to run smoothly.

Does Acura ILX require premium gas?

The manufacturers of Acura ILX recommend that you use premium unleaded gas in this car. The engine’s mechanism of the Acura ILX becomes most efficient with premium 91 octane rated gasoline. That being said, you can drive this car quite smoothly even with regular gas.

The engine of the Acura ILX is designed in such a way that it can run with both premium and regular gasoline.

However, with premium unleaded gas, the engine health of the car will be better and its fuel economy will be boosted. Premium fuel will also optimize the power and will also improve the performance of the car.

There are numerous significant reasons why you should use premium fuel on your Acura ILX. Let’s find out why you should use premium gasoline on your Acura ILX.

Engine will last longer

The engine of the Acura ILX is engineered to ignite and combust fuel seamlessly when premium gas is used. If you use regular gas on the Acura ILX, the quality and functionality of the engine will degrade.

The impurities in the regular fuel can also damage the engine. So, if you use premium fuel in your Acura ILX, its engine will last longer.

Improved performance

The Acura ILX is equipped with a V6 engine that needs premium gas. The higher octane rated premium gasoline will help the car to reach the optimum horsepower. You can also test how well your vehicle can operate with this fuel.

Then again, using regular fuel will result in a performance reduction. This fuel switching will prevent you from getting the desired horsepower from the car.

The car will perform quite well even then, but it will be a touch slower than it would be with premium gas.

Can you use regular gas on Acura ILX?

Although you can use regular gas on an Acura ILX, you should not use it. This is due to the fact that the engine of this car will function at its full capacity only when unleaded premium gasoline is used.

The premium gas has an octane rating of 91 and is very smooth. So, the mechanism of the engine remains flawless when you use the premium fuel.

The regular gas, on the other hand, is not very smooth textured. So, the pistons and spark plugs won’t function as smoothly as they would with premium fuel.

The regular unleaded gas also contains quite a significant amount of impurities. Most of the impure materials in the fuel are filtered out by the fuel filters, but a few of them still go through which can damage the engine.

Along with the impurities, some fuels are also filtered out, as a result of which the fuel efficiency gets worse.

What is premium gas?

Any type of fuel that has an octane rating between 91 and 93 is considered premium gas. The most common types of premium gas have an octane rating of 91 and 93.

The premium gasoline that has an octane rating of 93 is not only known as premium gas, they are mostly known as super-premium fuel or ultra premium fuel.

Since the octane rating of the premium gas is high, its ability to withstand the internal combustion engines’ compression without shattering is very high. The texture of the premium fuel is also very smooth and it has the minimum amount of impurities.

What is the difference between premium and regular gas?

There are numerous factors that differentiate regular gas from premium gas. The factors include octane rating, impurity level, performance, and more. Let’s find out the difference between premium and regular gas.

Octane rating

The octane rating of a fuel is basically how much compression it can withstand without setting off in an internal combustion engine. The higher the octane rating of the fuel, the better the fuel performance will be.

The octane rating of premium fuel starts from 91 with 93 being the highest. Whereas, the regular fuel has an octane rating of 87 in general.

Impurity level

Every type of fuel has some form of impurities in it. The impurities are usually natural minerals and chemicals.

These impurities are filtered out through the fuel filters. If the impurity level of the fuel is high, it won’t be able to provide the desired gas mileage as some fuel will also be filtered out.

The impurity level of the regular gas is quite high and its texture is also a bit rough. On the other hand, the impurity level of the premium fuel is quite low and its texture is also very smooth.

Can you use premium gas in any car?

You can definitely use premium gas in any car. It won’t impose any risk to your vehicle’s engine or your vehicle itself. In fact, using premium fuel in your car will improve the performance and also increase the fuel efficiency.

Since every vehicle on the road will run fine with an 87 to 89 octane rated fuel. Using an octane rated fuel of 91 or above that is the premium gas is even better. It will make the car reach its desired and expected horsepower.

What are the benefits of using premium gas?

As the name depicts, the quality of the premium gas is much better than other types of fuel. This gas has an octane rating of 91 and higher. There are numerous benefits of using premium gas. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using premium gas.

Environmental friendly

The premium gas is comparatively more environmentally friendly than other types of gas. This gas reduces the emission of carbon dioxide when the car is accelerating and working hard.

Boost overall performance

The premium fuel has a higher octane rating. So, it has the ability to tolerate compression without erupting in an internal combustion engine. As a result, with premium fuel, the overall performance of the car will get boosted.

With premium fuel, a vehicle will be able to provide power up to its maximum potential. A vehicle will also be able to reach the expected horsepower when premium gas is used.

Reduces engine knock

The main function of a spark plug in an engine is to ignite fuel. When the engine combusts fuel without using spark plugs, it is known as engine knock. It happens mainly due to improper timing of combustion due to the low quality of fuel.

This engine knock can be very harmful to the engine and can significantly reduce its lifespan. By using premium fuel, you can reduce engine knock from occurring immediately.

What happens if I don’t use premium gas in my Acura?

Most of the cars and SUVs made by Acura work best with premium fuel. The manufacturers even recommend using premium gas if you want the best performance and driving experience from the vehicles.

Various issues can arrive in your Acura car if you don’t use premium gas. Have a look at what happens if you don’t use premium fuel in your Acura.

Bad fuel performance

Regular gas and midrange gas have a lot of impurities and dust in them. When you refill your fuel tank with these fuels, it goes through a fuel filter which takes out the impurities. Along with those materials, some fuel is also filtered out.

If you don’t use premium fuel that has a very low impurity level, a lot of fuel will be drained out of the car. As a result, your Acura will give a very bad fuel performance if you don’t use premium fuel in it.

Unoptimized power

Most engines of Acura require premium fuel to work at their full capacity. It reaches the maximum horsepower only with premium fuel.

If you don’t use premium gas in your Acura car or SUV, you won’t be able to get the desired power. The car will also accelerate a bit slower if you don’t use premium gas.

Heavy engine knock

Regular gas will cause engine knocks at regular intervals in your Acura vehicle. This happens due to the smoothness of the fuel and the texture of regular gas is quite rough.

So, your Acuras’ engine will face heavy engine knocks if you don’t use premium gas in the car.

Final Thoughts

Although most of the Acura sedans and SUVs work quite well in regular gas, it is recommended to use premium gas. The premium gasoline helps the Acura vehicles to accelerate smoothly and offer better fuel mileage. This premium gas also helps cars reach their full potential in terms of power.