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Can You Take a Convertible Through a Car Wash? (Explained)

After the great war, the world has seen many changes. Different inventions have taken place after the great change the world has perceived. In 1920, the first convertible appeared. Now convertibles are used throughout the world. 

Let’s see if you can take the convertibles down to the car wash?

Can you take a convertible through a car wash?

You can take a convertible through a car wash. As most of the convertibles are car wash friendly. If your car has a hard roof, then a regular car wash is enough to wash your car. No need to take any extra steps. If the car has a soft roof, then some precautions need to be taken.

Let’s take a walk through this section to learn if the following convertibles can go through a car wash – 

Convertible Camaro:

Camaro convertibles come both in soft and hardtop. Chevrolet Camaro is one of the concept cars of Chevrolet. If you have hardtop Camaro convertibles, you don’t need to worry about going through an automated car wash. 

Also, if your car has a soft-top, just adjust the automated car wash, it will work smoothly. 

Convertible beetle:

Volkswagen Beetle is one of the oldest and cutest vehicles ever produced in the world. Unfortunately, the production of these cars is halted. Beetles generally come with a soft roof. 

And as these vehicles are a little old, it will be better if you don’t take these vehicles through the car wash.

Mini convertible:

Mini convertibles are satisfactory to the user of this vehicle. These mini vehicles are highly reliable with their build quality and their performances. Mini convertibles come in two variants, one with a hard roof and another with a soft roof. 

Also, mini convertibles’ soft roof fibers are so well finished that you can drive your car through a car wash, without worrying about the car.

BMW convertible:
BMW convertibles are highly reliable. After the inception of convertibles, the BMW convertibles is one of the best in its class. You can have these vehicles in both variants, you can drive both hardtop and soft top vehicles through a car wash. 

Rag top convertible:
Rag top convertibles are pseudo convertibles. The fabric can be changed as per the want of the driver. Generally, ragtops are soft-top convertibles. If the top is made of high-quality material, then it can go through a car wash.

Audi convertible:
Audi is a pioneer in the vehicle manufacturing industry. They are the true innovators. Audi convertibles ensure good quality and that’s why they are highly reliable and industry giants. You can take the Audi convertible through a car wash.

VW convertible:
Another German engineered vehicle manufacturing company. They have been ensuring quality and reliability since this car’s inception. You can take VW convertibles through a car wash. Make sure if the convertible is soft top or hard.

Soft top convertible:

Soft top convertibles are not as friendly as hardtop convertibles to go through a car wash. Nowadays most convertibles, whether they are soft-top or hardtop, can go through a car wash.

Is it safe to take a convertible through a car wash?

It is completely safe to take a convertible through a car wash. As most of the convertibles are car wash friendly. From the manufacturing plants, cars must go through different quality ensuring procedures. 

Most of the convertible manufacturers have declared that convertibles are safe to use in the car wash. There used to be an issue of hardtop and soft top, but now it’s not an issue anymore. As the fabric of the car wash can handle the water splash on them. 

Also, the top frame of the car is now more than strong enough to hold water to spill inside of the vehicle. Some people have bad experiences taking convertibles through a car wash, so sometimes it is not recommended to take convertibles through a car wash. 

But manufacturers now claim that the vehicles are perfect to go through a car wash. 

Can you take a convertible through a brushless/automatic car wash?

Brand to brand varies, whether a car can go through an automated car wash or not. Here, Mercedes announced all their cars to be car wash friendly. 

Cars that are old designed and manufactured in the early days might face some problems inside of the automated brushless car wash. But nowadays, brands are more aware to put materials that are car wash friendly. 

Also, convertibles these days don’t leak and as an advancement of different water-resistant fabrics, this is much easier.

So, you can take a convertible through a brushless/automatic car wash. One thing to remember, make sure that the convertible that you are riding is newly manufactured. If there is a soft-top, then make sure that the convertible doesn’t leak water. 

If the convertible has a hard top, then you can wash the convertible like a regular car.

Can convertible tops get wet?

With the roof on, a convertible can go faster. As the wind drag is less with the top on. And yes, a convertible top can get wet if it rains but it is not permanent. Also, if the roof cover is in a good condition, then there is no worry of leakage. 

Even if you don’t put the convertibles top on, there is a high chance that you will be safe from raindrops while driving. The windshield will protect you creating a bubble around you and the windshield. 

But, in a traffic jam, you will get fully drenched. Rather than any physical damage to the convertible top, there is no worry of leaking water into the vehicle. Also, if the top part of the convertible is wet, the water will not get to you. 

So, you are completely safe under a good convertible top.

What is the best way to wash a convertible car?

Different types of cover are used over the convertibles. There is a regular fabric cover, vinyl cover, cloth cover as well. To clean the convertible car, make sure to wash the top cover in shady areas. Wash the full top part of the convertibles. 

While washing, make sure to make the convertible top wet enough and then wash it gently. There are some convertibles top cleaners, you can use them to wash your convertibles. Make sure to brush gently and rinse perfectly. Never leave cleaning ingredients on the convertible top. 

So, after taking care of the upper part of the vehicle, then wash the vehicle’s other parts just like regular vehicles. While washing the lower part of the convertible, no extra caution is necessary.

If you don’t want to do all this work, just drive it through an automated car wash, it will clean the whole vehicle at once.

How do you take a convertible through a car wash?

The following steps will help you to learn how do you take a convertible through a car wash –

Manufacturers Guideline:

Certain manufacturers have certain guidelines for certain vehicles. Nowadays all the information about a particular vehicle is found on the website of the designated brand. 

The main reason to check the manufacturer guideline is to ensure yourself before dealing with anything with your car. Vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes announced their convertible is car wash safe. 

So, make sure to check for the details about your convertible.

Make sure the top is strong enough to take pressure:

It is important to know if the convertible can take air pressure. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that the top needs to be scratched less. If there is any scratch, then there is a high chance of leakage into your vehicle. 

And, if your convertible has a hardtop, then you don’t need to worry about anything.

Run the Car through the Carwash:

After you are ensured that, your convertible is flawlessly perfect to get inside of the car wash, just drive through it. The carwash will take good care of your car. Don’t rush when you drive your car through the carwash.

How do you wash a soft-top convertible?

There are different soft tops material used for a convertible. The materials for a soft-top can be made of fabric, vinyl. You need to take care of both materials differently. It is recommended to uncover the fabric or vinyl cover from the top. And wash the top separately. 

Make sure to wash the top in a shady area and make sure to wash the cover from top to bottom. For washing vinyl soft top, you need to use mild car soap

If your vinyl cover is covered with some greasy and stubborn dirt or anything hard to pull off, spray those parts with vinyl cover cleaner and scrub the area with a brush or soft cloth. Rinse the area with a good amount of water. 

Again, for a fabric soft top, use a fabric top cleaning sprayer, and make sure to use it as per instructed.

Final Thoughts

You can take your convertible through the car wash. The fabric that is used on the convertible is carwash friendly. And if you place a ragtop, then ensure it is leakage proof. You can easily drive through the carwash without worrying if you have a hardtop convertible.