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Can You Flat Tow Ford Fiesta? (All You Need to Know)

Ford Fiesta is a popular choice among car lovers as it offers multiple lucrative facilities. It is an affordable car that comes with good mileage, comfortable driving, and a compact design. Ford fiesta models are a great package of luxury, comfort, and performance together. 

So if you’re thinking of buying a compact and easy-to-handle car and choosing the ford fiesta, we won’t be surprised. Before you sign the check for your dream ford car, it’s important to know whether the ford fiesta can be flat towed. 

You might have to flat tow your car whether you’re going for a camp adventure with your RV or forced to stop the car in the middle due to an unavoidable issue. So the flat tow facility is very much needed for the car you will be buying. 

Here we will be disclosing whether the Ford fiesta can be flat towed or not. 

Can you flat tow ford fiesta?

You can flat tow most of the ford fiesta models except the ST ones. The process of flat towing a ford fiesta behind an RV requires a tow bar and often a flat tow kit. However, you must put the car in neutral mode and also remove the black battery cable before you flat tow the vehicle.

Ford fiesta series is a great deal offered by the world-famous ford company. They launched this series first in 1972 intending to provide the users with a comfortable experience on a budget. 

The ford fiesta cars are supermini in size but have almost all the latest features that are important to surviving in any situation. For example, the flat tow facility. 

Flat tow is needed when you are traveling in an RV but don’t want to leave your car behind. Or you need to move your car without driving it. Flat towing lets you move the car easily behind another vehicle when you act according to the manufacturer’s manual. 

You can easily flat tow your ford fiesta car unless it’s the ford fiesta ST model. Except for the ST model, all ford fiesta from 2011 to 2019 can be flat towed. Even if you want to flat tow them behind your RV, it’s very possible. 

Some of these cars are automatic transmissions and some need a manual transmission. But both types can be flat towed using a tow bar. For some ford fiesta cars, you will need a simple flat tow kit. 

Then all you need to do is install the flat tow bar, use the kit and the car will roll on following the prior vehicle such as an RV. 

But flat towing ford fiesta cars needs to be done maintaining some rules given by the manufacturer. These rules are set only to protect your car from unwanted damage. 

Before you flat tow your car, you must remember that it’s not wise to go more than 70 mph speed while flat towing a ford fiesta. Also, it’s advised to remove the black battery cable and also to put the car in neutral mode before you flat tow it. 

These steps will save the car from energy loss and damage. 

Ford Fiesta Model Can be flat towed
2011 Ford FiestaYes
2012 Ford FiestaYes
2013 Ford FiestaYes
2014 Ford FiestaYes
2015 Ford FiestaYes
2017 Ford FiestaYes
2018 Ford FiestaYes
2019 Ford FiestaYes

Can a Ford Fiesta be flat towed behind an RV?

If you own a recreational vehicle you know how convenient they are for adventure trips. But if you own a ford fiesta at the same time, we guess you don’t want to leave that behind as you might need the car anytime as emergency support.  

Usually small and lightweight cars are suitable for flat towing. Because they are easy to carry and less prone to damage. 

Well, that’s possible for your ford fiesta models from 2011 to 2019. Ford fiesta model cars are of compact design and small in size. The curb weight of this model is around 2,537 pounds, which is quite light. Thus it can be taken a long distance behind any RV.

To flat tow the ford fiesta you will only need a few tools such as a tow bar, and a flat tow kit to plug in your ford fiesta car. 

Can you flat tow a ford fiesta with an automatic transmission?

You can flat tow a ford fiesta with any transmission, automatic or manual. All you will need to do is act according to the manual given by the manufacturers.

The automatic transmission in vehicles is a built-in transmission of multi-speed. While driving the car, this mode sets you free from changing gears manually. Thus the driver gets full comfort in driving. 

Also, the automatic transmission offers fuel efficiency and smooth performance of the car. 

Ford fiesta cars from 2011 to 2019 models include both automatic and manual transmission options. But many people think flat towing their ford without manual transmission can damage the transmission. However, that’s not true for your ford fiesta car. 

Ford fiesta can be flat towed with an automatic transmission too. It is safe to do. But while flat towing the car in the automatic transmission you must follow the manual to avoid any damage

Three reasons why you can flat tow Ford Fiesta

Before you buy a ford fiesta with all your savings it’s necessary to get convinced of the facilities it offers. Especially, if you are a trip-loving person who enjoys a long journey in an RV. So if you ask what are the factors that let you flat tow ford fiesta, here you go:

It’s lightweight: 

Lightweight vehicles are the easiest to carry behind your motor or RV. Cars that don’t weigh much are less prone to damage and malfunction while they are flat towed. The Ford Fiesta cars usually weigh around 2,537 pounds. 

They are lighter in weight compared to many other cars so can be flat towed behind a giant motor. 

It’s small in size: 

Most of the cars that can be flat towed are sleek and compact in design. Larger vehicles are risky to move on the road as they can be damaged anytime on the road while traveling a long distance. 

Ford fiesta cars are compact cars. They are supermini cars with a sleek design and thus can be easily and comfortably flat towed. You can even flat tow the car for a long mileage. 

It has features supporting flat tow: 

The ford fiesta model’s cars have some special features that support the idea of flat growing it behind an RV or any giant vehicle. They have transmission disconnect, steering lock, etc. features that smoothen the flat tow facility. 

How to flat tow a Ford Fiesta?

Flat towing means attaching a tow bar to a suitable car to allow it to move on its own. This is a very special feature of a modern car that helps pull one vehicle with the help of others keeping the four tires on the ground. However, not all vehicles support flat towing.

You can easily flat tow your Ford Fiesta. Among all other vehicles such as Ford Fiesta 2012, 2013, and 2019, all are suitable for flat towing.

Followings are some important things to notice while flat towing-

4WD System: 

Usually, available 4WD systems enable Ford Fiesta to flat tow easily. Most of the vehicles of Ford Fiesta own this configuration, and using this you can easily pull your vehicle by flat towing.

Disconnecting transmission: 

Usually, vehicles with automatic transmission systems are not suitable for flat towing. Vehicles having manual transmission systems are easy to flat tow. If your Ford Fiesta has an automatic transmission system, you may not flat tow that.

But there is an option of disconnecting the transmission system. With this configuration, you can flat tow your vehicle.

Two-speed transfer case: 

Along with the 4WD system, a two-speed transfer case is also required to flat tow Ford Fiesta. You are lucky that most of the Ford Fiestas possess this configuration and allow your vehicle to be flat towed.

Steering lockout override: 

Likewise, you would require a steering lockout override feature to flat tow your Ford Fiesta.

Final thoughts

Ford fiesta cars are suitable vehicles for flat towing. If you own any model of ford fiesta from 2011 to 2019, you can flat tow it behind any motor or RV. To flat tow a ford fiesta you have to follow some rules such as removing the negative cable and keeping the car in neutral mode.