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Car Shake When I Drive Over 60 Mph? (Answered)

The car can shake when you move if your car has a problem. The problem begins when you start driving at a speed of 50- 60 mph. There can be many reasons. The most common reason is that the tires are not in good balance. 

But sometimes the brake problem can also cause this problem. Let’s find out.

Can car shake when I drive over 60 mph?

A car can shake when driven over 60 mph. A car can shake at a speed of 50 to 55 mph if it has problems related to its tires and breaks. The shaking worsens when the speed is more than 60 mph. Initially, the car seems to vibrate, increasing over time. The vibrating car should be avoided.

If a car starts vibrating at a speed over 60 mph, that means the car may have some problem causing the vibration. This vibration can occur due to many issues. The problem occurs when the tire is in an imbalanced state. 

That means if the tire is old and unable to hold the grip, the vibration becomes more severe when the speed increases. The vibration can also occur if the wheel’s alignment is incorrect. If the vibration starts when the car is started, there may be a problem with the engine. 

The problem inside the engine may occur due to dirty filters or broken sparks plug. The wrapped rotors brake may also be a reason for the vibration. If these problems are avoided, then nit can cause damage to the cars. 

If the vibration increases with the acceleration, the axle may have a problem. So, accurate problems should be diagnosed, and preventive measures should be taken accordingly. The vibration will be worse if the preventive measures are not taken accordingly.

If the car is shaking, it signifies that the car’s health is not good. The car should be taken to a good mechanic, and the problem should be detected, and preventive measures should be taken. But if it is kept as it is, there may be severe damage in the future. 

So early action should be taken to prevent further loss in the future, and it is also important for the smooth running of the cars.

Why is my car shaking when I go over 60 mph? How to fix it?

The reasons and the solutions of car shaking are given below:

Imbalanced Wheel:

If the tire is old enough to hold the grip properly, then the car may shake when it is driven. Sometimes there may be a problem with the wheel. There may be a misalignment of the wheel axle that may cause the vibration. 

Often, the tire is dirty or something structured on the wheel. We often do not check our tires. We diagnose the whole car and do not find any problem, and at last, when we check the wheel, we find the problem with the wheel.


If the tire is old enough that the tire should be changed. The wheel should be cleaned and checked regularly so that any wanted things do not get stuck with the wheel and cause vibration.

Problems in Brake:

If there is a problem with the brake rotors, it can cause the car to vibrate. If the steering vibrates while starting the engine, there can be a problem with the brake. The problem occurs in brake rotors when the shape of the rotor is out of its shape. 

It goes out of shape when there is heavy pressure on the wheel. The rotor is generally a shiny silver material found inside a brake.


The brake rotors should be brought in shape if it goes out of shape and the original shape of brake rotors is flat. The brake and rotors should be examined regularly.

Fault in Plugs:

If the plug is faulty or worn out, then it can cause the car to vibrate. If the sparks plug is worn out, it can cause many problems, like preventing the fuel-air mixture from igniting properly in the cylinders. 

This can cause misfiring. So, the plugs should be checked before driving at a fast velocity; otherwise, if there are problems with plugs, it can cause the car to shake.


The problem can be solved by cleaning the spark plugs properly. But most of the time, the cleaning is not properly done, and thus the vibration cannot be solved. It is better to install a new plug. This can solve the problem of car shaking.

If the timing belt is not proper: 

The timing belt shows the smooth functioning of complex components of the engine. It shows whether they are functioning properly or not. 

If the timing belt is not proper, then the improper belt can cause the car to vibrate when the car is started. When the timing belt is damaged, it also creates damages along with the shaking of the car.


If there is any problem with the timing belt, it is usually found that the timing belt is worn out. So, the belt should be checked regularly to ensure that it is damaged. 

It is better to install a new cable in place of the old one to avoid the unwanted noise and shaking of the car.

If the hoses are disconnected:

Disconnection of the hoses is another big reason why the car shakes or vibrates. These hoses carry air-fuel mixture, radiator, vacuum, and many more things. 

If the hoses get damaged, then there is a problem with these materials’ passage. If it is disconnected, the engine will not function properly because these hoses have a very important function in the smooth running of the car.


The problem can be solved by reattaching the disconnected hoses. But if the hoses are damaged, they can be replaced with new ones. This can solve the problem of shaking and cause smooth functioning of the car.

Fixing the improper fuel intake:

If the fuel intake system is not proper,it can create the car’s shakiness. This fuel intake system should be appropriately fixed and properly adjusted to avoid the car’s vibration. 

If the fuel intake is not proper, it can create poor calibration because the engine is not getting the proper air-fuel mixture.


To solve the problem, the fuel intake should be clean, and the speed of the carburetor should be fixed at a proper level. This step can help to stop the shakiness of the car.

If the motor mounts damages:

If the motor mount damages the car can cause shakiness or vibration. If the motor mounts damage, it can cause the engine to vibrate even when the car is stopped. 

The motor mounts mainly work as vibration-resistant, so when it is damaged, it cants resist the vibration. It helps the engine to survive different inconveniences on the road.


The problem can be solved by fixing the motor mounts. But it is best to replace the motor mounts with new ones. 

It is better to replace with the new one than fixing it because the new motor mount will give a good service and it will be beneficial for the smooth running of the car.

If the condition of the engine is Bad:

If the engine’s condition is worse, it can also cause the car to shake or vibrate. Engine problem is also a major cause for the car to vibrate. 

If the car vibrates, then it can be understood that the engine is not getting enough air or fuel to function properly and for this reason, the car may shake and vibrate.


If the car vibrates for the bad engine condition, the dirty filters should be removed, and the new filter should be installed. Installing a new sparks plug can also solve the problem of engine shaking.

What does it mean when your car shakes at 60 mph?

The car shakes at 60 mph means when the speed of the car is 60 mph or above, the car starts shaking or vibrating. If there is a problem with the car’s tire, then the car can start vibrating when it reaches 50 to 60 mph. 

But if the speed increases, this vibration worsens further. There are numerous reasons for this vibration, like misalignment of the wheel’s axle, a fault in plugs if the fuel intake is not proper, and many other reasons. 

These problems can be solved if the problem is diagnosed early, and preventive measures are taken. The main reason for the car to shake is mainly the engine issue, or the sparks are dirty. The vibration becomes more severe with the increase of speed. 

Generally, a car starts to vibrate for the mentioned reasons when the speed typically reaches 60 mph. Early measures can help to stop this shakiness of the car.

Final Thoughts

A car is generally found to shake if it has a problem with the engine. So, if the car shakes at the first stage engine should be checked and examined. The sparks should be cleaned regularly, and the plugs should be checked if they are worn out not. If the tires become old, they should be replaced.