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Can You Bypass Blower Motor Resistor? (Explained)

The engine cooling system mainly depends on the fans. You have more than one fan in your engine cooling system. If they go wrong or are damaged, it will directly affect the engine efficiency; consequently, the blower motor will fail.

It might be the reverse situation. If the blower motor stops working and gets damaged, it will fail to provide power to the coolant system. And, here comes the blower motor resistor. This device backup the blower motor.

Can you bypass blower motor resistor?

You can bypass the blower motor system and allow the device to give you direct power without any control. Sometimes, the blower motor may get damaged and stop working due to internal wiring issues. In that case, you must bypass the blower motor and ensure the electric flow.

The blower motor gets the power from the resistor. Sometimes, this device might fail to provide enough power to the blower motor.

In that situation, the blower motor might turn off and stop working in your coolant. And the damaged blower motor will affect your engine directly.

That’s why you must need to bypass your blower motor resistor. When you cut the wires and attach them with the direct connection without any third-party connection, it will be called bypassing the blower motor.

In that case, the blower motor will produce more power.

You will get the instant solution and a more powerful fan; it will be helpful in many ways. The very first advantage is cost saving. If you don’t bypass the blower motor, you will get a damaged device. Therefore, it might turn off the blower motor.

Electrical or power-producing errors might be another reason your blower motor resistor is not working smoothly.

If you find any issues regarding producing and supplying power, you must bypass the blower motor resistor. It will give you the best solution shortly.

Although bypassing is not the best alternative, it will give you an instant solution. Driving a car, and it stops suddenly; you get down and check the engine. Everything is fine except the blower motor resistor.

You must bypass the blower motor and drive until you reach the next garage. If the blower motor gets damaged and stops working, you need to repair it or replace it entirely. But it is costly to repair or replace the blower motor resistor.

In that situation, you may ask the mechanic to bypass your motor safely. It will allow you to drive the car for some days. But it would help if you never waited too long to repair the blower motor. It might damage or affect the engine power in various ways.

Is it safe to bypass the blower motor resistor?

It is safe to bypass the blower motor resistor. You cannot replace or repair the device once it is wrong because it will take time and effort.

Also, the replacing cost is much higher than the repairing and bypassing. So, you only have one option, and that is to bypass the blower motor.

When the resistor goes bad, it will stop one fan, and you will only get the other one to make the coolant system work to get the balance. In that case, you may bypass the blower motor. Mainly, bypassing will allow the fan to connect to the car’s battery.

As a result, the fans will get the highest current and give you the best air conditioning or a better coolant system. Some people willingly bypass their resistor to get the best speed of the fans. It will be safe, and you can use it for weeks.

But the bypassing process might be a little complicated. You must know what wires need to be connected and how to connect the fan with the direct car’s battery. Since the car battery has more power than the resistor, you can expect it to give you speedy air.

What does a bypass resistor do?

A bypass resistor converts the 3.5v to 5v power and does the reverse. That means it will make the 5v to 3.5v current flow.

You must be careful using the bypass resistor; it can do the reverse and slower the fans eventually. You need to place it in the right way when you install it.

Moreover, the bypass register will allow you to get the direct current voltage from the car battery, for which you mainly bypass the blower motor. You mostly cut the wires and attach them to the car battery to get a better electric flow.

What happens if you bypass the blower motor resistor?

If you bypass the blower motor resistor, you will get the following.

Get Direct Power:

If you bypass the blower motor resistor, you will get direct power from the car battery because the cables will be connected to the battery sources and get instant and more power.

Even so, it will be better than the resistor and will give you the best solution.

Before bypassing the blower motor, your coolant system gets power through the resistor, especially the fans. Once you bypass it, they will get direct power from the battery. Although it’s not a safe way, it will work shortly.

Highest Speed Fan:

Since the fans are getting more power from the battery, you must get the highest speed fan and air.

Apparently, it might seem good to get a powerful fan, but in the long run, it will create issues, and the fans will get damaged soon.

Since the fan will be weak due to the blower motor resistor, you must be careful and bypass the resistor to get the highest speed fan.

Perfect Coolant System:

The bad or lousy blower motor resistor might damage the coolant system by allowing only one fan to operate. Here, the bypassing will create the opposite.

You will be able to get both the fans through the power backup from the battery. It will not be any concern, and you will get the perfect coolant system.

Can you drive without a blower motor resistor?

You can drive without a blower motor resistor, but it is not safe. The blower motor resistor provides the power to run the fan and remove the extra heat from your engine.

If it goes bad, you can only get one working engine fan. It’s not enough to cool down the engine.

When you drive continuously for an hour, the engine will be overheated, and the blower motor will fail to reduce the heat.

Therefore, the overheating will damage the engine power and lose its productivity. If you continue driving for hours, it will cause significant damage to your car engine.

After a few hours, your engine might get stopped, and the fan may blow up immediately. So, it will be a new crisis for you. It’s better to bypass the blower motor resistor and continue driving for a while. Bypassing will give you the best solution.

However, you should not drive your car without the blower motor resistor. It will create difficulties and damage the engine and the entire coolant system.

How to bypass blower motor resistor?

A Blower motor resistor is a device that stores data from the system and passes the data to the motor that is operated based on that information. So we understand that the device is essential to run the blower so that it cannot hamper its productivity.

At the same time, since it is an electrical device, it is vital to keep its connection straight. So here, we have discussed how to bypass the blower motor resistor and connect it successfully.

Starting criteria:

To set up a blower motor resistor to a system, you need some necessary tools that help you to connect the device bypass and help it run smoothly.

These are 3 terminal blower resistors, high-speed connecting leads, a speed switch like a regulator, and so on that help install it accurately.

Construction proceedings:

A blower fan is connected with the battery’s negative terminal and connects the opposite terminal with the positive terminal that is in the same battery.

The blower motor resistor is associated in series with the blower fan. Likewise, two extra circuits are utilized for the off state and the most noteworthy fan speed state.

Installing period:

In the most noteworthy speed express, the blower resistor is bypassed entirely, and the fan is associated straightforwardly with the vehicle’s battery, which permits the greatest current through the engine.

The lower the resistance of the chosen resistor in a pack, the higher the current that moves through the blower fan, and the quicker the fan will turn.

Final Thoughts

Although you can bypass the blower motor resistor, you should replace the blower motor resistor soon. It will help you perfect the engine coolant system and get the best service from them. But the bypassing will give you the short solution, and you will love the speedy fan and perfect cooling.