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Chevy Engine Code 7e8: What Does It Mean? (Answered)

Chevy is an automobile brand that is well-known all over the world. In the United States of America, it is immensely popular. It first appeared in the US market in late 2013 and quickly became popular in 2014.

This vehicle has a number of safety features and measures that distinguish it from other car brands on the market. 

Your Chevy may display an error code 7e8 from time to time. If you’re not sure what this implies or how to fix it, let us assist you in obtaining the information you are looking for.

What code is 7e8 engine mean on Chevy?

7e8 is a generic error that occurs when there are problems with a vehicle’s emission system. The 7e8 error code again, on the other hand, indicates a fuel and air intake problem on a Chevy. If this code appears in your vehicle, take it to the nearest service station as soon as possible.

In today’s market, there are a variety of Chevy models to choose from. The engine code 7e8 is not the same for all Chevy, and it varies based on the model. For every model of Chevy, the 7e8 error code implies a distinct meaning.

So, let’s take a look at some Chevy models and see what the 7e8 engine code means in those vehicles.


Chevy Cruze first appeared on the market in 2008. The engine code 7e8 in the Chevy Cruze means the indication to check your Electronic Control Module (ECM) item menu. 

ECM works as the computer of your vehicle and has the ability to detect any kind of error. Therefore, in Cruze, 7e8 indicates the ECM item menu where you can get the translation codes. Using a regular code scanner, these codes can be easily decoded. 

As per that, you can solve the issue with your vehicle accordingly.


Just like in the Chevy Cruze, 7e8 in the Chevy Malibu also indicates the need to check the ECM menu item from which the actual error code of your vehicle can be decoded using a regular code scanner.


In the Chevy Traverse, 7e8 error code indicates the issue with the O2 sensor and pops the check engine light. Take your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop as soon as possible to have it repaired.


Chevy Sonic shows the error code 7e8 when there are issues with your vehicle’s emission system. To have your vehicle repaired, take it to the nearest auto repair shop as soon as possible.


When error code 7e8 pops up in a Chevy Suburban, it means that the vehicle is facing fuel or air intake issues.


In Chevy Colorado, the error code 7e8 can have several meanings, as per the ECM reading. But it usually indicates the issues regarding your vehicle’s emission system.


In the Chevy Camaro, error code 7E8 means there have been some issues with the gas cap and vacuum lines in your vehicle. Get it fixed as soon as possible by taking your vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop.


When error 7e8 pops up in the Chevy Duramax, it means that there has been some air intake problem in the vehicle.


The Chevy Tahoe shows the error code 7e8 when there have been some issues with the emission system in the vehicle.


Just like in the Chevy Cruze and Malibu, 7e8 in the Chevy Silverado also indicates towards checking the ECM menu item from which the actual error code of your vehicle can be decoded using a regular code scanner and can be solved accordingly.

Is 7e8 engine code on Chevy bad?

No, Chevy’s engine code 7e8 isn’t a bad thing. Because if your Check Engine light is on and your code scanner reads 7e8, it implies your Chevy needs to be serviced as soon as possible in order to detect all of its existing issues. Only then can the problem be easily fixed.

Even though code 7e8 is displayed on the dashboard, you should be cautious if the Check Engine light is illuminated in red or yellow. Because the color yellow implies that your car is functional but needs immediate attention.

But, if your Check Engine light is on in red, it means you should not drive the vehicle and must immediately stop the engine.

Therefore, keep an eye on your dashboard to remain aware of the status of your Chevy.

What are the signs of code 7e8 on Chevy?

There are some significant signs that indicate the code 7e8 on the Chevy. Many of us are not even familiar with all of those. Thus, we fail to take proper action on time and that causes distinct damage to the engine of our car.

So we bring you some signs of code 7e8 on Chevy, which will help you identify the basic issues with your car. Those are given below:

Issues in the MAF sensor:

MAF stands for Mass Air Flow. This is a type of sensor that is responsible for calculating the amount of air that will enter the engine of a car. One of the most common signs of code 7e8 is some distinct issue or failure of the MAF sensor in a car. 

Emission system failure:

Another common sign of engine error code 7e8 is that there are going to be some serious issues with fuel and air intake, causing failure of the emission system of your Chevy. This will interrupt the smooth functioning of the engine in your Chevy.

Thus, take it to your nearest automobile service center soon after discovering the 7e8 error code to get the issue resolved. 

Oil pan damage:

The oil pan damage in your Chevy can also be a sign of engine error code 7e8. Oil pan damage can lead to several other issues in your engine, along with the systematic failure of other parts of your car as well. Therefore, get your Chevy serviced before it’s too late.

Upstream and downstream leaks:

As mentioned above, the oil pan damage can cause some severe collateral damage as well. Upstream and downstream leaks are some of those issues that are also the signs of engine error code 7e8.

The upstream leakage takes place near the O2 sensor. On the other hand, the downstream leakage happens right before the MAF sensor.

If you notice this issue in your Chevy, take it to the servicing center as soon as possible so that the issue can be solved on time.

How to fix 7e8 engine code? 

Now, let’s get to know some of the ways to fix the 7e8 engine code. Those are as follows:

Look for the DLC port:

The first and foremost thing that you need to do to fix the 7e8 engine code is to find the DLC, i.e., the Data Link Connector. The location of DLC will vary based on the model of Chevy that you are using.

Connect the code scanner tool to the DLC port:

Secondly, connect the code scanner tool with the DLC port of your Chevy. On-Board Diagnostics, or OBD, and more specifically, OBD-II, is the best option for your car’s code scanner.

For activation of the majority of the scan tools, without starting the engine, enter your car key into the ignition and keep it in the “II” position. 

Identify all the codes with the scanner:

Make sure your engine is off and keep your patience till the OBD-II scanner identifies the error codes. Make sure that the error code is 7e8 so that the issues can be fixed accordingly.

Erasing the code 7e8:

After confirming the 7e8 as the engine code error, press ‘Erase codes’ in the scanner. Check your “Check Engine” light to ensure if the code is erased or not.

Pay a visit to the nearest service center to confirm if everything is fine with your Chevy. If you think you do not have enough expertise in this field, call a mechanic and let him perform all the above-mentioned steps.

Final Thoughts

The 7E8 engine code indicates a problem with the evaporative emission control system’s fuel and air intake. This code differs according to the Chevy model and kind. As a result, if you find any signs of 7e8 in your Chevy, have it checked out as soon as possible before it’s too late.