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Can You Flat Tow a Chevy Spark? (Quick Answers)

Not every car is suitable for flat towing. Even some cars need modification if you want to do flat towing. It is obvious that no one would want to spend their money flat towing unless it is safe and saves money. Apparently, some cars have suitable conditions for flat towing as well. 

Following the below tips and information regarding flat towing and if chevy spark can be flat towed or not would help you to fix the problem. 

Can you flat tow a chevy spark?

Some models of the chevy spark are known to be suitable for flat towing. Moreover, a chevy spark that supports manual transmission can be flat towed with less damage. Meanwhile, the chevy spark supporting automatic transmission might face damages if they are flat towed. 

Flat tow helps to pull the car easily on the way. Though there are other ways of towing, in the case of saving money flat tow can be a great option. Apart from that, if your vehicles have options for flat towing, you can go for it. Moreover, all the cars can not be flat towed. 

Almost all cars of chevy spark have less weight and are convenient to drive. Even smaller cars are suitable for flat towing mainly. Yet, there are some conditions applicable before the car is considered suitable for flat towing. 

Well, any car supporting manual transmission can be flat towed.

On the other hand, a car equipped with automatic transmission can not be flat towed. Perhaps, it is better not to flat tow. Flat towing can cause severe damage to the car instead. Generally flat towing is not for vehicles that are damaged or not working. 

The wheels are meant to be flat and left while running.

As a result, this can cause damage to the wheels. The wear and tear might not be severe, still not negligible. Meanwhile, Chevy spark provides facilities while flat towing. Even tow kits set up is easier here. As setting up is easier, it can save a fortune as well.

You can flat tow any chevy spark as long as the car is suitable for manual transmission. Well, an automatic transmission car requires fluids for the long run and also needs the engine to be turned on. Even flat towing can cause severe damage. 

That’s why it is better to limit it to the manual transmission car. 

You can also go for a trailer or dolly towing if the condition is suitable. In the case of flat towing, the disadvantages might be larger yet in a short time it can also be the best option. You should go for flat towing while considering all the damage to the chevy spark and its recovery. 

Chevy Spark ModelCan be flat towed
2014 Chevy SparkNo
2015 Chevy SparkYes
2020 Chevy SparkYes
2021 Chevy SparkYes
2022 Chevy SparkYes

Can a Chevy Spark be towed behind a motorhome?

Yes, chevy spark can be towed behind a motorhome. Chevy spark belongs to the cars which are suitable for flat tow. If the car is suitable for flat towing, it is also suitable to be towed behind the motorhome. Only the car should be equipped with a manual transmission. 

Moreover, the weight should be enough for the motorhome to be carried. Well, the Chevy spark is known as a light weighted car. Even smaller and lighter two wheels can also be towed behind the motorhome. 

Flat tow would definitely cause damage yet the motorhome would carry the car with care.

Smaller weights are always suitable for the motorhome. You should disconnect the transmission if it is automatic though the damage would not be less. 

What Chevy Spark can be flat towed?

Almost all the Chevy spark can be flat towed. Well, there are certain conditions for being flat towed. Most of the Chevy sparks are manufactured in such a way that facilitates the flat tow. Yet, there should be a clearer view of the application of flat towing. 

The cars having manual transmissions are suitable for flat towing. The Chevy spark which only supports automatic transmission is not allowed for flat towing. Even better if you choose dolly or trailer towing. Minimizing the damage is a concern here. 

Even the use of fluid and speed should also be accounted for. Most cars require an extra kit for flat towing. Meanwhile, the Chevy spark comes with the easiest setting conditions. 

Still, the wheels can tear and wear depending on the road as the wheels would be still in contact with the road while it is being pulled.

3 reasons why you can flat tow Chevy Spark 

Determining whether the car is suitable for flat towing or not is easy. You need to go through every detail of the car. Unless it is necessary, you would not even need flat towing. As most of the new chevy spark is good for flat towing, below some of the reasons behind it are given. 

Smaller and lightweight:

Well, the Chevy spark is smaller and lightweight. Most lightweight cars are suitable for flat towing. Heavier vehicles cannot be carried while being flat towed as the damage would be severe. 

Manual transmission:

The manual transmission of the chevy spark makes it possible to do flat towing. Automatic transmission requires continued work of the engine and also fluid would disrupt the transmission. 

Due to the manual transmission, the damage in the chevy spark can be minimized and the wheels would tear evenly. 

Manufacturer instruction:

You have to first go through all the instructions provided with the car. You would find the towing facilities clearly in the instructions. Well, it is safe as long as you set up the towing equipment correctly as the settling is already facilitated. 

How to flat tow a Chevy Spark?

Flat towing is easy if you have all the equipment available. Even connecting and disconnecting the equipment takes less time if the equipment is good enough. You can follow below to flat tow a chevy spark and also with the right equipment.

Flat towing a chevy spark:

To flat tow, you would need a tow bar, cables, wiring, and a base plate. You need to get the car in the right position and fix the towing equipment as followed by the manufacturer’s instructions. 

Well, choose a non-binding tow bar as it becomes easier to disconnect the equipment after working with it.

Also for a strong connection choose the correct base plate. Apart from that, all the cables and wiring are only related to the tow bar and to lead the tow bar. You also need to settle the locks to keep the towbar in place with a strong connection. 

After that, apply the parking brake while shifting the transmission to neutral.

Transmission is likely to get damaged during the flat towing. Afterward, disconnect the negative terminal of the battery cable and protect it. Lastly, release the parking brake. Well, settling the equipment is a big deal here. 

If not the connection is strong, the vehicle can get damaged severely.

You can disconnect the equipment after the work is done. Better to maintain the level of the connection to avoid any further damage to the car. 

Final thoughts

Overall, most Chevy spark supports flat towing and it’s entirely your option to do flat towing or not. Yet, the chevy spark having automatic transmission is prohibited for flat towing. The same is applicable to other cars. Better to go with trailer or dolly towing if your options are open.