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Do Catalytic Converters Have Serial Numbers? (Quick Answers)

Catalytic converters help the vehicle to emit less harmful gases to the environment. It is instructed by the environment protection agency to attach a catalytic converter with vehicles.

These catalytic converters are made of rare metals. Let’s see if these converters have the serial number or not.

Do catalytic converters have serial numbers?

Catalytic converters are not serialized like a vehicle’s dashboard or door panels. If there are no serial numbers on catalytic converters, it is hard for law enforcement members to find out. Some catalytic converters have serial numbers. If the number is tampered with, the converter is stolen.

Catalytic converters are placed behind the exhaust pipe. And the converter converts polluted gas to relatively clean and environmentally friendly gas.

Moreover, the authority has specific strict guidelines to keep a catalytic converter. If anyone removes their catalytic converter without any valid reason, they will be fined $250.

People generally get more horsepower by removing the catalytic converter. A catalytic converter is like a burden to the engine and its efficiency.

But unfortunately, without this converter, the vehicle will not have any filter to reduce obnoxious elements. These elements are hydrocarbons, different sulfur, and nitrogen-based oxides, and the notorious silent eliminator carbon monoxides.

These elements have huge impacts on the environment, raising the internal temperature. That causes the greenhouse effect, and it is one of the many reasons for global warming.

Catalytic converters can be stolen easily. That’s why a serial number might help to find out the converter. But most of the time, there is no serial number along with the converters.

It is hard to trace down the converter when the catalytic converter is stolen. Also, if the catalytic converter has the number removed, that’s a sign of a stolen converter.

Do aftermarket catalytic converters have serial numbers?

There is a specific serial number on the aftermarket catalytic converters. Which starts with “N”, and you can Identify them by seeing if the serial number is “NT”, “NAT”, or NGE”.

Aftermarket is a marketplace where you can buy accessories inclined to vehicle. You can get to have any sort of spare vehicle parts in these markets. There are two distinct types of catalytic converters.

One is original equipment made by the manufacturer, and another is the aftermarket purchase. There is some distinctive sign that is denoted on the aftermarket catalytic converter.

As mentioned earlier, there is a silver shield, an arrow on the shield, and a serial number starts with an “N” mark. Aftermarket catalytic converter can be a blessing for the vehicle owner. It can be purchased as low as $60, and the buyer can save up to 80% on the price of a new catalytic converter.

Is there a VIN number on catalytic converter?

As catalytic converters vary from brand to brand, there might or might not be a VIN or serial number on the catalytic converter. It is recommended to place a VIN plate on the converter to prevent theft.

VIN number or Vehicle Identification Number helps to identify a particular vehicle. It is pretty helpful to register a vehicle, know its owner. And it is beneficial for the law enforcement authorities to find any lost vehicle.

Generally, some manufacturers place a serial number on their catalytic converters. Most of the time, there is no serial number, and that’s why it is quite hard to track down catalytic converters after it is stolen.

What do the numbers on a catalytic converter mean?

As mentioned earlier, brand to brand catalytic converters numbers vary, and the meaning of these catalytic converters numbers varies. These numbers may contain the identity of the manufacturer, where it was made and the auto shop and every single detail too.

Some identification numbers can carry the price associated with the converters, and sometimes it denotes the quality of the converters.

Instead of brand identifications, some states have specific rules to denote whether the converter is used or not. So, these numbers contain a massive load of information.

Where is the serial number on a catalytic converter?

The serial number is stamped on the catalytic converter. It is attached to the exhaust pipe. Also, It works as an air filter and absorbs all the harmful elements.

Moreover, the serial number placements vary from brand to brand. For example, a certain type of number in Toyota vehicles is denoted, which starts with a “L” or “R”. Sometimes, the Toyota vehicle may have three-digit serial numbers.

The serial number is stamped on the corner or under the shield of the catalytic converter. Often the number faded away due to rust. But by using oil and rust cleaner, you can locate the serial number of the catalytic converter.

How to find the serial number on a catalytic converter?

Nowadays, the world is more into saving the environment than ever. So, as EPA set standards to keep nature out of harmful emissions from the vehicle. The vehicle manufacturers make vehicles by attaching a catalytic converter.

Moreover, the serial number contains information about the catalytic converter. And the number is the only way one can understand if the converter is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) or not.

Catalytic Converters Serial Numbers in GM Automobiles:

Catalytic converters are put under the vehicle. The catalytic converter is adjusted with the exhaust pipe and the heat shield.

So, it is pretty natural to have rust on the catalytic converters’ outskirt. If you peel off the rust, you will see the serial number clearly carved on the corner or the middle part of the catalytic converter.

Catalytic Converters Serial Numbers in Ford Automobiles:

There are multiple numbers written on the catalytic converter in the ford vehicles. The serial numbers are generally kept under the shield.

To get the serial numbers, you need to take the shield off from the catalytic converter and get the numbers. Moreover, some ford automobiles have serial numbers inside the converter. The numbers are clearly stamped on the metal.

Catalytic Converters Serial Numbers in Toyota Automobiles:

Toyota vehicles are less costly and come with a high benefit for the consumers. The catalytic converter is attached to the exhaust pipe.

There is no particular shield on the converter. Generally, Toyota vehicles catalytic converters serial number is three digits. So, getting the number might be challenging.

Catalytic Converters Serial Numbers in Subaru Automobiles:

Like General Motors catalytic converters serial numbers, Subaru Automobiles serial number is also located on the body of the catalytic converter. The serial number consists of different alphabetic and numerical characters.

How to tell if your catalytic converter is original?

It is easier to find out if the catalytic converter or cat is original or not. The original catalytic converter is known as OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. In the aftermarket catalytic converter, there is a distinctive number and sign stamped over the body of the converter.

The aftermarket catalytic converters’ serial numbers start with “N”, and there is an arrow sign on the body of the catalytic converter.

On the other hand, the original converter has different serial numbers and the brand logo and name engraved on the corner or in the middle of the converter. You can say whether the converter is original or fake by this sign and numbers.

Can you tell if a catalytic converter is stolen?

Suppose the converter is removed from the vehicle. In that case, the vehicle will start to work inefficiently, and loud engine sound will come from the car. Sometimes the check engine light will come up too.

Instead of all these things, bad engine fume will come out. And there is a high chance of dark black smoke coming through the exhaust pipe. So, these are some common signs of knowing if the catalytic converter is stolen. Make sure to check your vehicle periodically.

How do I know if my catalytic converter is valuable?

A catalytic converter may help remove harmful chemical elements such as sulfur or carbon monoxide from nature. These catalytic converters have to use in every vehicle, and that rule is set by Environmental Protection Agency.

Catalytic converters are made of platinum, palladium, and rhodium. These scarce and useful metals make the catalytic converter valuable. Platinum is a widely active part of working as a catalyst in the converter. The honeycomb-shaped filter contains these rare and valuable metals.

You can get information about your vehicle’s catalytic converters and their price using the serial numbers.

Generally, high costly catalytic converters have higher prices. The price range varies from $300 to $2500, and sometimes the price can go higher as per the respective brand.

Final thoughts

There are serial numbers in some vehicles, and sometimes there are not. It varies from company to company whether they’ll put the catalytic converter serial number or not. The catalytic converter is vital to keep nature sound. And it’s required to keep a catalytic converter in functioning vehicles.