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Can You Use Magic Eraser on Car Paint? (Explained)

Magic erasers work like magic to clean up your mess. It can easily wipe off the stubborn dirt and stains on chairs and other materials. Yet, at some points, it might not work so well. Magic erasers may clean up the dirt and also polish the materials. Making it new like before.

Following below tips and information regarding usage of magic erasers on car paint, and correlating information may help one to have a proper idea.

Can you use a magic eraser on car paint?

Absolutely not, using magic erasers on car paint is definitely not a wise decision. Even though magic erasers wipe off tough stains on the materials yet on car paint, erasers may not do the same. Instead, the chemicals used in the magic eraser may damage the car paint and scratch it off.

You can not use magic erasers on car paint. Even though a magic eraser may work perfectly on the surface of a material to clean up stains and marks, it is not suitable for use on a car surface. Magic erasers are also made of abrasives which may affect the surface of the car.

Especially if you rub the magic eraser over a car paint, the car paint may get damaged. Most probably, the car paint may get scratched. Moreover, rubbing over paint may lead the abrasives on the paint to react. The result might not be a good one.

Magic erasers are almost like sandpapers. Having the power of sandpapers may cause damage to the surfaces as well. That’s why using erasers on soft surfaces and on paint may wipe them off. Instead of wiping off the marks, the usage may result in scratching the surface.

If it’s a newly painted car, you may not want the paint to disappear too soon. Removing the marks with a magic eraser from the car paint might cause more scratches and marks. That’s why one should not use magic erasers on car paint. 

Or else, the parts of the cars may get damaged too.

More likely, it may cause scratches in the parts or on the surfaces. Other than that, the paint may get scrapped off or create a lump of paint that might not look good. In the end, one needs to repaint the car surface, which may cost a fortune.

Is Magic Eraser safe for car paint? Will Magic Eraser damage car paint?

Magic erasers are not safe for car paint and will definitely damage the car paint. Magic erasers may work fine on the surface metal surfaces, yet on paint, it causes damage only.

Magic erasers may erase any type of stains, scratches, and marks from metal surfaces. But on paint, the magic eraser doesn’t work the same. Magic erasers are not safe to use on car paint. They hold the power of sanding paper. 

Sanding paper sands off the surface and makes it smooth enough by removing uneven surfaces.

Other than that, it also removes marks. Using a magic eraser on car paint may lead to creating lumps of paint and may also scratch off the paint from the car. Resulting in damaging the car surface as well. At the last one may need to repaint the car. Well, the damage can be severe too.

Will magic eraser remove paint from the car?

Of course, a magic eraser may remove the paint from the car. Other than that, making scratches on the part is also possible.

Magic erasers wipe off the scratch marks. But on car paint, it can even scratch the paint and pull it off. That can result in removing the paint from the surface of the car. Moreover, the removed paint can form lumps of paint. 

The whole paint will be damaged too, as the abrasives will react to the magic eraser.

Overall, it may remove the paint fully and introduce the surface of the part. One needs to put paint again in order to protect the surface.

3 reasons why you cannot use magic eraser on car paint

Magic erasers are not suitable to use on car paint. Magic erasers are made of abrasives, and especially wet magic erasers may damage the car more. The magic eraser comes with the power of sanding papers. 

Sanding papers are mostly used to even the uneven surface and to remove the marks on the surface.

There are many reasons why magic erasers should not be used on car paint, and some of them are listed below.

Remove the clear coat:

A magic eraser works like a sander can even remove the clear coat of the paint. As we know, a clear coat protects the real color of the car. It is like a protecting layer on the color. If it is removed, the paint is directly exposed. 

A further rubbing of the magic eraser may lead to the damage of the paint.

Leaves scratches:

Magic eraser leaves scratches on the car paint. Rubbing with full pressure on the color paint may create scratches on the surface. One needs to fix that too by putting paint again. Painting only that part may not be okay. 

Even polishing may help to cover up the mark. One needs to do the polishing fully.

Make lumps of paint:

Once the car paint is scratched by the magic eraser, it may create lumps of paint. One may see it as they use the magic eraser. The paint may come out as a lump by removing the paint from the surface fully.

How a magic eraser can damage your car paint?

A magic eraser can damage the car paint in many ways. A shiny and newly painted car shouldn’t be polished by a magic eraser or any type of other paint.

A magic eraser is also made of abrasives that eventually react with the chemicals of the paint. As a result, the color of the paint also changes. Other than that, as an eraser is mostly like sanding paper, it wipes off the marks while sanding them off. 

But on paint, it scratches off the paint.

The moment you use the magic eraser, the paint tends to get removed. More like creating scratches on the paint. It will scratch off the paint and create lumps too. As a result, one needs to redo painting. The paint on a car is different from the paint on the walls. 

Using an eraser on the car paint may make it worse.

How do you fix magic eraser marks on car paint?

Well, magic erasers may not only create scratches on the car paint but also damage the paint color. If someone goes around using a magic eraser on the car paint, this might result in more scratches. Excess force while using a magic eraser may create a noticeable scratch. 

In that case, instead of worrying, cover up the mark.

To fix those marks, one should polish that part or cover the scratch mark. Magic eraser marks may look like hard scratches. And can be fixed by putting polish over those marks. One should put polish over the marks and rub the polish for a half minute. 

This will cover up the marks on the car paint.

As a result, the mark can not be seen anymore. One should do a layer or second-time polish to make sure the marks have disappeared from the car paint.

How do you get scuff marks off car paint?

Scuff marks can be easily removed from the car paint. Well, there are many ways to do it, depending on the products you may have in hand. One may get worried if the car paint has scuff marks and panic. Instead of panicking, follow the below guide to remove the scuff marks.

Clean the surface:

Clean the surface of the mark with a microfibre cloth or even any piece of cloth would be okay. Wiping off the dirt is a priority here.

Apply toothpaste or WD40:

Now, apply toothpaste over the marks, or you can rather apply WD40 over the marks. Then, rub the area of the scuff marks. Well, rubbing roundly may help here. Do not rub too harshly.

Clean the mess:

After rubbing for a few minutes, you might find the scuff marks to disappear. If it doesn’t, rub for a few more minutes. Then clean up the part with water. This will give back the shiny look of the car.

Final thoughts:

Overall, one should not use magic erasers on car paint. Magic erasers may damage the car paint instead of doing any well. Magic eraser may pull off the paint fully from the surface or create lumps. It can also deteriorate the color of the paint, which may not look suitable for the car anymore.