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Do Duramax Have Glow Plugs? (Read This First!)

The type of plug the engines use is very much important for the user. While most of the engines have spark plug, some of the engines go for a glow plug. Both of which work in the same way. Apart from some very technical differences, there are not much differences between the two.

Do Duramax have glow plugs?

Duramax is a well known engine brand that offers a lot of facilities, including a glow plug. It is not common for engines to have a glow plug but Duramax has it. Though the engine starts without the glow plug, it can come in handy during the cold times. Which is a convenience.

It is not common for Duramax engines to have glow plug but thankfully they do. Though the glow plugs are not always used they still come in handy during the cold times. Glow plugs are mostly used to heat up the cylinders in case of a cold start.

No plugs are used in diesel based engines, like Duramax engines. Many other engines do not have glow plugs. It is not exactly necessary but it is a good addition for a convenient engine. Which is why Duramax has Glow plugs.

Glow plugs are not always used in Duramax engines. During cold conditions on the initial start up the glow plugs are activated. If it is below 30°F then you will need a glow plug to ignite the engines.

Which is why Duramax has glow plugs installed. To make the work easier during the colder days. Otherwise you would have to look for other ways.

Do new Duramax have glow plugs?

Most of the Duramax engines come with a glow plug and it may be uncommon for a lot of the other engines. Most engines did not have glow plugs but Duramax did. Some of the older versions of the engine had glow plugs installed. And most of the new versions have them too.

There was a time when most of the engines went for spark plugs. Even then Duramax had glow plugs installed. Most of the new versions of Duramax work with glow plugs.

This is to ensure maximum affectivity of the engines, even during the colder times. So if you have a new Duramax, there is a glow plug installed.

Do these Duramax have glow plugs?

Most of the Duramax engines now come with pre installed glow plugs. Even some of the previous versions of the engine had glow plugs instead spark plugs. Which is one of the reasons the engine was so popular.

2013 Duramax:

The 2013 version of Duramax had 8 glow plugs total. It was numbered and it had attachments as well. It is one of the oldest versions of Duramax with glow plugs attached.

2015 Duramax:

Back in 2015, Duramax had installed glow plugs to their engine. It was easier to change the glow plugs back then as there were 8 of them installed to the engines.

2016 Duramax:

The earlier version of the 2016 Duramax had glow plugs installed as well. It had become common for glow plugs to be installed in Duramax engines.

2017 Duramax:

The 2017 version of the Chevy Duramax had pre installed glow plugs. By this version glow plugs had become an obvious addition, almost like a part of the engine.

2018 Duramax:

2018 Duramax has glow plugs installed too. But unlike the other versions, it has only one glow plug. But that one glow plug holds enough power as the previous ones.

2019 Duramax:

The 2019 Duramax introduced glow plugs with a twist. The glow plugs of this version were controlled by micro processors.

2020 Duramax:

The glow plugs of the 2020 version are ceramic, which makes it easier to work with in the cold.

2021 Duramax:

The latest version of Duramax comes with glow plugs that ignite the engines faster than the other versions.

Will a Duramax start without glow plugs?

Duramax engines have pre installed glow plugs for the convenience of the user during the cold times. Glow plugs are not necessary for Duramax engines to run. Only when the temperature is cold the glow plugs will help heat up and ignite the engines and start quickly.

A glow plug is not necessarily needed to for a Duramax to start. It is only needed during the colder times.

While most engines use spark plugs, Duramax has been using glow plugs for a long time. But it is not because the engine won’t start without it. Glow plugs are useful additions for the engine.

How many glow plugs are in a 6.6 Duramax?

Usually a 6.6 Duramax has 8 glow plugs. This version of the Duramax is perhaps the most used one. Duramax 6.6L has a pack of 8 glow plugs. The 8 of them are not usually turned on at the same time. Only one or two are used to ignite the engines when it is cold outside.

The 8 glow plugs of a 6.6L Duramax is a very useful addition to your vehicle. During the cold times the glow plug help heat up the engines. When the temperature is below 30-degree Fahrenheit, the glow plugs are used. Of course, not all 8 of the at once.

Where are the glow plugs on a Duramax diesel?

Glow plugs are not that huge. They are not easily detectable for someone who has no prior knowledge about glow plugs or spark plugs. Though the plugs are numbered, still you have to look in the right place.

Number 1 glow plug:

Number 1 glow plugs are found around the passenger’s side. It is usually at the initial point of the engine, n the passenger side. The rest of the plugs follow this serial, just side by side.

Number 2 glow plug:

The number 2 glow plug starts from the driver’s side of the engine. It is at the initial spot of the engine, just like the number one glow plug.

Number 3 glow plug:

Number 3 glow plugs are at the passenger’s side of the engine. It is right below the number one glow plug.

Number 4 glow plug:

Located right below the number two glow plug, the number 4 glow plug can be found at the driver’s side of your engine.

Number 5 glow plug:

On the passenger’s side of the engine, you can find the number 5 glow plug.

The glow plugs are located on both the passenger’s side and the driver’s side. The even numbers are on the driver’s side and the odd numbered ones are on the passenger’s side.

Final thoughts

Duramax, the well known engine brand, has many additions to their product. one of the most important addition is the glow plugs in their engine. Most of the Duramax engines have glow plugs installed. Glow plugs come in handy when the temperature is cold and the engines need to be heated up.