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Can Low Battery Cause ABS Light to Come On? (Answered)

Suppose you are driving for a long weekend on a distant highway and notice that your ABS light comes on, flickers, and sometimes stays on. This could be worrying given the myriad of reasons why an ABS light comes on. 

You would start to wonder if it’s the sensors or the fluids as suddenly too low. Among all reasons, could low battery also be one to blame? 

Can a low battery cause ABS light to come on?

A low battery on a car can cause ABS light to come on, but only indirectly. A low battery could be a sign of problems in the alternator or electrical components, both of which cause abs light to come on. An abrupt or slow engine caused by a low battery can also turn on abs light intermittently.

As the name suggests, ab is an anti-braking system, and the operation of this warning system is primarily dependent on braking mechanisms, including brake fluid, pressure, or wheel sensors. 

When the battery in a car is low, or there is low voltage in a car’s battery, it could be related to either any electrical problems or issues in the alternator. Both of which could cause a failure in the abs braking system working smoothly. 

Sometimes, disconnecting a battery would also turn the ABS light off, but it would depend on the model of the car and whether the ABS light would restart to fix the system. 

If your abs light has come off, you would need to turn it off. Remember that the way to turn off the abs light may vary according to the make and model of a car. If there are repairs required for which the light is not turning off, you would need to consult a mechanic. 

Does the ABS light have anything to do with the battery? 

If you are wondering if a low battery in your car would cause the ABS light to come on instantly, it would not

Generally, there are a few common and direct reasons that make an ABS light come one and a low battery is not one of them. Since the anti-braking system is dependent on brake fluid, the amount of fluid is the main cause that makes the light come on intermittently, 

Other than that, if the hydraulic pump does not work properly, there would be an anomaly in the wheel’s speed and hence an unstable sensor reading. This would also cause ABS light to flicker although hydraulics and battery are not related at all.

There have also been times when the light has come on simply due to a broken ABS module or directly because the system had been turned off. 

However, if there are problems in the wheel sensor because there has been a low battery, the abs turning on could be related to the battery. Likewise, alternator issues are also why the low battery is related to the ABS light turning on. 

Will a bad battery cause abs light to come on? 

A bad battery often causes a series of problems in the car’s electrical, sensory, or control systems which in turn would cause the ABS light to turn on. ABS light and the car’s battery are connected through other components, systems, or connections. 

When a car has a bad battery, one of the problems that become more apparent is problems with the electrical system or components, this in turn causes abs light to come on. 

For instance, one classic sign of bad or poor battery health is the spontaneous illumination of warning lights, including abs light. Moreover, a bad battery can also lead to stalling of the vehicle. 

If this causes movements in the wheel sensors, the abs light would again come on. 

Can low voltage on battery cause abs light to come on? 

The normal working voltage on a car when the engine is running should be in a range of 13.7 to 14.7. When the voltage drops to 12.45 volts or lower, the voltage on the battery is considered to be low. 

Low voltage on the battery can cause abs light to come on since it could be linked to other issues in the car. For instance, a bad alternator can often be the reason for low voltage on a car’s cattery. In that case, the electrical components in a car malfunction, causing abs light to flicker. 

If there are loose connections within the electrical system in the car, or if there are connections that are corroded, power from the bad battery to ignition coils, fuses or starts would not work, causing abs light to come on again. 

Other than that, broken voltage regulation may also be the cause of low battery voltage. 

What causes abs light to come on intermittently

If your ABS light has been coming on spasmodically, it is vital to find out and assure what is causing it to flick. Only then it is possible to fix the right concern. 

Here are a few possible reasons that may cause abs light to come on intermittently:

Low fluid levels in the reservoir:

One of the most common reasons that cause the ABS light to come on intermittently is a low pressure created by inadequate levels of fluid in the reservoir. 

Primarily, the abs light would come on when there is a problem with the braking system. Since the braking system of a car is based on hydraulics, the pressure created by the fluid on the cylinder is what makes the car halt. 

When there is not enough fluid, this pressure does not suffice for the hydraulic brake to work. 

Wheel sensors may be faulty:

The sensors on the wheels are what send signals to the computer about how the wheels are turning and at what speed. 

Unusual wheel rotation speeds are usually adjusted through the control system. The problem occurs when the sensors are broken or even dirty. This would cause the ABS to come on intermittently since the system could be disabled by the computer.

Electrical, control system, or alternator issues:

The ABS is a system that is connected to both the control system and the electrical system of the car. 

Even issues with the alternator can result in an abs light coming on. Problems with the alternator is where a car’s battery health comes into play. 

Even if one wheel or electrical system malfunctions, it is most likely that the power from the engine is cut off. Although this stabilizes a car, the abs light coming on could be an indication of more than one faulty sensor. 

Will disconnecting the battery reset the ABS light? 

Whether disconnecting the battery would reset the ABS light in your car depends on a few factors. One of the more important and prevalent issues is the model of the car you are using. The make of the car is also vital in this case. 

In more recent models of a few cars, like Ford, the make of the car is such that disconnecting the battery keeps the ABS light turned on. However, that should not be mistaken with the fact that the access control system does get disconnected as well. 

In a few other models of cars where the operating system is different from the former mentioned, the Abs light may get a reset and so would the control system access. 

The difference between the two is that in a model like Ford’s when the ABS light gets reset, the system is fixed through it. In other operating systems, like that of Nissan, resetting the light does not mean that the system should go back to normal. 

How to turn off the abs light? 

Here is a basic understanding of what steps to follow if you want to turn off the abs light. 

Take the car to the mechanic:

First of all, if there is any problem with the ABS light, you would want to take the car to the mechanic. In case of any required repairs, it could be fixed and the light turned off. 

Change the ignition position:

If that does not work, use your key in the ignition to change the position to “run”. 

Find the DIC control panel:

Next, you need to find the DIC control panel. You would be able to find the control panel under the speedometer.

Press and release the “set” button:

On the DIC control panel, press and release the “set” button at regular intervals. Do the same till the “ABS” sign is shown.

Continuously press the “set” button:

Next, continuously press the “set” button for about 5 seconds before releasing it. This will turn off the light 

Turn the ignition off:

Remember to finally turn the ignition off before removing the key.

Final Thoughts 

Since a low battery on a car can be a sign of other problems in the alternator or electrical connections or components, it could lead to a faulty anti-braking system. This could cause the abs light to come on occasionally. It is possible to reset the abs light using the ignition key and DIC control.