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Do Ford Mustangs Have Sunroofs? (Quick Answers)

Sunroofs add style to any vehicle but imagining one on the mustang could be difficult. 

Although Ford mustangs might just be one of the more popular consumer vehicles for car lovers, sunroof lovers say otherwise. 

Hence, there’s quite a lot of buzz out there about whether mustangs have sunroofs at all. 

Do ford mustangs have sunroofs?

As of recent 2021, Ford does not have any mustangs designed with sunroofs, even as an option. The Ford Mustang Mach-E is the only model in the company’s mustang line to have an integrated sunroof on the vehicle. Ford has discontinued models with sunroofs because of the curved shape of their roofs.

From 2011 to 2015, Ford used to make Mustang models that would allow its consumers to get sporty vehicles with an optional glass roof. Although it was not a traditional sunroof, models with glass panels were at least available. 

Post 2015, Mustang gt had no sunroof options due to a few good reasons. One of the primary reasons Ford stopped including sunroofs in their classic sporty mustangs is due to the contour of the vehicle itself. 

The shape of the car is such that it is slightly curved on the top. If a sunroof is designed, it would also have to be curved which in turn could create issues like clearance hindrance. 

Other than that, costing had also been an issue for the mother company, since adding a sunroof increases the manufacturing cost of manifolds. Although many would love a sunroof on their sporty automobile, sunroofs are not the most popular among mustang lovers. 

Generally, other than adding a more stylish look to a car, the use of sunroofs quickly wanes away among most users. However, one of the models of a Ford, Mustang Mach-E had a sunroof option but only until late 2021. 

Ford also saw other risks and downsides of having a sunroof on its models and discontinued it. One of the reasons is changed laminar airflow and additional mileage. 

Other than that, sunroofs are always on the edge of malfunctioning due to possible rusts after a few years, and probable leaks and cracks. The cost of repairing the sunroofs would be high and an additional hassle many do not want. 

Why do mustangs not have sunroofs? 

It might be surprising to the general car lovers that a modern-day consumer automobile like the ford mustang does not have the option of a sunroof. 

Surely, the mobile panel above the passengers’ heads in any vehicle has its recompense. However, there are downsides to having sunroofs on your mustang as well and the manufacturers see it. 

Mustangs have a slight curvature on the roof. It is assumed that adding a sunroof to the curved overhead could cause clearance problems since the sunroof might have to be curved as well. 

Other than that, sunroofs add to fuel consumption and altered aerodynamics which is undesirable for consumers in the long run. 

Other than that, the low demand and high cost of initiating a full-proof sunroof design into its models, has prevented the company from making mustangs with sunroofs any further.

The company has also surveyed and found that sunroofs invite additional costs and risks and are unpopular among its buyers. 

Which Mustangs have sunroofs?

Nowadays Ford don’t build any mustang with sunroofs for numerous reasons, but earlier they had few mustang with sunroofs, and they are –

  •  Ford Mustang Mach E 
  • 1981 – 1994 fox shaped models of mustangs

Can you put a sunroof in a mustang?

Whether it’s a moonroof, panoramic, or a simple single-pane sunroof, you can install one in any car, including a mustang

However, the contour of the mustang models is such that adding a sunroof could topple the make of your vehicle completely.

 Since Ford did not include one on their models, it is wise not to go ahead and add one. You’d have to make several changes, adding more to the costs. Changing the integrity of the car can be quite risky in the long run. 

How much does it cost to add a sunroof to your car?

If you’re one of the sports car lovers who just cannot do without a sunroof, you’d need to know how much it might cost to add one to your car. One of the sunroofs that has recently risen to much demand is the moonroof which many want to install on their cars. 

The cost of adding a sunroof varies, and depends on a few factors but mainly on the make and model of the car. If the design of the car is such that it allows the sunroof to be installed conveniently, the cost would be lower. 

The material of the glass pane, and the area labor costs are also factors contributing to the net cost. Generally, the cost of adding a sunroof may vary from $800 to 2000 dollars.

If you plan to install one yourself which happens to be a pop-up sunroof, you may complete the deed well between $300 to $800. This is a detachable and the most affordable of options. 

Multi Paned or panoramic sunroofs cost the most and have to be factory installed as well, taking the cost to up to $3000 in some models. 

Moonroofs, on the other hand, may cost you about $1500 to $2500 to install on a car’s roof. 

Is it OK to install an aftermarket sunroof?

Since many models like the ford mustangs do not have a sunroof, people tend to simply add an aftermarket sunroof because it is easy to install and perhaps the cheapest option available. However, it may not be a good idea to add an aftermarket sunroof to your car

Aftermarket sunroofs are not long-lasting and before you know it, the list of problems would become a headache. Moreover, Since the roof is a major part of a car’s structural load, changing it could become risky as well. 

Not only does it change the initial design balance of the car, but the integrity is also thrown off. If you have any plans for a resale shortly, know that an aftermarket sunroof on your car would mitigate its value greatly. 

Are sunroofs worth it?

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of sunroofs for you to decide whether they are worth it



When most people are asked about why they would want a sunroof on their cars, often their reasons skew towards the looks of the car. 

Let’s admit it, sunroofs make your car look stylish and avant-garde. They add chicness to even the most mundane of cars. 


What’s great about sunroofs is how it lets fresh air into the car, creating a well ventilated and cool environment inside the cabin when the air conditioner is turned off. 


Sun or rain, you can enjoy just about any weather. Sunroofs in any car create an ambiance like no other. 

You can also get out, stand on the seat and enjoy the scenery outside if you’re going for a scenic drive. 


Minimal utility:

Sunroofs are not necessary and thus considered to be an additional luxury to your car. 

That is because, other than the looks, style, and ambiance, there’s not much utility of the panel above. For many, sunroofs become non-existent after just a few drives. 


Since sunroofs are mostly made of glass, a crack or shatter on the glass can be considered risky. The replacement or repair costs can be quite high as well. 

Unstable aerodynamics:

It is no secret that sunroofs add more drag on the top and hence topple the usual aerodynamics of a car’s roof. 

This would affect the car when it is at higher speeds. 

Extra mileage:

Not just aerodynamics, sunroofs add to fuel consumption as well.

Is mustang convertible?

When paired with a styling bar, nothing beats the sporty look of a convertible mustang. Being prevalent, some models of mustangs are convertible and these are available in dual variants. One is a V8 model with a 5-liter mark and the other is a 2.3 Ecoboost with 4 cylinders

As the name suggests the Eco boost model saves more cost than the former. Mustang convertibles are costly models that start from above $30000. 

Which Mustang models are available as a convertible?

Ford Mustang offers convertible options in its base GT and Bullitt trims models. GT normal and premium versions also come with convertible options. Other than that, the EcoBoost models including the premium ones are also convertible. 

In its Mach 1 model, a convertible is also an option and is quite popular among its sporty lovers. 

Final thoughts

As of autumn 2021, no models of Ford Mustangs have sunroofs installed on the roofs of the car. Before 2015, Ford kept the option open but soon stopped adding sunroofs as it does not complement the design and contour of the original make of mustang. Mustang Mach E was the only model with a sunroof.