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Can I Use at 205 Reseal It in Engine Oil? (Explained)

Being an owner of an automotive, there comes a lot of joys, and even still there comes a lot of headaches. Oil leaks for one are one of the most annoying aspects of owning a vehicle these days. Common causes for oil leaks can be degraded engine gaskets.

Furthermore, there could be leaks from the oil pan or worn-out seals. There are multiple reasons why there could be an oil leak on your vehicle and that is one of the many reasons having a car can be a pain.

Technically we can drive a car that has leaking oil. However, just because we can drive a leaky vehicle does not warrant us to drive it as such.

Therefore, it is not a good idea for us to drive a car that is not properly lubricated with the engine oil because the oil keeps leaking out.

Furthermore, down the line, the car engine will seize to operate and we will have a heavy repair bill on our hands for a new engine. In order for us to avoid such situations, we look at cheap alternative solutions like the AT-205 Re-Seal.

To find out if we can use AT-205 Re-Seal in our engine oil and get rid of leaks and other aspects of using such a product, keep reading below.

Can I Use At 205 Reseal It In Engine Oil?

We can use AT-205 Re-Seal in engine oil. ATP mentioned that it will not harm the internal components of the engine. They state that it is compatible with conventional and synthetic oils. Furthermore, we can use it in ATF, power steering fluids, gear oil, as well as hydraulic oil.

AT-205 Re-Seal is an effective, fast, and reliable way to stop leaks in for all rubber-type seals and even gaskets. The formulation of this particular product can even restore dried-out or worn-out seals.

The best part of this product is that it is not harmful in any way whatsoever due to how it is formulated. While using this product be rest assured that the internal bearings and components will be safe.

This is the main reason we can easily apply this in the engine oil and have no fear of it disrupting our car’s components or the engine itself. It can easily stop leaks in the engine, power steering, differential, transmission, and hydraulic systems.

AT-205 Re-Seal is also compatible with other synthetic oils as well other fluids. Furthermore, it also does not contain petroleum distillates. AT-205 Re-Seal is a product you can depend on as they will also not over-swell or even break down seals.

What is AT-205 Re-Seal good for?

AT-205 Re-Seal is usually added to leaky engines. There are other things that this is used on, such as the transmission, differential, power steering system as well as the hydraulic system (not the brakes though), and to stop leaks. The application is very straightforward for this product.

We just have to simply pour this product just like we would pour fluid or oil. AT-205 Re-Seal is very effective and fast at stopping leaks for all rubber gaskets and seals.

Furthermore, internal bearing and components are rather safe since the exclusive formulation restores worn or dried-out seals.

AT-205 Re-Seal is also very effective at restoring any hardened rubber base item. For example, we can use the product to seal the sunroof for one and then use it on suspension bushings too.

Does AT-205 stop oil leaks in the engine?

AT-205 Re-Seal is a product that is supposed to stop oil leaks in the engine. There is a multitude of uses for the product.

However, the main thing that we are asking here is if it stops oil leaks in the engine or not. Fortunately, yes, it does stop the leaks in the engine.

To apply this product, you would pour it in the engine oil just as you would with other fluid or oil-based products. AT-205 Re-Seal takes about 5 hours before actually resealing the engine oil leaks.

AT-205 Re-Seal is designed to revitalize gasket and seal properties in the engine to stop oil leaks. However, it will not fix the problem if there is a large enough hole damage to the engine of our vehicle. AT-205 Re-Seal only works for small leaks.

4 reasons why you can use AT-205 Re-Seal in engine oil

There are a plethora of reasons why AT-205 Re-Seal is one of the most beloved products among the car community for stopping leaks and other handy things. Here is a brief list of reasons why you can use AT-205 Re-Seal in engine oil without fear.

Ease Of Use:

AT-205 Re-Seal has to be one of the easiest ways a person can stop the leaks of the engine oil.

The process is as simple as just pouring the product into the engine and waiting 5 hours. After which it is recommended to drive about 8 hours to see the results.


One bottle will not cost you more than 20 bucks. That is one of the most affordable products when it comes to products like these.

It Just Works:

Many products such as the AT-205 Re-Seal suggest and advertise doing the same as they do. However, only a handful of them come out and fulfill the bargain.

Unlike those products, AT-205 Re-Seal just works. It only takes about 5-8 hours of driving and it will show excellent results.

Components Safe:

AT-205 Re-Seal is harmless and is watery. It will not interfere with other components of the vehicle. This is because it is a polymer. ATP calls it plasticizer; it is a solvent that is used to make a polymer rubberier by loosening the bonds among the molecules.

Can AT-205 Re-Seal damage your engine?

AT-205 Re-Seal is a watery element that looks harmless to the eye. In reality, that is also true, as this product does not come in contact with other components of the vehicle.

The website of the AT-205 Re-Seal states that it is compatible with conventional and synthetic oils, gear oil, power steering fluids, ATF as well as hydraulic oil.

Even if it does come in contact with other components, it is compatible with said components and thus does not harm or damage your engine in any way whatsoever. The product itself is a polymer. ATP named the product a plasticizer.

It is a solvent that makes a polymer rubberier by loosening bonds between molecules. Regardless of how it goes about what it does. The fact remains that AT-205 Re-Seal does not damage our engine.

How do you use AT-205 Re-Seal?

First, we take the oil fill cap off. We advise using a funnel for the next procedure. Then we take the AT-205 Re-Seal bottle and steadily pour it all in.

However, this amount can vary depending on how many quarts of oil your engine can have. The AT-205 Re-Seal goes for about 6 quarts. Then we just take the funnel out gently and make sure to not damage any other components of the vehicle.

Then finally we put the engine fill cap back on again. After that, the website advertises that we drive the vehicle about 5 hours to 8 hours to see the results.

After 5 hours of driving, we will finally see that there will be no engine oil leaks. Therefore, that is how we use AT-205 Re-Seal, and it is as easy as just refueling your car.

What can I use to seal oil leaks?

To be honest, the answer to this question at this point of the article should be very clear to us. Regardless of that, we can say without fear that the AT-205 Re-Seal is a great product that will help anyone with a leaky engine.

The product is harmless due to it being watery and polymer-based. Thus, it will not harm any other components in the vehicle and also not interfere with the car’s performance.

It will simply do its job and stop and seal the oil leaks of the engine. Just pour it in, drive for 5 hours (8 hours max), and see results. It is just that easy and other people should also do this instead of spending hundreds of dollars just to fix a leak.

Final Thoughts

AT-205 Re-Seal is an amazing product that can be used in engine oil. This product has more than one use and can be used in multiple areas rather than just the engine oil to fix oil leaks. It is a great product for this purpose because it is not harmful to other components and thus it is compatible.