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Can You Flat Tow a GMC Canyon? (Answered)

Many of the times, a vehicle needs rescuing in the form of towing. There are many towing methods available throughout the world. But finding the best possible towing method for your vehicle can feel like a difficult task. 

Today, we are going to discuss gmc canyon and find out whether you can flat tow it or not. 

Can you flat tow a gmc canyon?

A gmc canyon can definitely be flat towed if some conditions are met. First of all, only four wheel drive gmc canyons can be flat towed behind a motorhome. Two wheel drive gmc canyons are not suitable for the flat towing process. Right tools and equipment should also be used during the process.

The GMC Canyon is one of the most popular trucks out there. It is known for its incredible durability. However, it might need to be towed when it breaks down in the middle of a road. Flat towing is a possible option for a GMC canyon. 

Because the design of a GMC canyon is capable of supporting the pre conditions of flat towing procedure. 

The user manual of a GMC canyon can tell you if it is possible to flat tow it. It is believed by experts that a GMC canyon can be flat towed as long as it supports four wheel drive. You will also need to use some tools and equipment to attach your GMC canyon to the towing vehicle.

Flat towing can be a great method of towing your GMC canyon if steps are followed accurately.

Let’s take a look at some models of gmc canyon and see if they can be flat towed. 

GMC Canyon ModelCan be flat towed
2016 GMC CanyonYes
2017 GMC CanyonYes
2018 GMC CanyonYes
2019 GMC CanyonYes
2020 GMC CanyonYes
2021 GMC CanyonYes
2022 GMC CanyonYes

Can a GMC Canyon be flat towed behind a motorhome?

According to automobile experts, GMC canyon can certainly be flat towed behind a motorhome. But there are some pre-conditions that need to be met in order to do so. First of all, you will need to have all the tools and equipment required for the flat towing procedure. 

The list of tools and equipment will include a base plate kit, a tow bar, a wiring kit, and a supplemental braking system among many other things. 

You will also go through the user manual of your GMC canyon to find out whether it belongs to the category of two wheel drive or four wheel drive. Two wheel drive GMC canyons are risky when it comes to being flat towed behind a motorhome. 

On the other hand, four wheel drive GMC canyons can be easily flat towed behind a motorhome. 

Moreover, GMC canyons fall in the category of heavy trucks. So motorhomes need to take a lot of load in order to flat tow a GMC canyon. But it can be done by following the correct steps and by being cautious about safety measures.

Which GMC canyon can be flat towed?

The important thing to remember here is that all versions and models of GMC canyon can not be flat towed. First of all, a GMC canyon needs to contain the tag of four wheel drive. A two wheel drive GMC canyon should not be flat towed at all. 

Because flat towing procedure will require all the wheels of a GMC canyon to move. Otherwise, the internal and external parts of your GMC canyon will face significant damages. 

GMC Canyon first started coming out in 2004. There have been many new improvements in the latest models of GMC canyons and they are more flat towable than the older models. But you will have to use the right kind of tools and equipment to flat tow a four wheel GMC canyon. 

The user manual that came along with your GMC canyon will also contain the information about its flat tow status. 

4 reasons why you can flat tow GMC Canyon

There are some specific reasons why you can flat tow a GMC Canyon. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Weight of the GMC Canyon:

The weight of the GMC Canyon is a deciding factor when it comes to its flat tow status. The GMC Canyon is built in such a way that its weight supports the flat tow procedure. 

Or it can be said that a motorhome can handle the weight of a GMC Canyon when it is used as a towing vehicle. 

The four wheel drive:

GMC canyons come in both two wheel and four wheel drive versions. The four wheel drive GMC canyons support flat tow method. The flat towing procedure needs all the wheels of a towed vehicle to work. 

As GMC canyons are known for producing four wheel drive vehicles, they can certainly be flat towed. 

Supporting tools and equipment:

There are tools and equipment available that can make the flat towing procedure happen. If you manage to connect the GMC canyon to the motorhome using these tools and equipment, then it can definitely be flat towed. 

The base plate, the tow bar, the supplemental brake system, and the wiring kit are some of the tools and equipment that can be used to flat tow a GMC canyon. 

Approved by the user manual:

Some GMC canyons even come with a user manual that supports the flat towing method. The user manual will have clear instructions about how to flat tow your GMC canyon if it is flat towable. 

In fact, the user manual can be taken as the best indicator in order to prove the flat tow status of your GMC canyon. 

How to flat tow a GMC Canyon?

Flat towing a GMC Canyon might seem like a hard task. However, there are some specific steps and methods you can follow to accomplish the task. Let’s discuss them in detail. 

Go through the user manual:

First of all, you will need to go through the user manual of your GMC canyon. You should not go ahead with the flat towing procedure if the user manual does not permit it. A GMC canyon should only be flat towed upon confirmation from the user manual.

Gather the tools and equipment:

Next, you will be required to gather the tools and equipment needed for the flat towing procedure. A towing vehicle, a base plate kit, a tow bar, a supplemental brake system, and a wiring kit should be enough for this process. 

You will be good to go after collecting all these tools and equipment. 

Connect the vehicles:

Then, you will have to connect the GMC canyon to the towing vehicle. First of all, the base kit will have to be put under the front part of your GMC canyon. 

The base plate kit will form the connection between the towing vehicle and your GMC canyon by attaching to the tow bar. The two ends of the two bars will be attached to both the base plate kit and the towing vehicle. 

Work on the transfer case:

The transmission of your GMC canyon will have to be worked on. At this point, the transfer case will need to be put into neutral mode. The transmission gear will have to be moved between drive, neutral and park while turning the engine on and off. 

Work on the battery terminal:

In the final step, you will be required to work on the battery terminal of your GMC canyon. The negative battery cable of the GMC canyon needs to be connected to bolt and nut in order to maintain the transmission status. 

The GMC canyon will be ready to be flat towed at this point of time. 

Final Thoughts

A gmc canyon can be flat towed if it is a four wheel drive one. A base plate kit, a tow bar, a supplemental brake system and a wiring kit need to be applied to connect a gmc canyon to the towing vehicle. It is risky to flat tow a gmc canyon without sticking to the user manual.