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Chevy Sonic Error Code 52: Meaning and Solution

Transportation is an essential part of everyone’s lives and we have to rely on either public or private modes of transportation for our daily commutes. However, public transport becomes an uncomfortable and inconvenient mode of transportation for big families. 

Subcompact sedans and hatchbacks like Chevrolet’s Sonic are a popular choice for many families. In this abstract, you will learn to diagnose and solve issues in your chevy sonic.

What does code 52 mean on a chevy sonic?

Code 52 on a Chevy Sonic is a maintenance reminder code that indicates you need to change your car’s timing belt. A damaged timing belt cannot maintain the timing of the gears in your car accurately and thus result in engine failure. Code 52 notifies you to change your timing belt when required.

Each vehicle has its own set of sensors and diagnostic fault codes programmed into them that are used to identify a faulty component or any issues in the car. Each car manufacturer has its own set of fault codes or diagnostic codes – Chevrolet’s Sonic has them as well. 

The code numbers that appear on the dashboard of your Chevy Sonic indicate that you need to fix an error or fault in your car – these types of codes are known as their maintenance reminder code, not fault code.

The Chevy Sonic error code 52 indicates that you need to change the timing belt in your car. The timing belt is an essential component of the car’s engine that is responsible for keeping all the gears moving with accurate timing. 

Since this belt is a constantly moving part, it is vulnerable to breaks and damages – which is why it must be replaced over time. If the error code 52 is left ignored and the timing belt unchanged, then it could result in an engine failure.

The maintenance reminder code 52 refers to the same issue on Chevy Sonic 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2018. Usually, the standard trigger threshold for error code 52 is when your car exceeds 100,000 miles run time. 

The timing belt is known to show visible signs of damage and becomes vulnerable after that milestone – so it is essential that you service your car and replace your timing belt on the engine to prevent engine failures.

What are the signs of code 52 on a chevy sonic?

The timing belt is a crucial component of a car and like every other car, the chevy sonic also has a timing belt that is responsible for accurately synchronizing the functioning of the valves, pistons, along with the camshaft, water pump, crankshaft, and injection pump – 

which all make sure the engine is functioning properly. However, the timing belt needs periodic replacement, and below are the signs of code 52:

Displayed on the dashboard:

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to recognize whether you have a code 52 or not is to check the panel on the dashboard of your car. 

The dashboard houses a lot of gauges and indicators that resemble the statuses of different parts and components of the car. The code 52 error would be displayed on the panel which you can spot easily to identify whether you have to change the timing belt or not.

Mileage has exceeded the limit on the manual:

Another effective measure to check whether you have triggered code 52 on your chevy sonic is by monitoring the mileage you have driven. 

The car manufacturer’s manual details and gives the specific mileage that your chevy can run before needing to replace its timing belt. The mileage for a Chevy sonic is usually around 80,000 to 100,000 miles.

What causes code 52 on a chevy sonic?

All cars have a system of diagnostic or fault code programmed into them that takes input from sensors and displays them to the drivers. 

These error codes are vital because they ensure that a car is functioning optimally and notify the driver when it is time to replace a car component or take it for maintenance.

The error code 52 is one such maintenance reminder indicator that shows up on the car’s dashboard panel when you have exceeded 100,000 miles mileage. 3 years of constant use or driving or 100,000 miles is enough to exhaust the timing belt of your chevy’s engine. 

The timing belt is a component that is a part of the engine that regulates and maintains accurate timing of the different processes and moving parts in the engine.

If the timing of the processes were to delay, then the engine will function inefficiently and therefore eventually lead to an engine failure. 

To prevent that, the manufacturers of your Chevy Sonic set up sensors that trigger the error code 52 whenever the car has exceeded 100,000 miles mileage to indicate the driver to change the timing belt.

How do I get rid of code 52 on a Chevy Sonic? How do you reset code 52 on a Chevy Sonic?

When you notice the error code 52 on your Chevy Sonic, you must take it to a garage and change its timing belt. Do not reset the code 52 error without replacing the belt since it will have detrimental impacts on your car engine. 

Once you have done the replacement, but the error 52 might still persist on the panel of your dashboard – you need to follow the steps below to reset code 52:

Turn off the car engine and locate the fuse block:

In order to reset the error code 52, you need to make sure your car engine is turned off, or else you would risk yourself getting injured when you tinker with the car’s internal components. 

After turning off the car, you need to locate the fuse block which can be found under the dashboard, beside the steering wheel.

Remove the fuse block cover and remove some fuses:

Once you have located the fuse block, you need to remove the fuse block’s cover in order to expose the layout containing the fuses and the layout underneath it. 

You will discover a cluster of multiple colored tiny fuses with numbers labeled in them which are stuck to a board. You will have to remove fuse numbers #14, #17, and #25, if your model doesn’t have #17, then just remove #14 and #25.

Wait a few minutes and replace those fuses:

After you have removed the fuses, remember the positions you removed them from and then wait for at least 3 minutes before you replace the fuses back to their designated location.

How much is a timing belt for a 2013 Chevy Sonic? How much does it cost to replace a timing belt?

When you notice the error 52 on your Chevy Sonic, you might be concerned about the total cost of a new timing belt as well as labor. This procedure costs around $300 to $500 for large cars and SUVs as well as sedans such as the Chevy Sonic. 

Although this might sound like an expensive procedure, the actual cost of the timing belt for a 2013 Chevy Sonic is only around $50.

The major expense is due to the cost of labor which is usually ranging from $250 to $450. The replacement process of the timing belt is a troublesome and hectic process which is why the cost of labor is much greater than the cost of the timing belt. 

It is highly recommended that you do try to replace the belt yourself in order to reduce the cost of replacement since the procedure is a very delicate process and any mistakes could give rise to other issues.

Final Thoughts

Code 52 on a Chevrolet Sonic is a maintenance reminder code that indicates that your car’s timing belt needs to be replaced. A broken timing belt cannot precisely maintain the timing of your car’s gears, resulting in engine failure. Code 52 alerts you when it is time to change your timing belt.